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Hello [02 Nov 2004|09:31pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

Wala lang, long time no see.
I kind of miss my icons is all.
I dont feel like updating...

Hope everyone is doing ok.

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Hi Again [08 Jul 2004|06:09pm]
[ mood | amused ]

hey blurty, i've been neglecting you a lot, haven't i?

i'm here again coz i miss my icon.

i love mitsuko!

her face is so asar here. :D

right before she guts someone with a sickle no less :)

anyway that icon pretty much sums up how i've been feeling lately :D

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Movies [11 Apr 2004|02:36pm]
[ mood | hurt ako sa choices ]
[ music | none ]

IMDB's 100 Best and Worst Films. Bold the ones you have seen.

Best Movies )

Worst Movies )

Funny how I've seen more of the bad movies than the good movies and thought that the bad movies were cool. Cult classics mga yan. No hating naman please.

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Pretty si Mary Magdalen [10 Apr 2004|04:34am]
[ mood | guilty ]
[ music | One Last Cry -- myself copying Camile Velasco ]

I cannot tell a lie.

I cannot hold this in anymore and I've been trying to for the past week.

I can't hide my feelings anymore!

I've been all over my blogs the past week (kahit na I don't update or comment) and 99% of the people in my friends pages say they liked Passion and it is changing their lives.

I have to say this -- I DIDN'T LIKE IT!

Sorry! Stop telling me that I am a bad person!

I love Jesus, but I didn't love the movie! Sorry Vanness, I know it's your favorite flick but... ay sorry talaga!

I think is destined to become another Lenten Special in Channel 9. You know, the way they show The Ten Commandments every year? That's how Passion feels like to me. Except maraming gore. Sorry I am immune to gore. I see it live in the ER.

And anoba! The plot was so predictable noh! (Hahaha just kidding!)

It wasn't all that bad, but I think it could have been better. And it was so gory. I think that was the only reason naging controversial. The gore. I have to admit, the Aramaic and Latin impressed me a lot. Quid est veritas. Yeah, I could understand that.

In the words of Sharon: "It was a Jesus slasher flick."
In the paraphrased words of Grace: "It was Flying House with lots of blood."

Sorry. SORRY!

My favorite part was the part when the devil was watching Jesus being whipped, and he was holding this ugly baby. Then the baby shows its face. Jun was beside me and he got gulat sohe holla'd "Ay shit! Si Mahal!" I was laughing like a hyena. I laughed din when Jesus was washing the feet of John and some jologs in the back said "Ahhh foot spa!" I know that wasn't right but the movie was so heavy na, I was glad for some comic relief, kahit na jologs.

And what's up with Mel Gibson. He always tries to show butts in his movies. Look at Braveheart. I think the only movie where he didn't show his butt was Signs. Anyway. Did he have to show James Caviezel's butt din in Passion? Whats up with that? I saw James Caviezel's butt! Ano ba! I can't believe they showed James Caviezel's butt! I don't want to say that "I saw Jesus' butt" coz that aint right... (:o(

Anyway, before you start hating me for saying all that, sige kayo, you cast the first stone! Magiging Mary Magdalene ako niyan! And Mary Magdalene is prettier than you.

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stolen from cyndie [04 Apr 2004|12:53am]
[ mood | hot ]

A - Age : 25

B - Band listening to right now : Band ba dapat? Maroon 5! Solo artists: Vanness Wu and BoA

C - Career in future: Popstar

D - Dad's name: Tito Bing

E - Easiest person to talk to: buhhhhh i'm a chatterbox. everyone.

F - Favorite song at the moment: BoA - My Sweetie. It's so bubblegum pop it makes me happy just to listen kahit na it's in Korean or sumpin. I say sumpin now. It's my new word.

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: I like the gummy gums. The one that look like dracula pustiso. Do you know that? I try to wear them but it never works. Or the strawberry and cream one, yung they made it gaya locally and called it Potchi. But the non-Potchi Potchi tastes a lot better.

H - Hometown: 14 Laoag Street

I - Instruments: I can play the James Bond theme on my nose. Bleeeee!

