mustard helmets   
06:48pm 25/10/2005
mood: bored
music: Stone Temple Pilots - Plush
A small list of things I want to do some time:

1. Buy a venus fly trap and feed it to an herbivorous animal. Take that, venus fly trap! Let's see how you feel when the shoe is on the other foot!

2. Buy a Sony Ericsson w800. I need a portable mp3 player anyway. Why not have that and a 2 megapixel camera in my phone. Stylish AND built for convenience! Delightful!

3. Buy an Xbox. That way I don't have to casually stuff Tim's Xbox under my jumper and walk off. Hours of entertainment in a little black box! Actually its not that little. It's pretty tanky. Fun just the same.

4. Buy a new computer. Yes, that's right. Mine is an obsolete piece of crapola. I'm still thinking about this though. I think I'm just being greedy. All I need it for is the internet mainly... yeah I'm just being greedy. I've decided not to buy a computer. I shall put up with its hoebagness.

5. Get the cyst on my shoulder lanced. Its getting big enough to need its own post code. I'm just scared of doctors and their evil untensils.

6. Learn how to beat an egg. Last time we made Tim's special potato cakes and I had to help by beating an egg I had no idea what to do. I got bagged so much for that. How was I supposed to know how to beat an egg with an egg whisk? Not every female has had extensive culinary skills, contrary to popular male belief.

7. Get to know Klaus, Quagmire and Bog better. Well... at least learn not to be scared of them. Every time I clean their tank I nearly have a heart attack when they start flapping during their transfer from tank to surrogate home bowl. One of these days I'm gonna drop one of them and it's gonna die:(

8. Yeah.. I'm getting bored.. I'm gonna go...