...I haz n0 subj3ct   
04:43am 30/03/2011
  I wanna say something... but i dont know what to say..

well i do know this... hayley needs to not be disapered and get in contact with me.... it's been far to many years... and all this old music i downloaded... is actually pretty good. it's a damn shame more people dont have this stuff up for download on torrents in huge packs. I dig the old music formats.

I miss hayleys thonged butt. hmm oh well if we get in contact again i'll hopefully be able to get a friendship going again like we once had. hopefully she's still fairly the same in personality. 5-6yrs changes a person alot sometimes. God knows i've changed in the last 5-6yrs quite drastically. tho sadly most of the people from my past wouldnt care to find out bout the new me. hah being a douchebag totally backfires on people ya know? dont be one. it never works out longterm in life
09:01am 05/12/2010
mood: drained
Am I the only one attracted to Israeli women? I wouldnt think so but something bout them is attractive. Ah well just a passing thought I suppose. I have those alot.

In a week i'll probably forget this hence why I am writing it here.

Ha imagine if the net is around in 400yrs still. And further more this site is somehow still up and running or archived completely. Some fool will come across this silly blog and read this and all my other posts and think man people in that time were wierd. haha amusing to me
No photo's of my vinyls BUT....   
04:39am 07/11/2010
  I've been really lazy about doing anything last few days. I pretty much spend all my time watching movies or old clips or shows... and i'm also listening to music in there at the same time.. and if i'm not doing those 2... i will be reading up on things in my many researches of the past.

I did score a few things tho....
I pick'd up The Masked Marvel 12 episode serial.. from 1943 I think it was., Score'd that for vhs along with about 10? 12? other vhs tapes and a few cassette tapes.

My vinyl growth has slow'd to a complete crawl lately... I build up about 4 milkcrates worth of vinyls in about 4months. So as much as I want to buy vinyls... I'm focusing more on cassette tapes and vhs tapes right now. Least for a bit..

Also in there ive started buying up old walkmans and other sources of audio if I can find them for cheap enough.. Score'd a pretty decent walkman for 1$.. Emerson brand. not sure when it's from. but it's pretty sweet looking.

Still buying up glasses in there and other dishware and other trinkets.... i'm mostly saving my money for this month tho... wont be buying as much as I wanted but that's ok to me... next month I take the combined amounts and ...well the plan is save as much as possible again... we'll see how it goes. hopefully I save up a few months worth of cash for my retro shopping plans..

The reason I find it so easy to score so much music/movies is because of 2 key thrift stores in my town.

One sells vinyls for .29 each.. and cassette tapes for .49 cheapest in town at all the thrifts..
The other sells vhs tapes for .50 each and dvds for $1. Makes it insanely easy to score a bunch of movies&tunes on the cheap. Works great for me...

For people that want better examples..
.29 vinyls

.49 cassette tapes
let's grab 10 vinyls.. $2.90
and 10 c.tapes $4.90
include tax .48 I think..I always get this wrong
For a total of $8.28

Not bad for a total of 20 albums.

Obviously mix and match what you want for better or worse prices.
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Good Quote   
06:36pm 02/11/2010
  "A man who limits his interests limits his life"-Vincent Price.  
So I read your profile...   
01:24pm 23/08/2010
mood: Chill
music: Zen Mechanics - Industry of Love
.....nothing really exciting to this post..... the title is kinda misleading... just a thought I had...how I read a girls profile then try to say hi and most of the time get no replys back.
isnt that life really? a whole series of trys and fails....then the occasional sucess and whatnot..... really life is kinda like trying to talk to a chick.... it's mostly setbacks fails and rejections... but once you hit that stride and get a string of great luck with girls going.... or with life...... it all flows together

wierd thought I know but it kinda makes sense to me..

aint no life is like a box of chocolates but i do think life can really be like the process of talking to females.

now if only females werent so caught up in looks and money and all that and just wanted a guy for who he was... not how ripped he could be or how much money he shits out daily..