K - Kids : Vannessa Marie Wu

L - Longest car ride ever: the time I went to school (DLSU) when the skyway was being made. it was so traffic that when i got there, ten minutes nalang of class left so I just made Mang Guy turn back, then it rained and made baha. I left the house at 6am and I got home at 9pm.

M - Mom's name: Tita Janet

N - Number of siblings: purplepopsicle

P - Phobia[s]: IPIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q - Favourite Quote: "Sayang is never a good enough reason for anything." -- Anna Atilano

R - Reason to smile: VW :)

S - Song you sang last: rap siya actually... you won't care coz it's by my honey.

T - Time you woke up: 10:30 am

U - Unknown fact about me: double jointed!

V - Vegetable you hate: okra!!!! I hate it too Cyndie! it's like boogery sipon with nose hair!

W - Worst habit: procrastination

X - X-rays you've had: once when i was a kid we thought i broke my arm, but i just dislocated my radius and my lolo gave my arm a tug -- closed reduction on the spot hahaha. tapos when i got my braces, they x-rayed my face. the last one I had was before I entered makati med.

Y - Yummy food/s: chocnut ice cream

Z - Zodiac sign: gemini

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Boredom [03 Apr 2004|11:08pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Babysitter's Club sa Hallmark Channel ]

You know what, I didn't have Internet for a week. Our phone line got burnt because of the kakainis construction in front of our house.

It drove me nuts, not having internet. I couldn't google, couldn't LJ, couldn't Blurty, couldn't eDonkey, couldn't Limewire (I don't kazaa... I got virused before e) and I COULDN'T GET MY DAILY DOSE OF VANNESS!

Argh. I'm such an addict, I just realized it now.

Buti it's back.

I missed you all.

Next week is Holy Week. Boredom uli.

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You are the love of my life... [26 Mar 2004|12:59am]

You Should Date A Japanese Guy!

You're an interesting blend of traditonal and modern

And a Japanese guy is likely to be on your wavelength

Maybe you'll show your love by dying your hair the same color

Or get married in a traditional white kimono!

Which Foreign Guy Should You Date? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life
(and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

NGE! The only Japanese guy I know is Shigeki! Yes, I do know an actual Shigeki! He was one of my kasamas from TODAI UNIVERSITY when I went for my interview in Boston. Ayayayay. I wonder if he chose Boston. Maybe he should have chosen SHIGAKO.

Well, at least Japan is near Taiwan. Good enough.
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I'm so ashamed [23 Mar 2004|10:22pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | Machi ]



The PAREF Board of Trustees is directing all the PAREF schools for girls to give serious consideration to the school's mission-vision and philosophy to develop the qualities of authentic womanhood among our female students. These qualities include gracefulness, poise, self-control, physical fitness, equanimity and level-headedness, perseverance and other qualities proper to the feminine gender.

In line with this thrust the Board has decided to remove the sports of soccer and basketball from the physical education program of the girls' schools. Several reasons have led to this decision. Soccer and basketball are highly aggressive games. These sports necessitate body collision and physical contact that can result in minor or major injuries, depending on the intensity with which the game is played.

Although basketball is governed by rules, which penalize undue and unnecessary bodily contact and roughness, there is still a high possibility of bodily harm and injury. This danger to the physical and bodily development of the girls is an important consideration in view of their role as future mothers and nurturers. In line with the school's mission, special care and attention should be given to safeguarding the development of this inherent natural reproductive function of a woman.

These sports dispose girls to be highly competitive and aggressive which do not foster the development of true feminine characteristics. The natural and inherent qualities of a woman, e.g. nurturing, caring, graciousness, refinement and compassion, are stunted and negated. Instead, uncaring, hardened behavior, gruffness, brusqueness and loudness are likely to occur. On the psychological aspect, contact sports tend to encourage aggression, which may be manifested in the girls' social behavior and relationships. Girls will have a tendency to dominate, disregard and overlook the complimentary nature between the sexes. Other manifestations may include carelessness in dressing, shedding off inhibitions in behavior, and lack of refinement in speech and decorum.

The Board believes that while these sports have a good impact on the school community, i.e. the development of teamwork, camaraderie and school spirit, the school should focus its attention and direct its effort towards other sports activities that will encourage the same positive values which will fully implement its philosophy and actualize its mission and vision for students. The Board, therefore, has decided that the soccer and basketball programs in all PAREF schools for girls be discontinued effective SY 2004-2005.

