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Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

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    Put a sunscreen in effect at a discount
    Sunscreen is summer of women necessary weapon, some people even reserve several bottle, this year next year and then used used. Little imagine, this kind of practice not only can make the skin sunburn, also easy to cause dermatitis. Although sunscreen bottle of mark for a period of three years, but the most stable performance after opening, effective is the period of one year, more than a year,Chicago Bears Snapback of which contains the sunscreen effect will be to sell at a discount greatly, basic fails to play a role of mark numerical bask in, with such a sunscreen walk in the sun is very easy to get a tan, if to the beach, and more intense ultraviolet mountain, where more easy to burn, but also may lead to dermatitis. So suggest, try to buy small bottle of sunscreen, if swimming, few chances of climbing, prevent bask in the index (SPF) need not too high, and the SPF25 enough used, when buying, should pay attention to the production date. To ensure the best prevent bask in the effect,Cincinnati Bengals Snapback suggest every 4 hours with a, before going out, 10 to 20 minutes daub, afternoon to besmear again. Apply sunscreen, must not ignore the neck, chin, ears and other parts, be careful caused by uneven skin tone. For overdue of sunscreen, from skin health Angle consideration, not suggest to use, the best discarded.

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    Four steps to prevent seasonal thumbs and peeling
    Eating onion will know nine thing most raw cancer
    Onions taste rich, can store resistance to put. It's edible methods are various, already can do seasonings, and can alone into food. Therefore, onion is every family eat public food. But, eat more, doesn't mean you can eat. Recently, the United States "cooking light magazine published about Onions must know in nine thing. Raw onion most can resist cancer. Raw onion flavor some blunt, but it was the smell of the material is blunt anti-tumor good health care function. How do? If you want to gain from the onion health,Cleveland Browns Snapback raw or mix salad is the best way. In eat beef and mutton taste heavy greasy food, tie-in raw onion, can play the role of be bored with solutions, with pure and fresh mint feeling. Chun xia meat thick, qiu dong more spicy. In the spring and summer, can we buy is fresh Onions. This onion outer skin are more thin, and fleshy thicker and more water, and also some spicy small. While in a cold the Onions are mostly after when stored, their hot more exciting, skin more thick, moisture less. Fry focal point, more strong flavor. The onion can bring to slightly sweet dishes mainly by the rich taste and beautiful golden blonde. To achieve this effect, low heat for heating is an important secret. Particular way is: pot pour a bit oil, put of cut Onions, with small fire heating makes slow release of full onion sugar. Occasionally it can avoid sticky to stir the pot, cover with lid can keep temperature and humidity. Remove the salad "onion bad breath". The sulfide onion is good health care composition, but they also have annoying side-can let a person mouth has been the "bad breath" onion flavor son. This time brushing your teeth are not effective, might as well try a plate of salad bar. Because raw vegetables and fruits of the enzymes that sulfide, get rid of the bad breath. When to use onion powder.Dallas Cowboys Snapback In addition to pepper, ginger powder, supermarket shelves also appeared onion powder. However, this onion powder use very limited- -it has no fresh Onions full-bodied flavor and sweet taste. But in don't like eating Onions can be used, such as Fried hang paste, do dips in water sauce, scones and wait.

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    In the life most practical 10 analgesic coup

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