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Date:2004-06-22 11:24
Subject:dog gone!

If dog bites man, it's not news, but if man bites dog it is news. And if man bites man? Stop press!

Some guys are prone to things naturally. Like my friend who's naturally prone to dog bites. I mean, dogs like to bite him naturally, I mean...dogs bite him frequently. I mean...forget it. This is the 2nd time in three months.

"Saale, kutta tere ko kaata ke tu kutte ko kaatne gaya?"

Might be, he says. You know, as kids we'd be scared shitless of dog bites not because of the bite itself, but because of the aftermath - BIG SYRINGES pierced in your stomach. Gosh!

But now I heard it's less scary. The syringes have shrunk in size as well as numbers. Well, looks like the dogs know that too.

Let's not even talk about snake bites today.

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Date:2004-06-16 16:06
Subject:Two rights make 4 wrongs

The rights and the wrongs of life are funny. What is right, is not wrong. What is sometimes wrong, might be right. What you thought was wrong becomes right after a while. What seems right, might just about turn out to be wrong in the first place. But just when you decided that it was wrong, a creepy crawly feeling raises it's hood making you wonder that maybe, just maybe it is not wrong in some ways. And when you console yourself and others that the right can never go wrong, something/somebody comes along and proves you wrong. Right?

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Date:2004-06-07 15:51
Subject:'Bow-bow' identity

As a kid, I'd once asked my father, "why do all dogs look alike?" To which he replied, "They don't."
"Moreover," He added, "They might also be thinking the same thing about us." I mulled over this.

Recently my daughter spotted a stray dog on the road and pointed out sincerely, "Appa, tommy." (A name synonymous with dogs after she was introduced to my cousin's dog).

I said, "No beta, it's not tommy."

She thought for a while. "Berrre tommy?" ('Bere' is 'different' in kannada)

I said, "Not tommy. Jimmy."

Now that really got her thinking hard. Then I explained, "Appa? Amma? Jyothi? Aayushi? Likewise, jimmy. The dog at yashu's house? That's tommy. Ok?" hoping she'd understand the concept of individual identities.

Her eyes shone instantly. "bow bow", she said, immediately grasping the generic notion here.

I smiled and thought, 'bless u". "yeah! bow-bow".

"Tommy bow-bow. Jimmy bow-bow", She declared.

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Date:2004-05-31 11:47
Subject:Nose Blog

It's thad time of the year once again..dod no whad to wride..will ged bag lader..i mean dis has noding to do wid wriding..i mean come on, we don'd wride wid our noses now, do we? but with a blog like that, the mind also pretty much numbs..


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Date:2004-05-27 15:14

Have your eyes 'met' anyone's in that 'moment'? I'm not talking about love at first sight here. I'm talking about 'everything' at first sight. You know, you see someone, an absolute stranger in an absolutely strange place and your eyes lock in an absolutely strange way that is so absolutely strange that you don't know what's happening, but something absolutely strange would have happened inside of you. Only for an absolutely strange moment. NOt more, not less. But in that moment, absolutely everything would have happened. You can't figure out what, though.

How absolutely strange. Huh?

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Date:2004-05-26 14:13
Subject:phatichar post

There are days and then there are days. Some days you just feel like shutting off your brains and sitting quiet. Some days you feel like shouting at the top of your lungs. Ok, maybe not *that* loud, but nonetheless, you feel like venting out your frustrations verbally. No, not verbally abuse someone. Just talk, say something. Speaking of which, I've seen quite a few people walking around, talking to themselves. They might've been imagining a conversation with someone else, but that's beside the point. The thing is, they don't mind being seen talking to themselves. And that's courageous. That raises a few other questions. But I've also seen people talking into their 'hands-free's, so...

Well, anyway, what I was trying to say is this - I'm in a pretty listless mood on days like this when I all I can do is think zilch, talk pretty much less and write even zilchier, if ever there's anything like that.


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Date:2004-05-24 15:05

Silence speaks. And how!

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