It further directs the Academic Council, in coordination with the Physical Education Department of each school, to focus on other sports which are more in line with developing physical fitness such as volleyball and softball, and others which develop feminine graces, such as dancing, gymnastics, tennis, aerobics, badminton, table tennis, and or swimming. These will help achieve the desired goals more effectively without the negative effects of soccer and basketball.

Hang in there, Noniece.
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[23 Mar 2004|02:32am]
I was gonna blog a bit but I suddenly got a tummy ache :(
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That name meme thing! [23 Mar 2004|02:00am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Vanness Wu -- Midnight Movie ]

Everyone is doing it. So shall I! I'm such a joiner :P

If you call me Pia then you are my friend. Or someone I don't know.
If you call me Pips, you are my family, some of my cousins, close friend (Jiki or Lisa esp like using that). Or feeling close ka.
If you call me Peeps, you are someone na matigas ang dila na feeling close pa.
If you call me Pip, you are Tita Hedy, she never got the S in the end. I feel like a lesbian Noranian tuloy. =(
If you call me Pi, you are one of the Anciano brothers or Risa.
If you call me PiMarie, you are my dad and I can't hear you so you are yelling.
If you call me Pee-hee-mee-hee, you are my mom being gross! XP
If you call me Piapips, you are either Eyna or Maureen.
If you call me Cindy, you are cousin Rex who still can't fucking tell me and my sister apart til now.
If you call me Rica, you are Cousin Jen.
If you call me Ate Pia, you are Angel, the only person who calls me 'Ate' :P
If you call me Piafacker, you are Junifucker.
If you call me El Presidente, you are from FR.
If you call me Beautiful, you are Katkat (si Sexy naman siya).
If you call me My Queen, you are Marco.
If you call me Princess, you are Marco who forgot that I am a queen not a princess.
If you call me Prinsesita, you're one of those chismosa jologettes from school who don't like me. And you're just jeluzz :P
If you call me Jologs, you are Dino.
If you call me Psycho Serial Killa, you are Arden.
If you call me Tata or Ta, you are my driver since birth, Mang Guy. It's the Ilonggo equivalent of 'Nene'.
If you call me Lola or Madurrr or Miss Byootipul, you are a nurse who doesn't know my name (I dunno, universal to, in all the hospitals I've worked in...) and you want to make me utos to do something.
If you call me Clerk Lozano, you are Dr. Gurango, and you never got my name right.
If you call me Intuuurrrn, you are a med student from Makati Med who doesn't think it's right to call me 'Pia'.
If you call me Intern L***, you are someone from Makati Med.
If you call me Inthorn, you are Kapitana, the barok head nurse in JPRNMRC!!!
If you call me doktora, you are one of my profs or a med rep who wants to give me free stuff (cool!).
If you call me Doktora L***, you are one of my profs and I did someting wrong =(
If you call me Doc Fia (ew I hate that), you are a secretary in Kaplan.
If you call me Doc Pia, you are one of my fave patients ever, Mang Celso. I wonder if he's still alive... =(
If you call me NARS, you are one of my annoying patients from UMC or JPRNMRC.
If you call me Dr. L***, you are one of my bosses from Chicago... I always think it's my lolo they're calling =(
If you call me Honey, you are Vanness Wu.
If you call me Baby, you are Vanness Wu.
If you call me Darling, you are Vanness Wu.
If you call me Sweetheart, you are Vanness Wu.
If you call me Craziness, you are Vanness Wu.
If you call me My Private Dancer, you are Vanness Wu.
If you call me My Crack Whore, you are Vanness Wu.
If you call me Wifey, you are Vanness Wu!!!

And Jards, stop laughing at me. Vanness is coming to visit me this Saturday.

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abs abs sana may abs ako [16 Mar 2004|11:12pm]
navel piercing

You Are An Navel Piercing

Cute, trendy, and in kick ass shape.

You're usually the first one to offer up body shots.

Everyone fantasizes about where your other piercings might be.

You are a total tease and proud of your killer abs.

