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[22 Sep 2004|10:15am]
following in someone else's footsteps...i am once again letting everyone know that i have moved to lj. if you want to read my journal there, just let me know if you have an lj and i'll add your name. hope everyone is doing well.

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[13 Jul 2004|11:27pm]
i think i'm going to move my journal to livejournal.  blurty is too dam slow and i tend to read lj more now.  if anyone wants to read me there, you are more than welcome, but it will be mostly friends only just like here, so i will need to add you.  my name there is pictureyellow (same as here).  that is all.

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new hair [08 Jul 2004|11:50pm]
here is me before and me after

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[06 Jul 2004|08:22pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

In 1979 (the year you were born)

Jimmy Carter is president of the US

A major accident occurs at a nuclear reactor on Three Mile Island near Middletown, PA

An American Airlines DC-10 loses its engine and crashes seconds after takeoff, killing 275 people

Hurricane David kills over 1200 in the US and the Dominican Republic

Some 90 people, including 63 Americans, are taken hostage at the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran

The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan

ESPN starts broadcasting

Aaliyah, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Norah Jones, Heath Ledger, and Kate Hudson are born

Pittsburgh Pirates win the World Series

Pittsburgh Steelers win Superbowl XIII

Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup

Kramer vs. Kramer is the top grossing film

Sophie's Choice by William Styron is published

"My Sharona" by The Knack spends the most time at the top of the US charts

The Facts of Life premiers

What Happened the Year You Were Born?

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[04 Jul 2004|02:06pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

god, bush is talking about god again on tv.  that and he's kissing west Virginia‚Äôs ass.  think he's planning for votes?  i'm so glad that i will be registered this year. 

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here are some photos from my night out for my birthday [29 Jun 2004|10:46pm]
[ mood | bored ]

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haha....this is so right [01 Jun 2004|03:34pm]
I am Nothing!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

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real update about the weekend later [31 May 2004|03:45pm]

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stolen from lj's friday five [28 May 2004|05:50pm]
1. What is your favorite childhood memory?
2. If you could be reincarnated as anything besides human, who would you want to be?
3. If you had to start your life all over, what are three things you would change?
4. If you had to forget everything in your life, except one thing, what would it be?
5. Do you have a lucky charm?

1. living on a farm and swimming in the creak that was on our property. it's so nice to live somewhere where you can't see your neighbors.
2. i would want to be a dog in a loving family without kids. kids pick on animals. i want to be the replacement for a child of some crazy person that loves me.
3. i would change how mean i have been to those that love me, how easily i have let good friends go in the past, and how many people i have dated.
4. i would want to remember the love that i have with joe, because it means everything to me.
5. no lucky charm.

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stolen from anchor [05 May 2004|07:29pm]
[ mood | blank ]

1. Go into your archives.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.

well i still have to do school work (a paper, and study for 2 tests) but i get to rest for the most part.

what an uneventful sentence that was. i was hoping that it would be something good...all it sounds like it what i'm doing now. boring.

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here you go [29 Apr 2004|12:38am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i have finally uploaded some photos. you can see a few here. now it is time for bed.

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[19 Apr 2004|01:13am]
quizes...don't look )

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haha [24 Mar 2004|07:01pm]
barbie and ken porn

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[16 Mar 2004|08:46pm]
i want to post some photos, but my damn scanner doesn't reach the outlet. i have to get an extension cord. you will all just have to wait. sorry.

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[16 Mar 2004|02:06pm]
oh, yeah...it's spring break and it's snowing here. what the fuck?

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photos everywhere [16 Mar 2004|02:02pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

oh this weekend was lovely. i did all my laundry on saturday, so joe and i didn't have to do anything on sunday. we layed around most of the day, then went shopping in the afternoon. i got so much pink stuff. too cute. wow i love new things. and i love them even more when it didn't take me forever to find something that i liked. joe got new jeans that actually fit him. not tight at all, but but haning off his ass. i think they look hot. he's getting used to them.

that night we ate thai food and watched the sapranos. good night i would say. sexin it up all weekend as well....hehe.

yesterday i went into NYC with janice. we needed to go get photo supplies at B&H. strange place, and i spent far too much money. $300 on a flash, and cord, a soft box for the flash, some paper, and some indoor film. jesus. so lucky my dad wants to pay for this stuff cause he loves it too.
we were going to take the ferry in, but decided to drive. took us an hour to park, but then i didn't feel too bad since we got a spot on the street instead of giving up and parking in a garage. only spent 50 cents.

we then went to central park. parking there was easy by the way. we wandered around taking photos, got some hotdogs, wandered some more. was a relaxing day. really nice to get out of the house. it was about 60 degrees out, so it was lovely.

today i have to clean, but tomorrow i'm off to take more photos. down to my dad's house with janice for the day. i need to finish 2 projects and start another one. one is almost done, one i have to shoot everything down there (it's a photo documetary and i'm doing it of the town that i grew up in), the last one i will start down there if my brother found some friends for me that will get sort of naked so i can get some good body parts photos. either way i'll get some of that done sometime this week with my friend caryn.

that is all. my entire spring break seems to be focused on my photo class. much better than having it focused on a boring class.

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one year and a few days [13 Mar 2004|04:19pm]
wow...i've been here for a year. i miss the blurtyversary, it was on the 4th. i guess i just never thought it had been that long already.
here are the stats thus far: Journal entries; 387, Comments: Posted: 1,574 - Received: 1,067

let me copy off the_flaming_o and tell you how i was doing one year ago.
i was waiting to move out of my house to live here. funny, if i would have known how much i hate this particular apartment, i might not have been as excited.
i was so happy with the thought of it all though. me and joe had yet to have even one big fight yet. i was so in love, and still am. even though we do fight sometimes now....it all feels so much more real.
oh, how much simpler times were back then. haha.

anyway...as always on Saturdays...time to do laundry.

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stolen from anchor [13 Mar 2004|12:10pm]
1. Go to Google.
2. Type in your name and do a search clicking the image tab.
3. Post your best results in your journal.

so here's what i came up with )

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[11 Mar 2004|11:37pm]
i have aced all the tests that i have taken this semester. funny how it feels like i have still learned nothing.

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back at work [09 Mar 2004|01:42pm]
it's been a week since i worked, and i'm so bored. i have done almost everything that they had for me from this week and last week. now i just have to type up the info, but i don't want to right now. have to have something to do for tomorrow. i have another hour and 45 minutes, then i leave. have to go to the psych club meeting today. i've also missed the last 2 weeks of that. i don't want to go, but i really should. i would love to just quit, since i have almost no time to do anything for me, but it looks so good on your transcripts if you were a member of a club. i just want to get through it all so i can join the honors club. it sucks, i had to wait till i had 9 credits in my major at this school, and that is at the end of this semester, but you can only join once every year, and i missed the deadline for this school year. i have to wait till next year, and i won't be inducted till the last semester of my senior year. oh well...it will look good either way when i apply to grad schools.

i went to the gym last night for an hour and a half. another thing that i have missed for the last 2 weeks since i was sick. it kicked my ass. i'm all sore. my ass bones hurt from these weird sit-up things where you roll back and forth. i should sit on my towel next time to soften the floor for my poor booty. i love being sore though, at least i know i did something. i'm not as sore as i thought i would be, but that's ok, i guess i'm not as out of shape as i thought i was. although the leg exercises wrecked me. i couldn't even finish them all. what a wuss. i'm glad i took a class though, but i can't wait till this membership runs out so i can join a nicer gym.

well..i should get back to work. i was all alone, so i could pretend to work, now people are back from their meeting and i should finish up what i have for now.

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