05:43pm 10/04/2003
mood: giggly
music: Bread - Everything I Own
I think i want to be with someone like dharma from dharma and greg... i just watched that show (part of it) and man.. dharma.. that character is so fun, i was just thinking she posseses the qualities that i like..

i also find myself attracted to her too! hehe. but its just a show.. but wow.. i like dharma
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smoke dungeouns and dragons   
04:54pm 10/04/2003
mood: curious
music: Marilyn Manson - The KKK Took My Baby Away
im still a virgin, i still havent smoked much of anything, and i still havent played dungeons and dragons....

but somehow i feel as if manson is on top of things with this one....

"If every cigarette you smoke takes seven minutes off your life, then every game of Dungeons and Dragons you play delays your loss of virginity by seven hours."

-Marilyn Manson
wed. day/night.....   
07:06am 10/04/2003
mood: mellow
music: tegan and sarah - the first
i was too tired to do my janitor job last night, so i got up at 5am this morning to do it. thats the good thing about the job, i can do it whenever i want to. but it has to be every mon. and wed. nights. or in some cases very early tues. or thur. mornings... doesnt take too long, and it pays alright money. not hard work. and i work with scott too. i did it alone though this morning.

yesterday i wanted to golf, but matt didnt. i'll get him next time. so we watched Dead Poet's Society and went to the mall. i enjoyed the movie better the first time i saw. i still like it, but it for some reason moved along really slow.

at the mall i did something i never ever ever do! .... i bought something.. i bought CLOTHING! i know.. scary... and its this khaki like soft light coat thing. it made me look so preppy. VERY PREPPY!... i dont really have a style thats consistant. one day i'll be prep, the other day i'll have holes in my shirts and dirty pants. oh well.

afterwards dinner at las margaritas. i like rice there. and then have to bowling league. we lost all games, but next week we will be in the tournament for the big money cuz my team finished first place the first half of the season. yay us.

last nights scores for mr. me -- - - 189, 169, 181

could have done better, but thats still good.

hot girl wasnt there last night. she came 2 weeks in a row and was in the game room. i think she's from somewhere in europe cuz she had an very distinct accent.

hot girl please visit the bowling alley again
10:09am 09/04/2003
mood: peaceful
music: Dispatch - The General
just woke up. my voice lesson today was cancelled. he wantes to do it another time. so its on for tomorrow morning. i guess it's fine. i just woke up early to make it, and then he calls. its fine. it seems like ive been very flexible with it and so has he. i guess i can sing by myself today. i'll have the whole house to myself for the most part of today. whoohoo. i wish a girl would come by so i could hold her hand. hehe. im a nerd.

after Ruben did his thang last night on american idol i went to sivler platters cuz i have a bunch of silver certificates that can be turned in for free shit. so i ended up being able to get a dvd and a cd. the dvd being Donnie darko.. what a great movie!. the cd i got for free was this band called DORKWEED. they are weird, i havent been able to fully sit down and listen to them.

mom just told me to write an email to western asking them about a program i plan to join next year. i should do that email now.
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11:26pm 08/04/2003
mood: pessimistic
music: The Juliana Theory - Something Isnt Right Here
Another day passes, and this routine of mine just loves waking up with me and reminding me of its stupid pitiful presence. It isnt the most fun thing when nothing happens during the day. just sitting here and there. Maybe cleaning my room a lil. Changing shirts till i find the most comfy one. The rest of the day is play it by ear, which i guess might be okay, but nothing is happening for them damn ears to hear.

however, twas nice to see scott again today, though we didnt do much talking. he stayed on the other computer while i watched baseball and basketeball and listened to music. i will see him again tomorrow.

Only a couple more weeks until i get a drastic change. Rehearsals start for Hello Dolly on the 21st in tacoma. I am eager for that experience. Once again, i will be surrounded with much older actors, so maybe i can pick their brains some.

