29th January 2005

11:13am: OK so I failed to come back and update before-- but heres some more of the life of sam.

My phone has actually been shut off and just recently been turned on.
Why you ask?
Because jared failed to pay his portion of the bill for several months- and I finally had too big of a carry over to be able to pay it off- thus, the phones were shut off for a bit. Got my raise at work.....used the first paycheck to pay off the bill- and by the time I cancelled Jareds phone line, and knocked myself down to a more reasonable plan- Verizon owes ME money.
How awesome is that??
Nice surprise, eh??

Things with Jerry are moving along nicely. Its not amazing- I mean, it is amazing that we dont hate eachother...Its amazing that I have trouble with the two of us on a queen sized bed...and I can NOT figure out how J and I slept on a twin for all that time...

Jerry and I went to Amoeba music-- I am sorry- this place, is the GOD of new and used music. I got three new operas and two new rock CDS...all for less than 100 dollars.

What else you say?
I've auditioned for Los Angeles Opera (which, I completely bombed. MY voice was GREAT, it was steady and strong and well put together-- it was quite obvious that I know my shit, but I blanked on about four bars on the first page. shit. ....theres always next year....)
I figure- at least I now know what I am walking into.

What else is happening?
Im an assistant manager (I think you all know that...but just in case)...basically managing the store...when they open glendale....I am considering interviewing for the position of store manager.....because Karika is NOT doing her job- I am doing it, and shes getting all of the glory for it- HOWEVER, in terms of the high achiever award taht we got for November, guess who is getting the 1,000 dollar bonus?! WOOT! Am I excited?! YES. I cant wait to get THAT in my savings account.

I have been thinking hard on the school issue with me.
I really should finish a degree.
I kind of want to start from scratch. I wouldnt even care if I did have to start from scratch...and with the job I've got now, its entirely possible for me to put the $$ away to go back to school for several years, and get some $$ away so that I dont need to keep a full time job (unless I find a church gig)- and go back not immideately, but in a few years. Which is good- it buys me time to decide if I really just want a music degree, or a buisness degree also.
I like buisness. I like managing, Im damnd good at it- and its really satisfying. I go home feeling like I've done something.

It also consumes all of my mind- meaning that I need to go get some St Johns Wort or something, cuz it makes me unable to sleep a lot. But other than that- its all good.

Valentines day is coming up...I need to think of something sweet and romantic for Jerry. God only knows what. I am so focused on work- its been hard to divert my attentions to something like that.
However, I think I am going to take myself shopping today. I am going to go see what I have in the bank, and as long as its over 300 dollars- I am going to go on a mini shopping spree. YAY! (and I have to get a gift for my district manager, for her birthday)
I have tons more I could be talking about right now- but Im not particularly in the mood- so I am going to get a move on- I need to decide exactly WHAT I am going to accomplish today, and make the list and DO IT.

(I got a chem peel last night- and my face is actually peelling today!! AWESOME!!!)

Anyway world-
I will catch up with you later....
as always, call me if ya need me...

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