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i'm going! [04 Nov 2004|04:46pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | Avril Lavigne: "Freak Out" ]

Welp, this is my last post on this sn. Do you ever get tired of typing in the same name all the time? well, ok, i do so i changed my name:

there you are, thats my new one. Catch me there.

Love, me

oh and i love you, i do!

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Event: [02 Nov 2004|07:44pm]
[ mood | impressed ]
[ music | The TV talking about the elections ]

Oh wow, good times today at KEYS. It was long but good. Word to Levi who let us use his sound system for convocation. we needed it...yay! it was so much better than last time, so much better. ask anyone, they'll say "oh yeah!"(sounds like "hoo yeah!"). anyhoo...

And the Riesen is yoooou! You are the Riesen i live, you are the Riesen i move...I have my Riesens...

"You don't need two people the way i do it.."-joel-face

haha...shoot, i can't say that. everyone, including myself, is trying to to break me of my meaness. saaaw! it's hard. really hard...

Here are the polls:

-meaner in a dumb way
-whiter and hairier(hmm)
-meaner in a witty way
-white with the possibility of tanness

That was decided by dear, beautiful Kelly who, by the way, is beautiful in every way.

allright, i'm gonna hit the bricks. I'm beat. leave me a message...i like reading them.

Love, me

God, rain down on me with love until i drown...

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Your love is Amazing, steady, and unchanging... [22 Oct 2004|10:58pm]
[ mood | touched ]
[ music | Chris Tomlin: "Indescribable" ]

So, KEYS was today again. It was the same ol' day of the same ol' week. I didn't have a whole lot of homework to turn in today so i wasn't up till too late. I turned in my Biology test today. I'm anxious to see what grade i get for it. I've been a straight-A student so far this year thanks to my wonderful biology teacher, Mrs.Blake. I got a 90.1 on my last test. she gave me an extra 0.1 so that i was still in the A category. She rocks my world. lol* Oh yeah, and that Drama Quiz today. wow....i screwed it up this time i am sure. So long sweet A! i guessed most of them. Stovislavsky! Word to Erin(the lunch meat inventor!). Yeah, today was interesting, to say the least. i hung out mostly with Joel and Kelly and Geoff. Twas....exhilerating i suppose. lol* They make me laugh. Kelly, can i star in your Barbershop musical...oh and i wanna be the tire swing in your flashback video...

Lyd, thank you so much for all the support you give me. you are the best present anyone could ever give to me! well, that and a hug...still, you are my best friend. Thank you for standing strong when i am weak and loving me when i seem unloveable. God has blessed me so much with you as my friend. Thank you

Go tell it on the mounta-aaaaain!!!...........snap snap snap

Paul, i miss you! come to Crossfire! now! you would be liked! you would be loved! you would be....just come!

My dad is so great. He may look a little odd and act a little corny, but he is awesome. I love my Dad. Oh, Jesse, you should have heard what he said about you tonight. i laughed a thousand laughs.

Thank you Jesus. When all else seems to fail, you are there, holding my hand. i can talk to you as i can a best friend, i can walk with you as if you are are walking right next to me. when asked who inspires me the first thing that comes to my head is you. Your love, your patience, your grace, your gentle touch: it inspires me. Thank you for never giving up on me, even when i give up on you. I can never truly appreciate you as much as you deserve to be appreciated. Your voice speaks through the sunset and through the stars. God, i want your life to shine through my innermost being. I want it to flood out of my eyes and out of my hands so that everyone knows that it is YOU who made me the person that i am. Thank you Jesus, you are my hope.

I love you all. You're great. Have a beautiful weekend.
Love, me

"Embraced in your love, I'm overwhelmed once again..."