I am so ready for tomorrow to come wake me up so i can continue today

and yesterday for that matter

and the day before that

and so on....................................
We Have ALMOST tails   
07:08pm 08/04/2003
  humans have dna for having tails, but its not "turned on"

i know you want a tail
Watching Their Brightness   
11:03am 08/04/2003
  sitting there darkness
watching their brightness

there is left behind

in my sitting
i see their brightness shine

shine left and right
up and up bright shine

there is left behind

down is the darkness
where i watch their brightness

there is left behind

their is brightness

sitting there questioning
do i ever cause there brightness?

how can i
be sitting there
sitting left behind

there is left behind

they go, they go

leave and shine
i'll stay waiting

stay there
left behind

finally noticed
brightness wonders what's wrong

in darkness

i'm left behind
Scares Me   
03:40pm 07/04/2003
mood: scared
music: Better Than Ezra - Scared, Are You
the man at radioshack scares me

as does the man at the community center who works at the golf place there

they might scare you too
Celine Dion's Ingrown Toenail   
07:13pm 14/03/2003
mood: neutral
music: Eels - Get your Freak on... yes they did missy elliott
Don't worry, the entry title will soon find its way to make sense for all y'alls.

This play ive been doing has provided me with some great little memories that i must write down so i dont forget them.

the following are things i observed yesterday while commutting to my play and while backstage.....

alright, so im in the lobby getting ready for the ferry to arrive to pick me up and i look around at the people just like i always do to pick up lil quirks and just cuz im a massive observer. Cell phones... oh those cell phones. hate em. but yes i have one.... anyway you know how you can put in that earpiece and talk and not have the phone near your ear? well man that is probably the most silliest thing ive ever seen in a long time. granted it most likely has some valid safety things being addressed, but god it looks so stupid. i'm sittting down and this crappy cushion chair and i hear this woman just talkin so loud and a glance over and i notice it seems liks she's just talking to herself (wouldnt be that uncommon around where i am, but..) and eating the contents of a bag of doritos. anyway i cant beleive how stupid she looks. she's just there talking loud, facial expressions galore, hand waving around, just as if she was talkin to someone next to her. anyway it was just great spying on her cuz it lookes so funny...


on the ferry the cell phones seem extinct in use and now the passengers resort to making love to their laptops. .... soooo many laptops out in use. now i have nothing against laptops and computers, but this is just insane! what makes it sooo important for 35 minutes of your time to whip out that laptop... 35 min ride, thats all. get out a book and make love to that.. SHEESH!


I need to get back into photography. i love photography and the ferry boat scene is a great place to get people shots. you got laptop love makin for one thing.. then you got young kids doin their thang, which is always fun, then you got the old elderly people. then you got the rebellious teens.. its great.


off the ferry i walk to the theatre and damn, theres this minivan parked near the walkway, and i cant help but notice that the steering wheel is covered, and i mean covered every inch with those little post-it notes... all over the steering wheel! the post-it notes have even migrated to the dashboard, its nuts... well it just was amuzing to look at.


somepoint when i was at the theatre just sitting and getting my observe on, i couldnt help but notice the lives of the kiddies. the kids that play the choir boys are in middle school, so they got the whole fart and sex words goin... but anyway this one kid takes the bottle of hair gel and just bluntly says to some people that he is married to it. at first im like, okkay.. whatever. but he goes on and on and it gets annoying. i guess his marriage failed and he had to find another partner for it (the smaller hair gel tube) but instead of that he decided that the other tube should be the gynecologist of the other hair gel tube.. it seemed like every time he was holding the hair gel tube he'd also be singing that celine dion song from titanic (by the way i never saw that movie..) it just got really annoying cuz he was so obnoxious about it. then he noticed he had an ingrown toenail and decided it would be interesting to ask people if they wanted to look at it. and yes i was a victim of his pursuit to find someone to FUCKING LOOK AT IT! jesus, crazy!


eh, anyway, the show went very well and i got home late of course.
Another Performance   
07:12pm 13/03/2003
  alright, so im about to go have another performance tonight.

