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I swear i didnt die. lol. [20 Oct 2003|10:20pm]
Okay, sorry ive been gone for so flippin long...i just went back to school after having the week off for fall break :D i had so much's what i did

Friday-crystal came, her, and rachel went downtown to attempt to see offhand play, but when we got there...they were playing their last freakin song!! >.< but o well, we still had a good time.

Saturday-it felt good to freakin sleep in. ahhh. :D later that night, rachel and i were gonna go downtown, but it was angel's b-day so we went over there to watch some movies instead....payday got a ''paycheck'' too ;] lmao i/j. stayed with rachel that night since we had to wake up early for shocktoberfest!! :D great fun...

Sunday-SHOCKTOBERFEST!!!!!!!ahh, best day of my freakin life!!! omg,...20 somethin` bands for 25 cant beat that! especially when cruiserweight is there :D Gotta love `em. Anyways...Rachel, Angel, and I got a song dedicated to us!! *DEAREST DREW* the best song in the flippin world! we`re the "tshirt girls" b/c we were all wearing CW shirts, so yeah. lol. When they played phantom writer *how ironic* i called shana since it was her b-day and all...and i let her listen to them, and Stella said happy birthday to her :) good times...good times. i got pix taken with cruiserweight that i`ll post when i get them scanned *sigh* :D

Monday-i dont remember what i did... lol my 4 rolls of film developed :D

Tuesday- i went to the mall with da nahnah :D. woo, fun checkin out all the guys. She stayed the night and we had fun just chillin` and making brownies at 2 in the morning :D

Wednesday-Crystal came over again...we chilled...walked to wendy's and back...then i stayed with her at her house :D i love da crystystystal!

Thurday-crystal stayed the night...for the rest of the week! lol...rented movies and video games

Friday-went to wal-mart and got some hair stuff *yayyyy*

Saturday-Clear Differences show at the grind...Shawn is so sexy! i'll get into more detail about that night later...

Sunday-slept in all freakin day. felt good though :)

so there was my week...i know i didnt tell you much about most of the days, but its late and im night night :D comment plz

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...whoa. [10 Oct 2003|11:01am]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | 23 Yellowcard ]

Okay, so and justin are no longer together b/c of various reasons. First of all, he kept avioding me and shit, and me and my mom got into a huge fight last night, and he wouldnt listen to i broke up with his sorry ass.

On another note...i have a MAJOR crush on Shaw Handrahan :-P lol he so sessy!! :D lmao... wooo, tonight was pretty cool. Rachel, Crystal, and i went downtown to go see Offhand...and w got there when they wer playing their last song!!! :( and i lov offhand, but i saw them last weekend, so after that, we saw freakin Stereotype and Ace played with them and almost hit me in the head with his bass...lmao, but he's essy so its okay :P lol.

Well, thats all i gotta say fr now, i'll BbL!!! xoxo later.


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Its been forever! [27 Sep 2003|11:01am]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Black Dog Led Zepplin ]

ahh omg, so much has gone on since the last tiem i updated :\ some good, some terrible.

Okay...this is the only important stuff so here goes.

i finally have a boyfriend!!!! his name is justin and he's so awesome! :D yay! go me!

Well... on wednesday i went to Kentucky to go visit my great grandmother in the hospital... she has lung cancer. It was so bad that she couldnt even talk. It was pretty much the last time we'd ever get to see her. I couldnt even say goodbye. But now i wont ever be able to say goodbye b/c she died Saturday at 2 am. :(

eh, i dont wanna say anything more. Later :(


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[27 Aug 2003|05:38pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]
[ music | The Last Song All-American Rejects ]

Yayyy! turns out that im not gonna switch to livejournal!!! im actually gonna update it from time to time and put info in there that i dont mind if random people read, but im gonna update this one a LOT more.. Unfortunately, i cant update much next month b/c im grounded from my computer :( stupid bitchy mom. LoL but dont take me off of ur friends list.. i'll be back before you know it!! Luv ya!!! xoxo


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If you didnt do anything to piss me off, this doesnt apply to you [12 Jun 2003|10:31pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | *Im Back* Cruiserweight ]

Okay, there is a reason why i have this journal as a FRIENDS ONLY...hence the word friends!!! this way, i know who's reading my journal and whatnot. so if you're going to go around showing people what's in this, please remove me from your friends list. I will be removing some people from mine *dont worry, if you didnt do anything, this doesnt apply to you* and i would appreciate it if you will keep my blurty to yourself...i mean, its just wrong. But whatever. i shouldnt have told you about something in this, and i guess i brought this up onto myself. But that doesnt make it right that someone showed someone else what i said about them. I would appreciate it if from here on out, that you will keep this whole thing to yourself...Thank you. -.-

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[24 May 2003|12:17am]

My rules are simple...but u must obey them.

[x] you must add me to your friends list AND tell me you added me in my comments. Its a pain to look at the comment thing all the time.
[x] you must comment ATLEAST once a week [i will be doing the same for you]...i will give you 2 weeks before i remove you from my friends list without commenting, but when you do comment, you better have a good excuse.
[x] theres a 90% chance that i WILL add you to my journal
[x] tell me why you want me to add you to my friends
[x] Don't get mad at me if i remove you from my friends list will eventually get overloaded and i hate having a lot of people on my friends list, so please dont get offended.
[x] never...EVER insult Emo or Punk music in my journal...ESPECIALLY New Found Glory. If you in any way insult them, you will be removed from my friends list without questioning.

thats about it! if u have any questions or comments, e-mail me at or IM me at Emodorkxx (AIM)

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