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Its been forever! [27 Sep 2003|11:01am]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Black Dog Led Zepplin ]

ahh omg, so much has gone on since the last tiem i updated :\ some good, some terrible.

Okay...this is the only important stuff so here goes.

i finally have a boyfriend!!!! his name is justin and he's so awesome! :D yay! go me!

Well... on wednesday i went to Kentucky to go visit my great grandmother in the hospital... she has lung cancer. It was so bad that she couldnt even talk. It was pretty much the last time we'd ever get to see her. I couldnt even say goodbye. But now i wont ever be able to say goodbye b/c she died Saturday at 2 am. :(

eh, i dont wanna say anything more. Later :(


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