i made a mix for sarah and allie, and possibly whomever else i find worthy of giving it to, i will listen to it and read a book on the ferry boat ride over. i will get there around 5:40 pm more time to read/cd listening till i have to get ready around 6:50. the show is at 7:30

i hope it goes well.

maybe i wont be shy and maybe i will talk more to the other actors tonight. i want to ask this guy some questions because he has had a pretty succesful acting career.

the next 4 days will be like this.. hopefully i get some rest too
Cordless Bitch Screams Good News   
07:10pm 11/03/2003
  Engulfed in the arms of our new purple couch, or in my case, the new place for me to sleep, because my room is a mess, the screams of the cordless bitch we call our phone wake me up……….

this is sort of how it went:




“Hi, this is Kate Wilson the director from The Man Who Came to Dinner in Bainbridge Island. Anyway, I know you auditioned for the show a couple months ago, and well, one of our cast members can no longer be in the show and since you are familiar with the show, we’d love to have you join our cast. We open a week from tomorrow. Are you interested?”

”YAAA IM INTERESTED! ummmmmm, i have to look at my schedule and make a few phone calls, can I call you back within the next 2 hours with a 100% answer?

”Alright, I do need to know as soon as possible”

So she then gives me the couple rehearsal dates we have before the show opens and explains which part(s)

I call her back and tell her everything is fine with my schedule and would love to be a part of the play.

After the phone calls, I definitely am not about to go back to sleep on purple couch. I basically pace the hallway many times. I was so excited and didn’t know what to do. I call some family friends let them know. This it a good break in my acting goals. I finally get a chance to get into some professional theatre work.

I have 3 parts, all being small. Once, I play a criminal that comes on and just looks evil. Next I come in as a delivery boy carrying in a crate of penguins. Then I come in as a detective police officer dude. If I got my way, I would play the part of BANJO because I played him in high school a couple years ago, and had a blast. The guy that does banjo in this one, does it a lot differently then I did it.

So far, we’ve had three shows, all being good except for Sunday’s show where several people missed their entrances. It wasn’t that bad though. But, a cool thing is, the dude that played the role of the Professor on the classic TV series GILLIGAN’S ISLAND attended the show!!! It was fucking rad! After the show I went out in the lobby and made sure to stand several feet away from him. But, I didn’t have the balls to say anything. He was more interested in talking to the people that had bigger roles. Eh.. Such is life!

We perform for the next 2 weeks doing shows every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.. so my schedule is fairly hectic.

Good day to all
All Up In My Face   
07:06pm 07/11/2002
  Alright, so the other night i get schedualed to work the night shift 5pm to 11pm. This time, its not just
any ordinary night. It's the Shawn Springs charity bowling event. Shawn is a football star on the seattle seahawks. So i was actually fairly excited to be a part of this. so, what it is, is a bunch of local corportate businesses can pay to be sponsors of this charity thing. it cost $2,000 per person just to be able to bowl 2 games and eat the expensive foods... just to get in and watch cost 25 bucks, but hey if you're a big football fan, it would have been a great opportunity to get a bunch of autographs from famous football peeps.. also there were bunches of other celebreties bowling as well. so basically it was a night of dealing with high class business people drinking and eating and bowling. it was actually pretty disgusting because im against big business corporate crap, and here i am sucked into it all. i admit, i seeked out some autographs of some of the "good players".

anyway, this was kinda fun... I GOT TO DRESS (or rather help dress) THE SEAHAWKS MASCOT!!!! his name is BLITZ. before he becomes the mascot he is just an ordinary, very in shape young man. he came up to me, started conversation, then popped the statement "im the mascot too, and would you help dress me".... i was very prompt with my answer "yes"... not many people can say the dressed a major sport mascot! hehehe.. so we go back into the room and theres so many layers to his costum, and i basically helped pull some things over his head and around his waist... i almost ripped off one of his fake biceps.. how embarrassing would that have been...

the rest of the night was slaving for the rich corporate peeps, and the very very rich football players. some of them were actually quite nice and respectful, while ohters complained how the bowling shoes didnt look nice, and could they have a nicer pair.... HA! no way mister!!

dealing with the other business men in their 2,000 dollar suits was gross as well. One came up to me and in a snotty voice asked "excuse me, will you go get me a glass of ice water" .. just the way he said it and the tone .. aaaacckk! and mind you, the water was right in front of him too!!