ahh well i just go with the flow of life these days

speaking of girls.... melissa was a bust...... she basically told me for about a week that oh hey i like you oh hey imma come over and we'll date.... then it changed to idk...then it became im with someone else to im with my ex adam even tho he's in jail. >_< thing is i caught her in a few lies i wont share here..... her loss. she could have had a very interesting relationship with me that wasnt like alot of her ex's... IE gdawg gansta yo! heh i do chuckle tho cuz every guy she dates from this point out that doesnt work out is just another thing i can chuckle at and go well if it WAS me you dated you wouldnt have had that problem. cuz im a cynic like that towards girls that lie and lead men on

My tastes are varired... much like my musical tastes lately   
03:39am 15/08/2010
  Man I feel so completely different about life then I did 6months ago..

I smoke alot of weed and during those times I really solve alot of life's mysterys and inner workings of my mind... basically I work thru shit bugging me and am content with the outcomes.

So during alot of my high times I really expanded my mind in ways....

I now take an interest in learning and music and movies.... especially music. I have expanded my musical tastes by so much in life.. some of this stuff i have or listen to i wouldnt have had around 6months ago... and I like this change

well enough gushing with happy ... off to finish my research into music and sub-genres...
new window screens   
01:51am 26/06/2010
  ... you know.. i'm not gonna lie. these new window screens kick ass. I love having my windows open at night without the asshole bugs getting in.

keeps it nice and cool in here.

that is all
hmm... seems alot has changed for me and yet nothing has   
12:45pm 11/06/2010
mood: Chill
I dont even know where to start.... it seems life is always some wierd form of chaos with me and my life.... but at the same time Ive begun to understand the chaos and work with it instead of against it. I noticed a slight change in how my life goes once this happened...
I am seriously cursed in love   
05:05am 19/04/2010
mood: confused
It seems no matter what i say/do with females im instantly put into friends list or banhammer'd. it's amazing. and im not even talking bout 9s/10s .... this is shit coming from 2s/3s. seriously i got me some less then attractive females telling me im not good looking enough.

i knew my gut was bad but i didnt think it was so bad unattractive females are turning me down.

trust me i was purposely looking for some very unattractive females and sure enough. rejected. man im putting serious thoughts into losing my gut by any means now....cuz i know my face aint fugly. gotta be the gut man...gotta be.

i am ego crush'd and perplex'd by this series of events.

i beleive im truely cursed in love for something
movie snacks recipe   
03:33pm 11/04/2010
mood: content
butter'd popcorn + powder'd cheese = great movie snack ^+^ this is all
04:03am 11/03/2010
  idk..... I have a bunch of thoughts but it's nothing i should post. i'd be accused of being a racist *eyeroll* cuz having an opinion that isnt anything bout blacks being great is clearly racist in this day and age.

and personally im sick of how society tries to tell me since i'm white i should be ashamed of myself. well fuck society I have pride in my white heritage. and I refuse to be ashamed of that for some crap that happened 120yrs before my birth. and to all the blacks going on bout racism and how they was opressed and reperations. i dont' hear the jews and indians bitching...

ugh i get so tired of things sometimes.....where's my WET ....white entertainment television...or my white history month. oh wait those would be racist. but damn you better not have a problem with BET or black history month...cuz otherwise your a racist for thinking anything else. *eyeroll*

fuck all this shit... blacks have got to be some of the most racist people iv'e ever had to deal with in my life.....yet it's only whites that can be racist..and people wonder why I show no interest in society
myspace musical updates   
12:35pm 22/01/2010
mood: accomplished
So I finally am getting around to updating my myspace music. dont get me wrong I do enjoy listening to icp/twiztid. They get it ...least what i enterpret their music as. alot of it comes down to stop being bigots and assholes and just be cool to eachother. thats the bottom line of their music. most dont get it or hear it tho. they just think of a bunch of "Faggot clowns rapping" *shrugs* to each their own right? EXACTLY!

Anyways I finally got around to putting a new playlist together.

now what could a guy like me possibly put up as his playlist?
what could he listen to?