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I'm moving [21 Oct 2004|08:28pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]
[ music | Nickel Creek: "When you come down" ]

Carrie and I went to Glad Tiding's youth group last night. Twas fun. I miss all of them so much! I saw Krystal and Paul and Ethan and all of those Kids PAW people. It was so good hugging them again. Paul is gonna try and come to Crossfire some Sunday soon. I can't wait to see him again! yay! Then we hung out at my house for an hour or so. then she had to leave because some special man was supposed to call her ::wink:: i think i joke her too much though. It's nothing right least not yet. lol* Then i talked to Jesse till whatever time we got off the phone to go to sleep. It was...interesting. I think i am beginning to trust him a little more. He's becoming a pretty good friend now. I'm glad i can talk to him about stuff that most other people would roll their eyes at. :) makes me smile.

What do you do when something happens that you've had dreams about? like, not good dreams cause then you could hug yourself, but like uncool dreams...not great ones. In fact, things you've prayed against(cause you're a selfish brat, lol*) oh sigh! God is all-powerful and overwhelming and i am being so selfish. help me to love, God, help me to love.

Welp, got to go. I hope you all are having a splendid week.
Love, me

Love is pateint and always kind...

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i bought socks! [18 Oct 2004|10:36pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]
[ music | The washer machine ]

So, i went to the middle school girls was splendid! We had so much fun! Lyd, Tan, Dani, Kate, Sarah, Shereece, and Lindsey came as well. It was loads of fun. We made a great song, snapping and such. Most of you probably have heard parts of it seeing as how we have been singing ever since then. wow, we should be rich and famous, Tan.

Team dinners went well. yes! we climbed trees! It was nice, even though it wasn't on the median off of Independence Blvd. I made myself content with a tree from Princess Anne Park and some monkey bars. Then we went to Target and bought stuff for Operation Christmas, the shoeboxes thing. It made us feel accomplished and good-natured. It was a breath of fresh air from my otherwise selfish habits. Then we went and dropped off Grace and Ruthie. After that, we waddled on over to Chinese Number One. It was really good and it was a buffet. yummy(i ate chinese again tonight..sigh* twas good). Then we went back to church around 9:30pm. It was a good day. Oh and don't forget Wendys for lunch. The Atwood clan showed up. It was swell seeing them. I like their mom...she makes me smile and feel happy inside...shoot me if you dare. lol*

Rachel, i know how you feel. It is good to give advice and to be strong for others, but it can be like breathing out and not breathing in again. Everyone needs someone to look up to. You give out awesome advice and then you're afraid to show your weakness. it's common and i love you for it all.

i love you too, Mickey, even though you don't my name. lol* just joshin you.

i like -------- (insert what you please)

you can have them, phoebe, but that would be gross. lol* I would walk 1000 miles babe.

God is forever able.

yes, my braces did match my dress. no, it was not planned...yes, i, i am not lying........go away.


love, me

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Beifear breithe nó caillte leis... [14 Oct 2004|09:11pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Carrie taaaaalking :) yay! welp, it could be you ]

I am thinking that perhaps getting braces isn't the most fun thing to do. Hooray for Idalya who doesn't need them...well, she wouldn't get them even if she did. lol* I got mine adjusted today and i couldn't eat at all. sigh* i am such a pathetic high schooled dork. lol* Thank you God

So i am going to school tomorrow. Should be interesting as usual. I get to turn in my Geometry test and hope for the best..oy vay.

I love my Aunt Nene's laugh. It's like a waterfall and clean clothes combined.

Probably the worst thing you could do to me right now is offer me an apple.

Always, Laci

Go n-éirí an bóthar leat. Go raibh an chóir ghaoithe i gcónaí leat. Go dtaitní an ghrian go bog bláth ar do chlár éadain, go gcuire an bháisteach go bog mín ar do ghoirt. Agus go gcasfar le chéile sinn
arís, go gcoinní Dia i mbosa a láimhe thú.


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ellie!! [07 Oct 2004|10:55pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]
[ music | Some sick commercial on TV..hahaha! it's the E-L-M-O one ]

So, Carrie came over tonight and we made dinner. It was...funny. we had a great time though. Then we had some pound cake that she brought over from the store. yummy:) strawberries and whip cream as well. So, then we went outside and she was making a whole lot of noise so that Justin would look out his window(he didn't but his father came outside). Somehow, we got in a cake fight. i had whip cream and strawberry stuff all over my face and hair...she did too. :) Then we went upstairs and washed our hair in the sink. Afterwards, we sat on my bed while i played my 5-stringed guitar. it was lovely. She left around 10 though because her mom wanted her to come home early. bah! but we had fun. Sometimes you just need to do crazy things like cake fights. It's good to have fun and be crazy once in awhile.