One of the popular radio DJ's was among the celebrity bowlers. his name is "THE T MAN" and is from KUBE 93.3

he is rarely ever seen in public, so it was kinda cool to be able to claim that i saw him within inches. he's a sexest macho pig if you listen to him on the radio. he's always talking like women like their meat. well, he's not that good looking (of course thats coming from a heterosexual male's viewpoint) and his attitude makes him far more less attractive. But, of course he was hanging out with a very young (legal age) girl, very attractive i might add, he's there kissing her, and its just crazy cuz i can put a face to a voice! there he is. his on air voice is sooooo annoying too!

i guess it was an overall fun time. i got to bump into very very large men. that was scary, cuz im 6'5 and these guys outmatched me!!

i also got a hat and a shirt and popcorn that can be created in the microwave. but then again, thinking about it, it was THE LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS.. and it was all up in my face
After the Sticks and Stones   
07:03pm 31/10/2002
  Humans will occasionally seek self-gratification from a cucumber, while apes might decide on the use of the Dirt Devil ™. Masturbation is indeed an interesting parallel between the ape and the human, but more closely examining the emotional and intellectual capacities of these two species provides for several additional similarities and differences.

Koko, a gorilla, was taught how to communicate with humans through sign language. She learned quickly and incorporated hundreds of signs. Koko was said to have acquired this ability much faster than a human. She even was able to communicate based on words spoken to her in a similar way as we teach our children how to communicate. Koko took an understanding of two words, finger and bracelet, and when exposed to a ring that one would wear on their finger, she called it a “finger bracelet”. One can say that Koko’s reasoning ability that a ring is no more than a “finger bracelet” is not all too astounding. Intellect in a human is much more advanced than that of an ape. But then again, one can argue that Koko was processing information at a higher level of intellect than what was assumed; because she demonstrated an intellect similar to that of humans.

Panbanisha, a bonobo, expressed a quality of emotion when working with researcher Sue Savage-Rumbaugh. When Sue would come to feed the apes, she would bring different and extra foods to Panbanisha. The other apes would see this, and start to vocalize their displeasure with the preferential treatment. Once, when Panbanisha was getting her extra treatment, she pointed to the other apes, possibly indicating that they too should receive such attention. Empathy is the ability to infuse ones past experiences to that of another in an attempt to understand. Panbanisha’s attempts at getting Sue to let the others receive the same items that she was receiving indicates a convincing demonstration of empathy. Panbanisha’s empathetic abilities might show that she is not only morally reasoning with those of her own, but she was also able to take action upon it in her attempts to share. Due to the length and bias of the article on Panbanisha, it is also possible that Panbanisha was just using an instinctual method of sharing. Maybe all of the observing bonobos were telling Panbanisha that they wanted what she was receiving.

Lucy, a chimpanzee raised in a human home, discovered sexual creativity one afternoon while sitting on a couch. Suddenly she came to the idea of using a vacuum as a method of masturbation. Before using the vacuum, she would masturbate with pencils. Her use of the vacuum shows that she had an understanding of its function, and her ability to use it in a way that was never previously taught to her. This ability Lucy demonstrated is similar to how humans have been able to formulate new methods to practice more efficient and different ways of living. However, it is also possible that this is just an example of curiosity coming from a maturing animal. Domesticated dogs have been known to sexually stimulate themselves by the use of a pillow, or from the leg of a guest.

