day before bryan fest   
12:49am 20/11/2003
mood: cranky
Katie and i went to kroger tonight to get the rest of the food and stuff for Bryan fest. Yeah, we just decided to push the cart all the way to the dorm...all the way to the elevator...all the way to the government room :) haha we're such thieves...we'll return it! (at the end of the year, lol!) we worked on the stuff until midnight, when she spilled red liquid jell-o all over her tan carpet :( awww i felt so bad! i tried to help her get most of it out. But we made all of the pudding (all 20 boxes!!!!) and dyed it blue to look like water. And Kaitlyn helped with the decorations which was awesome, because we haven't had any help on *anything*!!! so tomorrow we need to finish up the jell-o, put up the decor, make the fruit skewers, and crumb/animal snack the dirt pudding~ as well as do the whole set up thing! Plus i have to get all beautied up with luau gear.

I finally got ahold of someone concering the whole art major thing. Thank goodness! The art academic advisor's secretary emailed me back. Friday I go in with her and we fill out my form to declare my additional major in studio art. Yea! Ruth emailed me back and her office hours (walk-in) are wednesdays from 2-4:30...i was just too tired today and had waaaaaaay too much to do. Hopefully she'll be here next wednesday, even if it is the day before thanksgiving when everyone is leaving. I emailed her back to ask her, so we'll see what she says. otherwise i'm kinda screwed cuz next semester is approaching!!!! ahhh!

i'm ready to go home and eat good food :)

i didn't talk to randy today, i was sooo flipping busy. :( i don't like not talking to him. i wonder what he did today. i called him and left a message, but he didn't leave me one back!
the gov't room is gunna be dec-ed!!!   
11:06am 18/11/2003
mood: mischievous
So that math exam SUCKED!!!!!! I hate when i study and go to the reviews and still do crappy. That pisses me off. anyway, erin V. and i are going to this study abroad meeting for english majors tonight. it should be cool. That would be awesome if her and i could go to Italy at the same time. then i wouldn't be so scared!!! blah blah blah

Katie got a new baby dwarf hamster it is *SOOO* cute!!!! I want one so bad! okie i swear i am getting one now. she's got it chillin in the government room LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! We went in there last night after the E-board meeting and were playing with him, Tracy came too. Then tracy had to leave for work, so katie and I just hung out for awhile and fluffed the leis, lol. Her and i always have so much fun being dorks. We want to dec out the gov't room, haha that'd be great!! it's got that sweet 70's oh and that sweet musty smell that everyone just loves riiiiiiight! haha we need to get an air freshener.
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sexy aaron lewis   
07:24pm 17/11/2003
mood: full
music: "Black" by Aaron Lewis
i should be many times do i say that. I'm just so dang tired, i really want to take a nap. Everwood is on tonight, the ONLY thing i like about Mondays. My hosting today interesting to say the least. Yeah so i went to kresege and this lady was dumb. she said i had to make an appointment with Priscilla in order to fill the additional major form out. I'm like "but she sent me here and told me all i had to do was fill out the form myself." yeah those jerks...why does it all have to make me run around in circles. I'm listening to Aaron Lewis, I really like him. His voice is real sexy :)
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01:26am 17/11/2003
  I went to the math review tonight that my TA was holding for my section...yeah i was the only one that showed up. Eh i guess it worked out for the best, cuz then him and i just went over every section together :) Hopefully i do decent on this exam on tuesday. college sucks, it's some hard stuff. I can't wait until i get hooked up with this dual major in studio art though. It's gunna rock!!! tomorrow (today) i'm hosting that guy Neal. Hopefully that goes good too. Okie i'm leaving...i gotta go to bed sometime...  
12:11am 17/11/2003
The Potion Maker
piercingsSAVDmetium is an opaque, viscous violet liquid gleaned from the belly of a wolf.
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03:49am 16/11/2003
  so me and Katie went and got the gov't luau stuff today. well most of it anyway. haha it was so great, we lugged like 20 bags of groceries on the bus!!!! hahahha!!! it was fun though. Randy came over and we ate dinner here, then we hung out in my room for awhile. (enjoyed having the dorm to myself this weekend!) Then we went to meijers (haha my second trip there for the day) so that he could get some stain remover for his clothes, hoping that would get out the ink. Unfortunatly that didnt' quite work...some of it came out. he said he was going to try it again. If not i told him i would just buy him some damn clothes from target. it's not a big deal. target stuff isn't expensive, and *i* always like clothes from there. we looked at the animals...dang i am *seriously* getting a dwarf hamster or a gerbil if i have leftover money after christmas :) Katie's mouse is *adorable*!!!  
FUCKING HELLENIC chics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
01:27am 15/11/2003
mood: infuriated
i hate girls.
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01:59am 14/11/2003
  so i was a complete hermit today...i walked to math and decided it was way too cold to go to psych if we weren't even doing anything in there. *way* too cold! I HATE MICHIGAN WEATHER!!!! i got my info packet in the mail today for hosting someone next's a guy. so tomorrow i have to go to math, (i want to workout), cash the gov't check, and go with katie to get stuff for the luau. awww poor <3Randy<3 had the worst experience today! all of his clothes were dried with a pen in the dryer, so they're all ruined :( i felt *SO* bad!!! i can't even afford to buy him a bunch of new clothes...damn me for not working! i can afford to buy him something- i think we should go to target.  
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01:02am 13/11/2003
  "83 - The Average Number of Lives Saved by a Vegetarian in One Year"  
veggie/vegan quotes   
08:22pm 11/11/2003
  Proverbs 12:10 "A righteous man has regard for the life of his beast"