What Piercing Are *You*?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva
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The DOH Sucks Monkey Nuts [12 Mar 2004|01:31pm]
[ mood | irate ]
[ music | Puffy Ami Yumi - Lemon Kid ]

I've been feeling sick lately. <\3 And I've been such a lazy git. So what.

Anyway, I'm done with my papers for Illinois Licensure and for my working visa. Finally! The Department of Health gave me a load of useless crap to deal with. They didn't want to process me coz I didn't take the Philippine boards so I wasn't hirable daw sa US. They wanted me to spend another year in MMC and then take the boards. I was like, WTF. I had to go call a lawyer to whup their asses for me. Feckinshit! Not hirable my ass! I've already signed the frigging contract (and in triplicate too!). Philippine beaurocracy at its best!

After I got Manny Friggin' Villar (it's election season, so what, he's cool) to whup those fuckers good, they told me naman that they couldn't process me coz they DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH PAPER *rolls eyes*. They wanted me to provide my own "KOPON BAND" pa raw. WTF? I wanted to buy them a whole ream of "kopon-fucking-band" and make it bagsak on their retarded heads. Ayan! Papel! PI ninyo! But then I figured that they're probably gonna like getting one whole ream so I gave them exactly 11 pieces. Sarap maging pilosopo minsan.

The DOH is poop! I hate them. Douchebags. No wonder Homer says "DOH" whenever something bad happens to him. I'm gonna start saying it too! Ass crack poopooheads! I want puss-ey carbuncles grow on your butts! Para kayo naman ang sisigaw ng DOH!

(Halata ba I was really pissed? I'm cussing na eh. And I don't cuss. I'm a lady eh.)

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Yosebeyo [05 Mar 2004|04:45pm]
Hello! I am alive! Yay!
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Tamaditis [22 Feb 2004|08:59pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

I'm so tamad. I have lots of things I want to blog about but I'm just too damn lazy. And I haven't done anything for FR lately. I'm the winnar kasi, and it's bulok to have to cut and paste my own crown on my head. Haaay. Sige bye. I just made paramdam so you know I am alive. Back to CMEs.

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I'm gonna be a supa model [17 Feb 2004|02:05am]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | Jean Luc investigating rogue Marquis Federation Ships ]

Hey hey hey! Greer took me shopping today!

One wonderful thing about Miss Greer is that even if she is Miss Fashion Forever, you can hang with her sporting your penultimate banketa clothes and your hair looking Bon Jovi and she won't give a damn, even if she is a perfect Prada size 34 (or something like that).

Anyway, she was so funny. We decided to meet up today because I saw her a few days ago and mentioned to her that I needed affordable business looking clothes that didn't look Krissy (aka. no Singles for Christ fashionwear). She told me she would love to help. I have nil corporate clothes because I've been a student for way too long.

All I wanted was for Greer to take me to Tyler and to get me a whopping good discount. Coz I am a miser, right? Hahaha. I got even more than just my discount! I got my own private stylist! Hahaha.

When I met up with Greer, she had this big-ass In Style Fall Special magazine with her (research!), and she made me a checklist of the things I need. It said stuff like "tote", "trench coat" and "shift dress". Then she interviewed me and crossed out the things I already had ("skirts", "pumps" and "classic white tee"). See, so professional! I think Cindy wasn't sure if she was natatawa or natutuwa with Greer. Hahaha.

Greer stuck the checklist on the door of the dressing room of Tyler, then everyone in the shop read it and started digging out clothes for me to try on. So efficient! I didn't even have to look around anymore. I just stood there in the middle like a retard and they just kept giving me nice clothes in my size to try on. At first I thought they all felt sorry for me coz I dress up in just jeans and t-shirts. But after a while, I started thinking that they treated all their customers like this, not just me. Rustan's people are good, and the people in Linea GB3 are exceptionally impressive but these Tyler people were wow. Greer felt bad coz she forgot to ask them to bring out some coffee for me. I was like, nyarrr it's ok I can't drink coffee but thanks anyways.

I ended up buying a couple pairs of pants. I wanted this one pair so badly coz it felt like I was wearing nothing (sarap kasi ang feeling ng nekkid) but then they didnt have my size anymore. I also couldn't get shirts coz my boobs are big in proportion to my waist, so all the blouses I tried on made me look like the stereotypical butch-lezbian (no offense). I guess I have to have those tailor made.