I think that i could be a wife....with a hired cook. the food was awesome but it took me so long to do it and we got teaspoon and tablespoon mixed....thats not good when it comes to cornstarch. sigh* it was so much fun though. Hey Carrie: "Achoo!!*"

oh welp, got to get some sleep. i still have a biology quiz tonight and 17 pages to read. yawn* boring boring boring.

Always, Laci

"Tsk is something old ladies say in books, Laci." -Jonathan(and rachel)

"see! us non-musicians are kool. we listen to music too!" -Laura

"you guys really do need each other. I'm serious." -Carrie(in our conversation the other night)

I love you because you are my friend. ::smile:: yes, you. and no, this is not one of those hidden messages to someone in particular! ::pause:: yes, i promise!

i feel like a boring person stuck in a cave.

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green eggs and ham, sam i am [06 Oct 2004|10:23pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | Third Day: "My Offering" ]

So, i am on the phone with Carrie. It seems that i talk to her every night. i like it though. Shes reading me a story:) We had a very interesting talk last night...very. Brought some light to my eyes. kind of queer and yet so true and happy. true and HaPpY! it was happy, but maybe it holds nothing of value to the future. oh welp, who blows.

here we go

i want to talk smart like the book! "I swung the chair upon which I had sat upon.."

"Cleo, i'm out like a deaf kid in musical chairs."-Dean

Always, Laci

-An áit a bhfuil do chroí is ann a thabharfas do chosa thú.-

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ama..zing... [04 Oct 2004|08:32pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | Skillet: "Rest" ]

Well, i thought i was gonna get on here and tell everyone how much i love God and how awesome he is but i can't. I can't even begin to explain how he effects me. I guess you just have to see it on my face to know.

welp, yeah.


I saw angels fall down at the glory of the Lord...

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Jesus, you take my breath away [01 Oct 2004|08:40pm]
[ mood | thankful ]
[ music | when the moon hits you eye like a big pizza pie lalala!-OnTV ]

Oh did i ever have fun with the Flint kids on Thursday night! They realized i was "silly" and then they became little rascals! it was awesome. i was their personal art canvas...well, my back was, at least. then we did some laundry for their mom and colored(on paper this time). After, that we watched a very educational movie about bulldozers, but not before climbing the walls and throwing fishsticks. yay! i had so much fun!

Jimmy, thanks for making me laugh when i don't want to and making me talk when i'm upset. you're such a miracle.

oh wow, Joel, an ugly mexican dog? i am still laughing about it..seriously i am. haahhahahahahhaaahahhahaha!

hugs are probably the best thing ever. next year, if i have a party, then thats all i want. i am dead serious. i only want hugs. yeah, i'm chinsy, i know, but it's all truuuuuue.

i don't like my writing style. i bore myself to measles...

thank you God for helping me to realize that sometimes life isn't all about me. Thank you for the little ways that you show me you're real. Thank you for being my best friend and not giving up on me even when i am difficult. Thank you for being ever-present and all-powerful. thank you for holding my hand as i attempt to push through life. you're my all in all.

i want to learn to play the accordian.

i love Drew's mommy!!!!

pray for Janine Molzahn, she is recovering from cancer. pray well.

hmm-hmm-hm-hm-hm-hm-hm-hm-hm-hm-hm-hm-hmmmmmmmm-hmhmhm!(put to the tune of: "whennnnnn theeeeeeeee moon hits your eye lateedalateeda, hmhmmhmhmm!)

I am Liu! ::sticks Geometry compass in heart::


I love you!