From many different angles, similarities arise between humans and apes, but are there any differences? Self-humiliation is something that I see humans having, and apes lacking. We, for the most part, tend to be ashamed by the way we look, the way we act, and the way we are as individuals in general. We face self-induced vomiting, anorexia, self-mutilation, suicide, etc. We are our own worst critics, putting ourselves down on a daily basis. What about the ape that died right after his mother died? I think that was an example of depression. He was highly attached to his mother, and when she died, he didn’t know what to do. In a sense, it was an involuntary act of suicide. By saying the difference between humans and apes is the capacity for self-humiliation, raises the question that aren’t the Yanomamo, the Kung, and other hunter/gatherer societies human too? Can we say that they too are self-humiliating beings? What we can say is that they alter their appearance. They use body piercing, paint, and in some cases, female circumcision to change the way their bodies appear from how they were from birth.

From birth, humans claim to be given rights that no other species has. We believe that we have the right to life, the right to not be imprisoned unjustly, the right not to be tortured, and the right not to be bought or sold as property. We believe that we deserve these rights because throughout history we have been able to dominate all living matter without difficulty. The only challenge to our control comes from our own species and some forces of nature.

Until something comes and challenges those rights we believe are our due, we will continue to believe that we are entitled to them. We undoubtedly have the control to say whether or not apes should have rights as we do. We already have decided that apes should get the right to be experimented on in clean facilities with adequate nourishment. Since we have this ability of setting rights, we then have the ability to eliminate or amend them. Should we give apes the same rights that humans have?

Apes and humans are not the same species. Therefore, we shouldn’t give them human rights. If we gave them human rights, then it would give them the opportunity to say how we should live our lives. I would not want a member of another species to decide what I can or cannot do.

With that in mind, I also feel we as humans don’t have the right to decide how other life forms should live their lives. I feel that we should live and let live, and do so in a peaceful manner. Some humans feel that they are the superior species in the world. Maybe that’s true, and maybe it is not all that bad to actually be the best. Being the best doesn’t mean we have to go around flaunting it, and making “lesser” species feel inadequate. It can be argued that experimentation on apes is acceptable in order to benefit the welfare of the human being. Experimenting on apes may help us live longer, but living longer is not necessarily better because overpopulation may occur. Also, maybe all life forms are made to live and then to die, while new life is being born; thus creating a cycle. Albert Einstein once said, "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." Maybe only then will we be able to live as one with the ape, and as one with other life.
The Path Must Be Trusted   
07:02pm 29/10/2002
  Each individual travels on a different path in order to discover their true self, their true being, their true nature. My path is found on the stage. In Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Self-Reliance, there are several concepts expressed that allow one to recognize the path they choose to travel and to recognize that aura of their true self. These concepts exist around the meaning to trust yourself.

I have been involved with acting for many years now. Over those years, I have been taught many techniques and methods to use while on stage. Improvisation and character study have been the most nutritious to me.

Improvisation, in a nutshell, is to use the basic instincts that one has, and to react to others without thinking. One must totally let go and have 100 percent trust in what they do and say. Emerson wrote in 1841 that, “To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men.” While I was experimenting with improvisation, I was experimenting with believing in my own thoughts. I would find myself traveling down new and undiscovered paths. These paths lied within my self; the feeling was amazing. I allow myself to be free on stage and things happen. For example, once I was instructed to become a wild wolf roaming in a swamp. Since I am not allowed to think about it, I had to just become, and live in the moment. It is impossible to explain how exactly I did this. All I can say is that a light sort of just turned on inside me, and allowed me to simply become. Emerson said, “A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within…” Seeing that gleam of light is not something that just comes to me; I come to it. It boils down to trusting myself and truly improvising. It seems as if the handcuffs that society has locked around my soul comes off.

Character study is the process one goes through to discover a personality to portray. I have to gather as much information about my role as possible. Enough information in order to fully become that “new” being. Emerson believed that people produce most effectively when they follow their own passions. He thought that “Your own gift you can present every moment with the cumulative force of a whole life's cultivation; but of the adopted talent of another, you have only an extemporaneous, half possession.” I follow my own passion while discovering a new character. Granted, I may absorb ideas for characters from real life people that I meet, I don’t imitate them. Becoming them as a new being is what I do. According to Emerson, “Imitation is suicide.” Trying to fulfill another person's goal or trying to use the methods that work best for another will most likely prove an ineffective means of creation for anyone.