After I went home, Greer went around G4 keeping her eye out for stuff I might need. She texted me that she found this really nice trench that I might like. But that we could do better because she knows where to buy good wool (in Pinas?!?!) and she can just design me one and we can have it made. Awww... my stylist was working overtime :). Ay basta, Greer rocks! She's so funny pa, she texted me that she had a lot of fun coz today was like going shopping but not spending money, coz you know, shopping is her sakit.

I really enjoyed today. I haven't gone serious shopping for a long time. And I miss Greer, even if she is just a text away. I wish she would live in Alabang again. I miss hanging out in her really dark room with those freaky porcelain clowns and her horny, retarded Pekingese dog who tried to hump our legs all the time. Also, I really felt like a real live artista today! Even more than when I sing stuff on the videoke channel! :)

P.S. Lala, are you reading this? News du jour is that Rosa got engaged today. To Don the lawyer. Yay Rosa got her wish. To be a bride. Wedding is this October. Maam Patty, you next!

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Spock, you so sexxy... [15 Feb 2004|01:48pm]
[ mood | loved ]

I had a nice V-day. Went pilgrimage to Lipa. Prayed for L♥ve. Prayed for all my friends to find love. It felt nice :). Lit a big-ass red candle for all of us. I think that was better than sitting at home being bitter about being single. That will turn you into a Jessica Zafra. No like to be like that.

Then I hung out with the girls who I haven't hung out with in like, forever. No mush, self-pity or male bashing. Just a lot of food and girlfriends to remind you why life is good. :)

Then I watched the MTV Asia Awards. Ahahay. That giling. Mr. Wu, I love you!

I'm a fan but I'm not that rabid. Although it hurts, I know naman in my heart that I won't end up with him :'( but I prayed for him in Lipa. And no silly, I did not pray for God to give him to me. That isn't going to happen. I can't even get an autograph no matter how many strings Jiki pulled for me in MTV Asia. But I prayed to Mama Mary a sincere, honest prayer that he will always be happy and always feel loved. See, V., although sometimes it doesn't seem so, my love for you is pure. ♥♥♥

And no hating Pia for praying for her favorite Taiwanese boyfriend artista in Lipa = automatic ban.

Belated Happy V-day, everyone.
Hope yours was as good as mine :)
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Stupid Pia [13 Feb 2004|08:24pm]
[ mood | geeky ]
[ music | Red Hot Chili Peppers on TV ]

Ok now I know who the people in previous entry are. Stupid Pia. Hahaha Rivermaya people pala sila -- famous nga. I know them na. I'm so embarrassed. Hahaha. I told my best friend na secret, Koraku, about it, and he said to me: "Wow, Pia, you've got it made!". But Koraku thinks they're laughing AT me not WITH me. Screw you, Koraku! I am enjoying being secretly sikat!

According to Lord Rael, the interview went something like this: The interviewer asks Bamboo how important music is in his life. Bamboo says it's very important, all he knows in life is how to make gitara and how to make tumbling. Then Nathan says to him "Can you make tumbling? Ha?" And the interviewer is like duhhh... what the hell are they talking about.

Anyway I think I'm just really tamad to make kwento properly right now but i thought that was pretty funny. And I don't know if Bamboo can make tumbling... but HE can.

I told you! He is my ideal man. One handed pa. Purrrrr... how sexxay.

Also, I would like to say that I'm not saying that I want a man who can make tumbling just to be funny. I'm serious. I do actually have a sane, logical rationale behind it (logical rationale... double whammy?). It's kind of complicated for me to write it all down, and maybe one day I will do it, but not right now. But let's just say it's like, my be all and end all for MY perfect man.

And look sobrang sexy o, he has Swarovski crystals pa on his nipples. Ano ba. It's so *gheyyy* but at the same time, I find it so hawt. I'm like, sick in the head or something. Rawrrr... I want to bite them off... (the crystals, not the nipples.)

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More Proof! [09 Feb 2004|06:44pm]
[ mood | craving for melted butter ]
[ music | Toxic -- by my best friend Brit ]

Earlier today, I get this text from Dino.

