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Tuesday, March 9, 2004

10:56PM - Hey yo peoplez! :)))

Hey yall!
Yo I'm so freakin busy...I just don't and can't find any time for writting in here. And if I'm totally honest with you... I kinda forgot about that little blurty thangy... please no offence but.. I already told... my ass is being busy as hell... well, I at least have an excuse! I promise, I'll try to make it all betta... :)
Anyway, my album is going great! Now we are shooting a new video these days.. I actually just came from the shower... I was all dirty because we were having some fun after the shooting. *blinks and puts a nasty smile on her face* It was soo phat and cool... *laughs out loud* Today we actually finished quite quick... but tomorrow.... aahhh... it's gonna be tough.. but still... you all gotta expect a kick ass video with a great director and whole group. Today I actually got a new mask profssional! She is great! I mean... the way she made me look and all shit.. it was great. I definitely will be working with her in future. :) *smiles hapilly* Uh my cell phone.... *runs around her room and finally finds her phone* *grabs her phone too stopped ringing* *she comes back, sits on the chair and continues with writting* Huh...I was too late... Like I always am. I was late on my shooting today tho.. Damn..I gotta deal with this...just gotta stop doin it or else... or else nothing! *laugh to herself* Well's cool. Now I really gotta go. Good night all! *stands up and leaves the room*

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Monday, May 5, 2003

8:29PM - MAN!!!!

Oooh today I got in fight with my girlfriend Jen. She called me in the middle of my rehearses and because I couldn't answer the phone she got mad at me. And when I call her she just doesn't wanna answer. I don't know, but there gotta be somethin really sereous coz she was never like that, especially not to me. *grabs the phone and dials Jen's nomber* Still no answer. There's somethin wrong and it's my fault coz I didn't pick up that fuckin phone!!! damn!!!!! I'm so angry.......... And that music makes me nervous *turns the radio off* God!! Peoplez pleez pray there's everything cool and okay!! Thanx *closes the laptop and dials the nomber again and again* *walks up and down the room with the cell phone in her hands 'til she gets tired of it and sits down on the floor*

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10:58AM - love me love me!!

Hey yall what up?! I see this shit is really interesting. I have read few journals and I like that shit!! It's really fun! I have just written my diary at my site and now I'm here writtin to u.

Right now I'm singing out loud, gettin ready for today's rehearses. Oh god I'm soooooooo tired coz yesterday P. Diddy had one of his crazy hot parties and it was really cool. One of his best ones. And I knew I'll feel like shit today but still...*blinks* I was flirting last night with... o shit! I really don't remember THEIR faces! All I remember is Jen's and Carl's laughin. I really gotta ask her who was it... I'm really curious *laughs* Jen, why did you let me go!!! Anyway... I'm so crazy today *laughs out loud* Mwhahaha! No I'm just kiddin. I don't sound that horrible!! hehe :-)))

Aiight, comment this, peoplez!! I wanna know whatchall think!! Uh shit I'm late... *stands up, shuts the comp down and runs in her bathroom*

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