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Alicia Keys' Journal

9th March, 2004. 10:56 pm. Hey yo peoplez! :)))

Hey yall!
Yo I'm so freakin busy...I just don't and can't find any time for writting in here. And if I'm totally honest with you... I kinda forgot about that little blurty thangy... please no offence but.. I already told... my ass is being busy as hell... well, I at least have an excuse! I promise, I'll try to make it all betta... :)
Anyway, my album is going great! Now we are shooting a new video these days.. I actually just came from the shower... I was all dirty because we were having some fun after the shooting. *blinks and puts a nasty smile on her face* It was soo phat and cool... *laughs out loud* Today we actually finished quite quick... but tomorrow.... aahhh... it's gonna be tough.. but still... you all gotta expect a kick ass video with a great director and whole group. Today I actually got a new mask profssional! She is great! I mean... the way she made me look and all shit.. it was great. I definitely will be working with her in future. :) *smiles hapilly* Uh my cell phone.... *runs around her room and finally finds her phone* *grabs her phone too stopped ringing* *she comes back, sits on the chair and continues with writting* Huh...I was too late... Like I always am. I was late on my shooting today tho.. Damn..I gotta deal with this...just gotta stop doin it or else... or else nothing! *laugh to herself* Well's cool. Now I really gotta go. Good night all! *stands up and leaves the room*

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