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Tuesday, December 30th, 2003
5:34 am - Move
Switched over to LJ, more customizable, I may post on both though. my new one is at:
Check it out...

current mood: tired
current music: Orgy - Stitches

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1:26 am - ...blah?
First off... my eyebrow is sore, but what can you expect I guess, I did just get it pierced again monday. Its kinda late... Im tired and bored but I dont really feel like going to bed even though I should because Ill have a long day tomorrow... well technically today I guess, its 1:30. I get to buy concert tickets, go to Pittsburgh, be at a concert for a crazy amount of time and probably eat somewhere there and then make the 2 hour drive back from Pittsburgh. Not sure whose driving yet, but I know its not me and thats enough to know. Got my friends cd player wired in earlier today into his ghetto ass car. I was right ofcourse, red and yellow to the yellow wire... so EAT IT! I WAS RIGHT FRANK!! HAHAHAH.... now that thats out of the way... its nice to have sound in a car. Ok Im gonna go now since im out if shit to ramble about. Ill update sometime after the concert probably. So in closing.... BLAH!!! thank you and good night.

current mood: bored
current music: Hatebreed - I Will Be Heard

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Monday, December 29th, 2003
4:06 am - Sleep?
Its fucking late... but as usual I cant sleep... so I decided to make one of these journal things. This Christmas break has been very uneventful... other than getting my eyebrow pierced again last monday. Probably going to the Chimaira/Hatebreed concert tomorrow (tuesday). I don't feel too great so who knows if Ill go or not... Ive felt shitty for awhile now... I think its depression hitting me once again... not sleeping good at night... sleeping alot in the day... feeling alone and shitty... all good symptoms of it so I would guess so... TV sucks at night too usually... maybe Ill lay down with music and try to escape into sleep... or play Xbox... Preject Gotham Racing 2 is really addictive. Ill update next time Im bored, most likely later today (since its 4am theres alot of day to go).

Enjoy my madness... Ill post some of my poetry one o' these days probably.

current mood: apathetic
current music: A Perfect Circle - A Stranger/The Outsider

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