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Stars are pretty, aren't they? God is so awesome [30 Sep 2004|04:58pm]
[ mood | pleased ]
[ music | "Someone to Watch Over Me" ]

Today has been eventful i guess. I did some homework for Geometry and some reading for Biology. Then i took a shower and didsome more History. After that i left for voice lessons and now i am at the library. It's rather packed today, it's kind of nice. hmm...ok.

So i have a new song for voice. It's called "Somebody to Watch Over Me". I like it a lot. I mean, i actually enjoy singing it. It also has a french version. I should get extra credit from Mrs.Carroll if i bring it in tomorrow and extra-extra credit if i can sing it in french. yay! lol* but i can't sng it in french yet. oh welp...i'll learn soon enough. yep yep.

I feel like Ducky off of "The Land Before Time". yes, i still own that movie....yes, i still watch it....yes, i still like it.

i just drank a "Mocha Madness" smoothie from Tropical Smoothie. yumyumyum. I'm little hyperactive...just a tad though. it was good, realy good. there was chocolate in it too. oooo

I miss Jolena a lot. Thailand is dumb, they took her away...

so Lindsey and Preston are getting married the 16th of this month. wow....i'm almost in disbelief. the red-headed, freckle-covered, bike-swerving, fence-climbing cousin is getting married! i'm sad, and yet, i am very happy. Preston is the very best guy i have met. i mean, i have never ever met such an awesome, patient, humble, and hilarious guy in my whole life. no one! hmm...i need a dress though since i am in the wedding party. fall colors? i don't think i look that great in fall colors. oh welp, i need a new one. we'll see what snows. Oh wow! I am gonna miss that girl....

Oh and Molly is gettin married too...not for awhile though. the point is, shes getting married.


I babysit tonight. The Flint kids. They are so sweet! I taught one of them in their dance class back at Tattercoats. Great family, awesome kids. I can't wait.


love, Laci

(I've realized that i always pick moods that are between a and e. i think i just get too tired and lazy to scroll down the list.)

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Comedy Central [25 Sep 2004|09:35pm]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | comedy central ]

sophisticated people go to art auctions.......rednecks have yard sales:
man:excuse me, wut'r these?
woman:them there are some 'ol tupperware lids that got warped in the dishwasher. I'll give ya all 8 fer 10 cents
man: now, what the hell am i gonna 8 lids for!? i'll give ya a nickel

sophisticated people go to restaurants.....rednecks go to "please drive through to the second window please."
man: hey could you biggie size them fries there for the lil' lady? it's our anniversary

sophisticated people have retirement plans.....rednecks have the lottery.

oh wow, theres so much more so i am gonna go watch the rest. byea!

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frisbee...woot! (that was for Drew) [25 Sep 2004|09:08pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | Lonestar: "Mr.Mom" ]

I need to learn how to play frisbee. I really am terrible at throwing one. if you are someone fairly good at it and if you have a large amount of patience and perseverence, help! i hate watching it cause i enjoy being in the games. i just don't know how to throw one. lol ask my poor dad. hes been trying for years to help me aim correctly. I mean, i can play football hands down. i play it all the time, but frisbee? no way, i suck. but i want to play....bad. so teeeeeach meeeee.

my house smells like sweet potatoes. yummy

hey penguin!: word

i went shopping. does anybody want my new pants? i don't like new pants, i like old ones. so i will trade with you...nevermind. but if you have old shoes....

if the guy who wrote this song was 22 years younger, i would fall in love with him. i dunno why but it's so cute! i love guys like this! I just do. i can't wait till i have kids...well, i can wait, but you know what i mean:

Lost my job, came home mad
Got a hug and kiss and that’s too bad
She said I can go to work until you find another job
I said I like the sound of that
Watch TV and take long naps
Go from a hard working dad to being Mr. Mom

Pampers melt in a Maytag dryer
Crayons go up one drawer higher
Rewind Barney for the fifteenth time
Breakfast six, naps at nine
There’s bubble gum in the baby’s hair
Sweet potatoes in my lazy chair
It’s crazy all day long and it’s only Monday
Mr. Mom

Football, soccer and ballet
Squeeze in Scouts and PTA
There’s that grocery list she left for me
That’s seven pages long
How much smoke can one stove make
The kids won’t eat my charcoal coke

Before I fall in bed tonight
If the dog didn’t eat the classifieds
I’m gonna look just one more time

Balancin’ checkbooks, juggling bills
Thought there was nothing to it
Baby, now I know how you feel
What I don’t know is how you do it

Oh, i love that song. It's so country though. i like country, i mean i grew up with it. I wanted to be a little Faith Hill and all. I still am a country girl. :) bite me

I love you, Laura.