Nkausap ko si nathan azarcon last wk, napagusapan namn friendster, tapos binabanggit nya yung testimonial na gnawa mo skn yung lord rael ek ek tska yung nsa profile mo na can u make tumbling, tapos kanina sa radio interview nla bamboo binaggit nya nanaman on air yung can you make tumbling hehe

He was referring to my Friendster profile where I wrote in the part that says Who I want to Meet. I wrote "Can you make tumbling? Can you make tumbling? Can you? Can you? Ha? Can you make tumbling? If you can, let's get married!"

I have no idea who Dino was talking about, coz I only listen to my best friend Britney. But famous ata sila coz Dino was so natatawa. So _starfish_! I got quoted on NU 107. And that sucks coz I don't even listen to the radio so I didn't get to hear it. But it's more proof that I am secretly sikat!

I changed my profile na, dati pa. Kung sino man si Nathan Azarcon: dood, I am your newest fan! Rock on! \m/

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Tard-o-rama [08 Feb 2004|08:40pm]
[ mood | allo! ey! ]
[ music | allo! ey! ]

You know how people cut and paste their witty-kuno chat conversations in their blogs? )


I never do that. It's so baduy.

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So, we meet again... *evilly strokes imaginary goatee* [07 Feb 2004|01:24am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | unforgettable, that's what I am, and forevermore... ]

OMG. I went out with Shiz today to watch Monakiki Smile in Festi (let's just say that this will definitely NOT become the female version of Dead Poets Society). But before that we ate in Terriyaki Boy (we love!) for lunch! Yay!

It was really crowded in the resto and the tables were all less than a foot away from each other coz they had to make siksik the entire lunchtime crowd. This middle aged couple walked in and sat in the table next to us -- the guy beside me and the manang looking lady beside Cindy. I was wondering how come the lady, who had a really sungit face, kept giving me dirty looks. I didn't make her pansin. Kala ko it was just her face. Some people are just born fugly, ya know? That plus menopause...

But she kept staring and staring pa rin, and it wasn't my imagination. [In Ilonggo: Ga mudlo gid siya sa akon.] I didn't really care. As I said, I thought it was just her face or she was just plain weird. But deep down I was like..."Hey, I've seen this lady somewhere before!". I just couldn't put a finger on where exactly. I relegated her as being one of those manang-mommies who walked around the women's locker room in Fitness First with exposed pubes. You know the type. The type you try your damnedest to look away from but their pubes just keep magnetizing your eyes back to their crotch area coz you just can't bilibit that tita-mommy over here is actually walking around sans undies.

Anyway, back to the story: When the waitress finally came to their table, the ugly manang told the waitress in a not-that-subtle way that she was naiingayan to me and Cindy and she wanted to move. Hello lady! Di naman ah! The entire place was loud! What do you expect, a candlelight dinner at the "only fast food/casual dining Japanese restaurant chain in the Philippines" (methinks I got the Terriyaki Boy blurb wrong) . She and her equally pangit husband wanted to move to the booth far, far, farthest away from me and shiz all the way at the other end of the room. Cindy and I were like, whatever!

Siyempre the waitress said ok. So she waddled her fat ass to her new table, followed by her huffy husband. Seeing their squashy backsides together made me recall another snobbish retreat I witnessed a few months back. It finally hit me -- they were THE FUCKING COUPLE FROM CAFE FRANCAIS.

HARHARHARHARHAR!!! Nyahahahahahaha!

Gaddemet, lady, I forgot all about you na, pero you remembered me still! Winnar ka!!! Holy crap ang tanda tanda mo na pero gradeschool pa rin utak mo. Meet me in the playground during recess, I will beat you up with my jump rope handles to set ya straight! Ya needz to getz a life!

Shiz and I took a pic of them, but my IR cable is making loko so I will just edit and post it when it works again. But it was really them.

Swangit couple left before we did. But not before Itchypuss paused at our table and rolled her eyes at me before she walked away. Some people, I swear. So charming, indeed. Pang-finishing school class mo, lola. It was so funny! Shiz and I couldn't stop laughing.

(But honestly, in a weird sort of way, I find this little incident really... flattering. I dunno why.)

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