Throughout all my years on stage, I always knew that I had to trust myself and try new things in a risk-taking manner. However, Emerson has taught me that now I must trust myself at all times; not just on stage. Self-reliance frees people to pursue their greatest aspirations. When people pursue what they most desire, they discover contentment and creativity. According to Emerson, people who rely on themselves also find more contentment throughout their lives. “A man is relieved and gay when he has put his heart into his work and done his best.” I feel that I need to continue to do my best and put my heart into my work on stage, but most importantly, everywhere. The farther away you are from your heart, the farther away you are.
Today i was initiated.   
07:01pm 28/10/2002
  i'm thankful that at least i didnt have to stick myself inside of a pig or anything.

Quite Harmless actually.

Working at the bowling alley never to my knowledge required being initiated, but my fellow co-workers found an excuse for it and decided to try me out.

The first part of the initiation involved me being doused with baby powder when i didnt realize it. Chuck and Sully and Travis all told me i was going to get initiated, and i was like okkkkaay... so after a while, i was standing up there and i spun around and looked at them and said "okay, INITIATE ME"" i said it in a sexy voice too if you'd care to know. and i flexed my muscles! little did i know that by the time i finished saying that, i had already been initiated.. see.. sometime before, they had secretly shaked a bunch of baby powder all down my back and backside. so when i flexed a lil white cloud of powder flew over my had,and i smelled a lil whiff, and bam i saw the resedue swiftly fall from the area around me.. so i basically looked like a skunk the whole day, cuz i didnt shake off all of it. That wasnt all of the pranks that happened.

i like to drink liquid. for those of you that know me, i like to drink a lot of water, or any other beverage. today's choice was apple juice. prior to clocking in, i strolled over to the safeway and purchased a big bottle of apple juice. i took it in to work, and drank maybe 1.5 swigs before setting it down on the counter. 30 minutes later, i went back for my second swig just to discover that chuck had poured a half pound of popcorn salt in it and shook it up. i almost puked. i had a big gulp in my mouth, and nowehere to spit it out. i lunged for the nearest garbage can and relieved my mouth infested mixture. man that sucked

tomorrow's another day

i have my pranks as well
They Had Sex On My Glasses   
11:47am 26/08/2002
  I bet you are waiting to see what i have to say about this incident, huh? well, you'll just have to wait a second.. it will come. hold on.

but no joke, they actually had sex on my glasses.. mind you, i was wearing the glasses at the same time. and no, im not a sick freak.....

Okay all y'all... about them having sex on my glasses... damn bugs

these green bugs flew onto my glasses while i was wearing them. i didnt really notice what was going on until my Roasted Cashew (RC)... (irina) informed me of the intimacy that was occuring on my face region. i took my glasses off to take a peak.. boy did i feel like a peeping tom. These bugs were really getting at it too.. they vigourously fell off my glass to the ground to go about there business.

what an experience to go through...

i figure these two love bugs must have met at a local berry bush and landed on a ripe, juicy berry two weeks ago. they most likely have met there every day since. thats the hot spot to meet these days. whenever i try it, i end up squashing the berry.. thats why i dont get any play. after two weeks of secretly meeting at this berry i guess they were more than ready to get their bug juice flowin.

well, im off to the berries... wish me luck, k?
That Was One Big Ass Grape   
11:44am 26/08/2002
  This was written when i was working at the bowling alley way back in august...


after my alarm clock woke me up for the 7th time, i slowly got up, looked at the time. i had a couple hours to spare before going to sit and read... i mean.. go to work.. umm.. yea... i messed around with some computer stuff, then went over to andrew's house to feed and play with his dog. i took a quick shower there, and put on my wonderful work clothes. Aprouching the place of employment, i saw a sign that said we were closed for the general public strating at noon for a fundraiser. My shift started at noon, so i figured i would be a lil more busy than usual. The fundraiser was for this local highschool's football team. Mind you, this school is infested with rich snobs. For a couple hours i was in the game room dealing with the snoblike behavior. After they all bowled and did their little fundraiser, things got back to normal.