Love, me

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oh yes [23 Sep 2004|09:37pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | the TV ]


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pudding, not pie, leftover cake, only some [23 Sep 2004|07:23pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | laughter, the best music ]

so, i guess i should make my journal posts more interesting now. All i ever write is: i love mary, i'm weird, and oh school, oh my.

so here we go:

yesterday was fun i guess. I didn't have anywhere to go, which is unusual because most of the time i am running everywhere. Yesterday, however, was not like that. I felt very accomplished, very good and confident. I woke up at 6:30 and made my bed. Start tallying my points here(thats 2). then i did devotions, bible homework, and language arts(up to 5 now). after that, i called my cousins(who, by the way, live one street over from mine!) and my sister, mom, and them rode bikes and i did my blades for 5 miles(though natalie stopped and went home at number 1/2 lol). That deserves 3 points right there! i went 5 miles and didn't pass out halfway through! wow... then i came home and did French, 2 lessons in Geometery, History, and an essay. ok, so , so far i have 12 points. i'm doin good. Then, i took a shower. My aunt calls and invites me over for dinner. So i decided to walk. Hey! i had a great talk with God. the only thing i said was, as i was looking at the sky: "wow, God, thank you. you really are amazing..." and thats all i said, yet somehow a whole conversation took place. You know, God works in awesome ways. He converses with our spirits and we don't have to say one word. wow... ok, anyhoo, so i go to their house and we eat. Oh my, they can cook. like, yeah. then we played hide-n-go-seek with everyone. Even my uncle played. It was awesome. like there were 9 of us playing! it was loads of fun! i love kids. they make me smile....really big. so that was yesterday. it was great.

do i smell good?

I like butterflies a lot. i have a butterfly ring. i like it. a lot. pot kills butterflies

i don't like dentists. i like orthodontists but not dentists.

today was ok, boring, but ok. oh! i went to wal-mart!!!! it was exhilerating! i got a Depp poster. yes, i am that pathetic.


drew makes me laugh. He calls me the best names. He is my best friend and "cousin". well, my best friend i say but he doesn't kno that yet. one day he'll know...or maybe he does!? hm...

i can't find my lab coat!!!!! oh no!


love, Laci

my dads pants split when he bent over. it was great. just thought i would tell ya.

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woah...son [22 Sep 2004|10:08pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | nothing! wow, what a change ]

so lately i have been having these delayed reactions to..things...anything...most everything.

the next time you see Joel Hill, ask him if he knows the brown, long-nosed, puppet named Alf.

the next time you see Jesse Hill, ask him if Jellyfish have backbones.

Smile Penguin

love, me

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Explanations [18 Sep 2004|03:22pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Jeff Deyo: "these hands" ]

I decided to write that last post beca-ause i love mary. I like her hugs and i like her smiles and i like her love for God and i appreciate very much her friendship. She is an awesome christian and an awesome person. I just felt the urge to write her name a gazillion times. :) oh no....i must have scared her....oh welp!(Levi used my word, bah!)
Love, Me

you know, i like the word "cynical." not because of the meaning, but because of the sound. I mean say it! cynical...oh wow. exciting. sort of like "aged cheese." (Emmy! lol*)

Emmy(at Mcdonalds): hi, i'd like a Mcdrink, a Mc-eight Mcnugget, a Mcfry, and a Mcflurry.
cashier: what size drink would that be?
Emmy: mcsmall
cashier: ok, ::gives price::
5 minutes later
cashier: here you go, enjoy your meal.
Emmy: mcflurry isn't mixed
cashier(sarcastically): i know, our McMixer isn't working.