Well.... some of my fav music from 2 of my fav era's of music. the 70's and 80's. *GASP SHOCK AWE*

Bands like:

Blood Sweat & Tears
Rolling Stones
Alice Cooper
Judas Priest
Black Sabbath
Led Zeppelin *Stairway To Heaven is one of the greatest songs EVER in my humble opinion*
Deep Purple *my band of choice*

*nods* Good bands great music
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another update in the land of battle hobos   
10:55am 21/01/2010
mood: thoughtful
everyones' mad at me right now because all I do is sit in my apt and not give a shit about going out and about to hang with anyone. except they only have half the story.

yes I don't care to go out and socialize right now. i'm really enjoying my alone time... I find the human mind accomplishes alot more for me this way. I also take more stabs at cleaning my apt and misc projects when I keep to myself. If im always socializiing I never accomplish shit. funny eh?

either way the part everyone is missing is I have NO money. well some change scrounged up and whatnot but for the most I have no cash to throw around..... on top of this I also have no gas. I can't go anywhere. and it'd seem most of my friends dont have cars or their cars dont run or they have no licence and guess what that means. yeah i have to go see everyone. no gas means I dont do shit...

but they dont seem to factor that in or when I tell them still get all butthurt. *shrugs* I can't win with people. so I stopped trying. I just pretty much sit here .. play my games watch my movies and listen to my music. and if someone's butthurt by it.. tough shit. I like my friends but they gotta accept that I have things I wanna do.

these old friends of mine... tony and dennis. they used to get butthurt cuz I didnt wanna go out and do shit and spend money I didnt have. I'm happy sitting in nightly watching movies and chilling. they wanted to be out and about and have the night life. which is not for me. not anymore really. My idea of night life is far far FAR different then most people.

just goes to show you can't please everyone all the time. so i work on pleasing myself most of the time. mauahahah

a selfish sounding post but im not getting younger. I dont have time to deal with others bullshit and crap... so I tend to take a me first stance. and *GASP* I wont feel guilty for it. something tony and dennis tried to push on me. i definetly do not miss those assholes
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02:10am 15/01/2010
mood: awake
so with my ps2 stuck in not really working land... i'm down to a few consoles right now..

my modded psx
My modded xbox
my dreamcast

I really am hesitant to use my modded psx because it's really old. it could quit working at any point.

I also am hesitant to hook up my modded xbox because....well to be honest. it's got NOTHING on it. I can't ftp into it anymore since my wireless setup is broken. So the hd on my xbox sits empty and useless.... I can play burn'd games on it ..thats good.

That leaves my dreamcast. I do love my system. tons of great stuff on it and whatnot. I'll probably hook that up sometime in the next few days.

i've mostly been playing around on my pc. downloading apps you can run off a flashdrive and games from the 80's/90's I play thru dosbox *program for running older games* it's not the most exciting pc existance I have currently but it's passable for now.

i'm anxious to purchase a new pc rig with my income taxes. but we'll see how it goes and what I can afford.
10:13am 13/01/2010
mood: happy
Always nice to find out I have 38$ thats been sitting in my drawer for 3-4yrs.

let me explain...

in 2005 i got a gift card for the holidays to best buy. for reasons unknown to me I didn't use it. it had 20$ on it.

Also in 2006 for the holidays I got another gift card. I beleive this was either 25 or 30$. it has $18.82 on it.

they got put in the drawer and have sat all these years unused. dont ask me how they just have.

Well I pulled them out today when i spotted them when i was looking thru the drawer. Logged onto best buy and check'd their balance. imagine my surprise when I found out I had $38.82 on them total. not too bad if you ask me.

I might pick up something off bestbuy.com today with them. not sure tho. maybe 2 pendrives or something. no effin clue. but it's defiently nice having the options :)
well that was nice   
01:12pm 12/01/2010
mood: accomplished
my mom just called me a few mins ago and she couldnt get her email to work. *not sure exactly what happened but yahoo isnt exactly easy to use* so i ended up making her a brand new email account with login and settings *i'm fairly computer based so it was quick and easy* and got that up and running.

she seem'd pretty greatful so that's cool. and I felt useful. bonus! ^_^

tho it definetly cut my snooze time short. ah well. it felt good to help her out. especially with tech stuff which is my stronger area in life
Sure enough   
04:07pm 06/01/2010
mood: accomplished
Ol reliable is hook'd up right now. I actually unhook'd my hd from it and hook'd up a spare one my friend gave me. turns out it has windows xp already on it and some photo's/videos from some lady and her kid.