sitting there looking at my lunch bag, i was ready to tear it open to find out what was in it. Mother had plastered my name on the front of it with big fat black permanent marker. hhehe. in it i found:

one tunafish sandwhich

one lil bag of chedder ruffles

one thing of "green juice of health shit"... its bad, but i drink it anyway cuz it makes me feel healthy

one bag of grapes.

mind you, it wasnt just any old bag of grapes.... in it, i encountered a very large grape. this wasnt just any common grape from common land, this mutha phucka was HUGH! gigantic. large. Beastly!... it was as big as a truck without wheels. shoooot, i was excited to eat this biaatch! i'd never seen a grape look so fine in my life, so i decided to ask it out, and then i ate it.

the rest of my workday was boring as i would expect it to be, but i just keep telling myself money money money.. i'll get money for this. and im lucky to be able to have this job. i dont like to complain about my job, when others dont even have one. but sometimes talking about how much my job sucks makes me feel like im drinking that greed juice. HEALTHY baby.

i was about to look at the clock cuz i thought i was almost done. too bad it was only a FEELING, cuz when i looked at the time it told me that i had five more hours. shit that sucked. i just went back to my corner and read and listened to the awesome band DISPATCH.

after all was said and done i still had my big ass grape... somewhere deep inside of me.

irina is coming over and we are chillin.. i am soooo excited. she's like a roasted cashew. and for those of you that want to know something. ROASTED CASHEWS ARE AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!!!! I LOVE ROASTED CASHEWS...
My Middle Finger Is Messed Up   
11:40am 20/08/2002
  so i was with scott and he was up somewhere, and i yelled up to him...

"hey scott, can i ask you a question about my middle finger"

he came down, and was like... uhh... okkkkaaay....

i know.. it sounds weird but check this out...

i have this middle finger. i know it's intense already. anyway, this middle finger of mine that resides on my right hand is very crooked i think. i look at it and it goes straight like any other finger, but then curves to the right. and its noticible if you really look closely at it. i noticed it more tonight cuz it was hurting me.

See, i bowl a lot, and the way i bowl is very very very unorthodox. i bowl like a left hander but im right handed. meaning i twist my hand the oposite way that i right hander should bowl causing it to spin the oposite way.... and its making my middle finger upset.
The World Of Plankton   
11:39am 20/08/2002
  You know you're really bored and have nothing to do when you sit at home flipping back the channels on the tv and find a show called THE WORLD OF PLANKTON....

it was 30 minutes of little plankton swimming around and music in the background...

I Forgot How To Take A Shower This Morning   
11:37am 19/08/2002
  man, that sucked...

so i decide to take a shower early this afternoon, so i can get out and be in the public looking semi not like a scrubby beast....

in the shower i go, and im at the part you know where you put the shampoo in your hair... yea, i did that part for sure. but then i just stood in the shower and thought to myself for about 6 minutes and then got out of the shower completly skipping the whole washing the shampoo out of my hair part. yea, normally i catch that part.

so i had to re-enter that shower, finish the forgotten part, and then i was off!

Went to Blockbuster (my old workplace) returned SHOWTIME, a movie starring Eddie Murphy and Robert DeNiro, about two cops that end up becoming two cops on a new reality tv show. The movie had some funny moments, content-wise, nothing to drool over...

Then i went off to the Washington Mutual Bank, where i deposited some checks, and took out some money. I was at the little personal area to fill out your form thing when this woman came standing next to me and decided to use the little calculator that is installed at every little workstation... but this was MY WORK STATION, why couldnt she use the workstation next to mine where she could pleasently go about her calculator button pressing extravaganza alone.. weird.. then she stormed off cussing how she hated every calculator there.. apparently none of the calculators at the stations were working to her high standards of whatever you call it... anyway the calculator seemed to work fine for me...

Afterwards, i ate alone.