wow, Em, i miss those days

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I LOVE: [18 Sep 2004|03:14pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Jeff Deyo: "Lift You Up" ]



loveeeeeee, me

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The Reading Corner? Oh my gosh! Let's go! yee-heepeedee! [14 Sep 2004|04:50pm]
[ mood | grateful ]
[ music | Vanessa Carlton: "Whitehouses" ]

So, KEYS started today. I think that i could, with some time, become the most unpopular person there. I need Dani! sigh* Too many YMVers there... Anyhoo, it was a long day. got up at 6 and left home at 8: Biology, Geometry, study hall, lunch, french I, study hall, praise team. then i have homework. fun stuff. It was good other than the fact that i am not a YMVer so all the inside jokes make about as much sense to me as chipmunks sucking tree limbs. am i being incredibly negative? sorry, i don't try to be. I'm just way tired. Oh welp.

I stopped by church today, saw Levi and Mrs.Hill. I love Mrs.Hill. she makes me smile. :) Yeah, its been a long time since i stopped into Levi's office as well. It was nice to see him for the grand total of 7 minutes.

In french class i have to have a french name that everyone will refer to me as. Geoff said Agnus...nope. Jesse said Genevieve....yes. So i am Genevieve and i don't even think i am spelling my own name correctly.

I need to talk to Drew now so i can be dumb and not feel.....dumb.

Have i ever mentioned how much i looooove libraries? good, cause i don't. I guess i am a bit loud....

I got my Mary-hug today. I will survive! (dah-dah-dahdah-dah...)

Isn't he beautiful?
he has made me worthy of love.
how amazing....

i hope i go to Laura's house tonight. A party! with chocolate cake! but no strawberry-scented CAR-freshners....... dern.

God of Wonders beyond our galaxy, you are holy. So holy...

bicycle!!(i can never figure out how to spell that word...hopefully it's right...::coughhomeschoolercough::)

I miss the "Heyheys" a lot. Paul, you need to get online!!! soon!!!

ok, well, i'm gonna go now.
i love you guys lots and kno that right now i am smiling very hugely and giggling lightly. love!
love, me


Ryan was a mistake from the beginning. Sorry for not listenin guys...

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I'm Henry VIII, I am, I am....Henry VIII I am. [13 Sep 2004|09:49pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | 3 doors down: "Away from the Sun" ], i signed on thinking i had a ton to say but...i don't anymore.

how can i sum up what all has happened this past week. I can't....All i can say is: "I will trust God alone"

I saw Mary and Moe and Mickey yesterday. It was so nice. I can't explain how much i love hugs. I just do! I really like hugs. Still, Mary-hugs are the best. So far no one can beat her.

I am so lazy. I need to change my guitar strings badly but...i'm so lazy. Oh me, oh my.

-what is one thing you never want to hear a tattoo artist say to you?
-"You spell Bob with two O's, don't you?" (that one made me laugh today)

Lydia is my twin! I love her more than any bug or cloud in the sky! She makes me laugh when i need to laugh. She encourages me to do what is right, even when it's not what i want to do. She inspires me with her undying trust in whatever God brings her way. Lydia is my best friend and sister. (yes! I'm Crumleston!lol* that is a funny word!)

I miss a lot of things.

I am going to give a shout to Rachel Eaton: sHoUt, ShOuT!!!!
ok, so that was two shouts.

the next time you get a chance to buy a car air-freshner thing, buy a strawberry-scented one. It'll make me feel good. put it on your car then let me smell it. I will smile widely then ask: "do you like chocolate cake?"

I love Drew. He's my cousin by the way. The bestest guy cousin ever...well, he ties with Dan and Jon. But i love Drew. He likes chocolate cake, playing in the rain, walk to remember, "joshin", strawberry-scented car air-freshner things, ect... i love drew.

hey, uh, would those strawberry-scentes car air-freshner thingys be called: car-freshners? hmm...

i love you guys.
love, me

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