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Fo' shizzle. [07 May 2003|12:54am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Something Corporate - iF yoU C Jordan ]

A break from the daily routine. It's about damn time.

My lap top has to be one of my best investments.

Anyway, we all gotta start out with the formalities. Name's Bouvier... Pierre Bouvier, and somehow that doesn't have the same chilling effect as, "Bond. James Bond." Damn it. Oh, and if you got jokes about the name... you're simply unoriginal because I've heard em all. I'm lead vocals for this, uh, band named... Simple Plan along with my boys David, Seb, Jeff, and Chuck. We play songs and... stuff. Yeah, and we're attempting to become famous -- double platinum. Records of diamonds and gold. It's all about the bling bling, a-and of course the satisfaction of knowing that I'm doing something I love. Why does that sound cheesed up? Fuck it. There's no way to salvage the phrase. Too many hypocrites and sell-outs out there over using my shit. Yeah, that's right. Patent pending on that phrase. Back off, bitch.

Currently out on tour with that girl Av. Houston tonight, Duluth tomorrow. Hoping to score some of her hook ups... and fans. It doesn't hurt that American girls swoon over the French language. (Thank you, God. I have no game what-so-ever.)

Side note, I like cuddling with puppies and kittens, coloring, and long walks on the beach... no, really. I do.

Shoutouts to Benji, Joel, and the other pimps of GC that are more than likely lurking out there. Waldorf worldwide.

Vous parler plus tard, Pierre.

Hit me up. smplbouv

had the worst day ever

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