I ask'd him about that and he had no clue. found the hd in somebody's trash LOL guess they didnt know the hd still work'd just fine. I'm on it right now even. Installing steam/champions online *gaming stuff* and updates and various fixes ... then once again i'll switch back over to my ol reliable hd that originally came with this pc. but today imma spend a bunch of time tweaking and fixing this install of windows xp up.

I don't really have any big plans for this pc. I plan on having it as my backup in case the other hd crashes on me. Not to shabby of a plan if you ask me. now that i got the internet running on this and i can update everything it'll be good to go once I need it. tho there's a part of me right now going use this one instead. sure it's only got 25gigs of free space on it *40gig hd* but i could definetly use it and keep the installs to a min. either way I have 2 hd's on here and my laptop will be fix'd and back in about 1.5months.

OH! I get my income taxes within the next 60 days. which means NEW GAMING RIG! woopwoop! *does the happy dance* This badboy is gonna rock. it's gonna have at least 6gigs of ram and hopefully at least a 1gig vid card. hopefully also a hd of at least 500gigs. ^_^ I seriously can't wait. I'll finally be able to run alot of newer games at maximum resolution. hot damn indeed

also... I need more females around. especially of the dont mind im short fat and not so good looking type. the females in this town are a waste tho.... they only seem to be interested in a guy if he's black/rich/drives nice car/asshole/in a band/abusive/controlling/wigger or any combo of those listed. i'm not the only person who's noticed this too. it's not uncommon for me or my friends *even some of the better looking ones* to be told oh sorry your not black. oh sorry your not rich oh sorry thats a shit car.... and I really try to keep my "racism" down to a minimum but if someone tells me sorry not interested your not black... it just makes me kinda have a brain twitch.. *eye roll at people in general*

well back to running updates and fixes on this hd. ^_^
Grr....laptop hd goes poo and my own fault for it   
11:48pm 31/12/2009
  I got stupid and tried to fix a few issues with my laptop....the hd went poo and i cant even install windows again cuz my dvd drive also is crapped out. ARGH!... luckily I have ol reliable still and hooked it back up *knocks on wood* i swear this pc is gonna outlast me at this rate haha.  
I need to build!   
07:06am 30/12/2009
  So I decided I need to build and craft things... so i've taken it on myself to download sims2 + all expansion packs. plus i have this odd urge to make a house the size of my bathroom *decent size...could fit a small cot in there along with the toliet/sink/shower* so im downloading them to see how it plays itself out with a virtual sim. obviously i have planned ahead tho and he will be having a kickass outdoo patio to go with his house. i'll add on as I go .. he must have a hottub and a dj booth also. LOL

AND he'll fix cars.


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06:22am 27/12/2009
  earlier was wierd. cassie sorta vaguely implied she wanted to spend some time with me in her underwear. I think i'll assume she ment clothed and just regular friends even tho i bluntly said cassie in undies time. odd odd odd.

so my pc got raped by a bunch of virus and malware earlier. It's still not 100% cleaned out. there's this shithole new virus/malware thats raping a bunch of people. it redirects you to some stupid ass survey site. bastard thing.

Hopefully i can clean it up a bit soon.

nothing to exciting really. downloaded a bunch of games and i'm slowly trying them. I wanna spend hours more on dynasty warriors gundam 2 but at the same time i just wanna role my eyes at it and go no more 3 days straight is enough.

god knows I have tons o games to play thru/with. I think i wanna install star trek bridge commander. seems pretty badass that you can mod it. on top of it I have a few star wars games i can play with.

I seriously want a russian / australian gal. one or the other.