"Until we allow God's love to be perfected in us, we will never know peace." ~on vegetarianism
05:06pm 11/11/2003
  "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."  
the bible on vegetarianism   
03:33pm 11/11/2003
  How can so many people say they wholly love God, when they don't extend that love to His other created beings? We find that hard to understand. When we were "born again" (John 3:3, 5) our love overflowed to the whole of creation. ~become vegetarian!  
YEA!!! I DID HTML!!!   
10:50am 11/11/2003
Who Is Your True Love? by pianorocker903
Favorite color
Your LoveRANDY!!!
Get Together onAugust 22, 2001
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07:42pm 10/11/2003
mood: angry
***WTF??????? Um yeah you can bet I'm way pissed at Anth right now. What is this shit???

blink182877: i know ur obsessed w/ me
piercingsSAVDme: ha!
piercingsSAVDme: keep dreaming.
blink182877: ur dreaming of me liking u but u cant have me
piercingsSAVDme: AHAHAHAHHAHA riiiiiiight.
piercingsSAVDme: I am *way* satisfied with Randy. He makes me happy. He takes care of me. The only thing I'm dreaming of is having my white picket fence, 2 dogs, a cat, and three kids with Randy~ maybe down in North Carolina.
blink182877: uhmm psycho
piercingsSAVDme: I decided I rather liked it down there.
blink182877: i was messin
piercingsSAVDme: yep yep
piercingsSAVDme: I'm ready to be done with school now...I just want to get out and have a job and start life.
blink182877: ha
blink182877: uve been there for 3 months
piercingsSAVDme: yep, and I've a long way to go. Randy's all most done's so weird. Like all next year he has to start sending out his resume and stuff. He'll know next year what he's going to do...and then that's it. He's done.
piercingsSAVDme: «lucky boy«
blink182877: is he one of the 2 dogs that u wanted there
piercingsSAVDme: You're such a jerk sometimes.
piercingsSAVDme: You don't even know him.
piercingsSAVDme: He's *perfect*.
blink182877: ok calm the heck down hes not perfect at all only God is perfect and i was joking neway
piercingsSAVDme's away message: STUDYING FOR HOURS (taking a break for Everwood, Lindsay you're welcome to come over for that) I PROBABLY WOULD HAVE WASTED MORE TIME ONLINE, BUT MY MIND IS EASILY SWAYED BY YOUNGIN'S WHO PISS ME OFF.
07:11pm 10/11/2003
  So silent outside
hiding the tears that I've cried.
If i cover them well,
and no one can see
then the only person
to deal with is me.

~~this isn't finished yet...
12:04pm 10/11/2003
mood: exhausted
Well i actually got up for the morning lecture...go me! haha i got up because I wanted to work out after. So i brought my workout stuff with me, then just headed to IM circle after class. Now I'm back in my dorm and i'm really exhausted! I need to take a shower, grab lunch, and give my calc to George to borrow for his exam. After all that I am taking a nap! lol ooo i am soooo glad i don't have ATL today! now i actually have *time* to take a nap! i have religion later tho, blah!!!! hmm once i get back it's dinner than hours of cramming for my psych exam and math quiz. why do i always wait until the night before...? yeah and i didn't even *READ* any of the chapters in psych yet....i am so bad...
12:51am 10/11/2003
  "The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or women for men."  
Too much to do once again   
01:38pm 09/11/2003
mood: busy
music: "clumsy" (acoustic version) by Our Lady Peace
I have a ton of stuff to do today (ha once again). I need to finish up the paper (yeah it didn't happen last night...i worked on it and got the quotes, but i didn't finish), go to the library to take the paper to the writing center, I wanted to study for psych in the union and grab some dinner or Beaners there. Plus I have a floor meeting and I wanted to make it to IM West (Im circle is *not* gunna closes at 4:30). ahhhh!!!! okie i need to get goin on it all. I already did my laundry and got breakfast (ha lunch!). Yeah i need to fit a shower in somewhere....
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IM circle baby!!!   
11:40am 08/11/2003
mood: energetic
hmm i need to get ready. Linds and I are working out in IM circle today. I told her next time we have to try IM east, cuz it has *way* more stuff! I looked at all 3 of the IM's online a few minutes ago. I'm excited to go though...i gotta put some super warm clothes on because it is freezing outside!!! And obviously we gotta walk there cuz we're poor lil freshmen without cars.'s all most like we're freshmen in highschool again! so sad.

As Linds would say: GET READY FOR WORKOUT WORLD!!!!!!! lol
11:55pm 07/11/2003
mood: bored
music: A New Found Glory~ Don't wanna miss a thang
doodeedoo today i made a payment on my credit card...Randy drove me. Then we went back to his dorm and just hung out. :) Then we ate dinner there, yea they had mac and cheese!! they seriously need to have that more often!!! He said they only have it when i'm there, it's weird. Well my dorm like never has it. I'm *so* sick of the food! I'm looking forward to going home and eating lots of *real* food, especially on Thanksgiving. YUM!! It'll be my first real holiday without meat :) On easter I had to work, so I didn't eat with the fam. ooo the roles are soooo good that my grandma always gets! And her sweet potato thing is real good too. I'm excited!

I have to do my paper tomorrow. My essay number 3...yeah. Then sunday i need to go to the writing center! Cuz i did real bad on my one i have no idea what Randy and i are doing tomorrow. Lindsey is all hyped to work out. eh...

I am *so* hungry...weird. we ate dinner and stuff at like 7pm. I dunno why i'm so hungry. It seems pointless to order anything cuz it's already midnite. plus i'd have to leave the building and go to the brody building to get some dang money. That means i'd have to go ALL the way around cuz the building locks up at midnite, so i'd have to check in and sit. ugh that is way too much work! I've gotta have some food around here...