Im still alive   
01:53pm 10/06/2003
  Blah, apologies for the lack of updates lately. Been studying for the almighty exams. they suck. One more to go though, only one more. finished up with algebra today, it was semi-hard, semi-easy. not enough to kill me, yet. Tomorrow is spanish, and thatll be pretty easy. IM not as worried for spanish as i am with algebra, so yeah. im out to do things.

it is fun and it is clever, stoppin in jack o' lanterns weather
look with your eyes and not your heart   
07:50pm 01/06/2003
  blurty blurty mo-blurt tastic ladies and gentleman, its time for another amusing round of my boring ass personal life.


oh what a lovely... lovely... gah i cant finish that line. Saturday blows. Rain, dogs, grandmothers, hair, germs, tissues, moist towlettes, chess pieces, tuna fish, crossword puzzles, rabid squirrels, aligators named sally, pots and pans, pots and kettles agreeing on silver, fish, stools, chairs, iguanas, metal objects, plastic objects, nitrogen, cars, bones, light, the color puce, rainbow socks, hacky sacks, basketball jones, the french, the city of Macon, Idaho, potatoes, refrigerators, fat priests, microwaves, geothermal ants, purple hair, tom cats, jerry mice, red bags, low flying airplanes, the number 5,204, games, toys, printers, idiots, morons, ren AND stimpy, rayjay jones, music, flowery designs, ersatz elevators, fake receptoinists, THEY ALL WORK AGAINST ME ON FREAKIN SATURDAYS!! ::applause:: thank you, thank you. But yes, they all work aganist me to make my day the most boring freakin day in the entire universe.

yep and here we are, gods seventh day according to the book of hippocracy. Now sunday is even worse, because its just as boring AND i know i have school tomorrow. and we all know i hate school right down to its stupid teachers and popular guidelines that everyone has to follow, or be called an outsider, be jeered and called a gay homo. for all the ladies, please turn off the speakers and cover your eyes for the next bit of rant.
im a sick and fucking tired of trying to adhere to all the things the populars want us to do, from now on its balls to the wall honesty. so what if im called gay, so what if i have about 3 friends, and so fucking what if im not invited to any parties. I hate every single person in that school that thinks theyre better than someone else, and cant even spell the word "mountain". The jocks, the barbie look-a-likes, the seniors, the whores, the pimps, the asses and idiots considered high society at mount. fuck all of them.

im spent.
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Construction paper angst   
03:14pm 30/05/2003
mood: apathetic
music: 311 - Amber
hey all, just talking for the sake of talking in this here blurty, few stoofs to talk aboot so sit back, enjoy the ride, and keep all limbs inside the vehicle at all times. School-ness has been so funny lately, mostly by sean alex and sunil/dave. first stories a la lunch, we were all going out to find a hack and start playing like usual, and sean the bastard starts waltzing like a freakin nazi in the middle of the freakin hall. yes, i will kill him later, racist bastard. Secondly, and also at lunch, sean tripped some seventh grader running full throttle at another kid, and he fell HARD! like slammed down, and this red shit went everywhere, it was kooky. at first we all thought "christ is that blood?" but it was ketchup so all was right with the world.
Ive recently heard the news that rutherford was kicked out of a scripted moment, and boo hoo hes crying in inhouse all day about it. call me a sadistic, sexy bastard, but i find that hilarious. No seriously, call me a sadistic sexy bastard.

Tonight is the prom of the seniors, and yay, my sister is a senior. we all know what this means, so ill explain it rather scientifically for those who arent let in on the secret.
"the PMS imatation syndrome"
yes boys and girls, this is what is exhibited by the female assho species of my family, when something is happening. this syndrome makes my sister go through all the syndromes of PMS at the same time, and guess who the sitting duck is? YO! ::points to self:: and who cant stand my sister as is, even though my family caters to her every wim, temper tantrum, new boy toy, and rather douce-y actions? YO! ::points to self::

looks like im covering all the bases in this here post, so lets be serious for a minute.
who in the studio audience hates pseudo-intellectuals? come now, you know you do.
"but whats a pseudo intellectual you sexy bastard?"
well ill tell you, a pseudo-intellectual is a person that TRIES to act smart, they really try, but they suck so much at it its pitiful, and by the by, pseudo means FAKE, NEIN, NOT REAL! now who is the biggest pseudo intellecual i point out today? none other than our favorite fat priest brother willie. Yep, hes a pseudo intellectual.
Everyday in religion class, i get into a fight with brother willie, over his extremely false views that he cant answer my questions with. i really, really hate catholics that dont know their religion well enough to separate belief and reality. thats my rant for today, have fun in this big bad world.

Sometimes i see a sign that says "DANGER! CHILDREN PLAYING" and i slow down, but then i realize, im not afraid of children, and speed up again
Nuns on parade   
07:48pm 29/05/2003
  Name: Christain
.Nicknames: The ultimate wonder jew, duck, sekshi
.AIM SCREENNAME: PerpetualRaine
.Sex: male
.Birthday: february 21
.Height: 5 last time i checked
.Hair color: dark brown
.Is your hair long or short: short/medium
.Eye Color: blue
.City born in: North Providence
.Location now: North Providence
.Siblings: bastard brother, bastard sister
.Parents married/divorced: married
.Who makes you laugh the most?: Sean, sunil, my brother
.Who knows the most about you?: i dunno

.WhO wAs Ur CrUsH iN.
.Kindergarten: didnt have one
.1st Grade: no one
.2nd Grade: talia botello
.3rd Grade: no one
.4th Grade: no one
.5th Grade: almost there
.6th Grade: sarah king
.7th Grade: all the 7th grade girls were whores, pretty much
.8th Grade: im a single man
.9th Grade: not there yet
Boy/girlfriend status: searching

.OtHeR sTuFF aBoUt U.
.Do you have a job: i try not to
.What are you scared of: surprise
.Who's your role model: dont have one
.Most interesting thing you've done this summer: not there yet
.What store do you shop at the most: EB
.Have you ever done any drugs: no
.Are you a ditz?: not really

.Day of the week: thursday
.Thing in your room: television, my one true love
.CD: 311 - 311, AFI - Sing the Sorrow, Thursday - understanding a car crash, Weezer - Blue album, Millencolin - pennybridge pioneers
.Song(s): i dunno
.Animal: emu
.Ice Cream: lactose intolerant
.Drink: cherry coke
.Thing to do: i dunno
.Movies of all time: dogma, resevoir dogs, platoon, boondock saints, the matrix, brazil, no escape, castle in the sky, one flew over the cuckoos nest, trigun
.Hangout: school? mall
.Favorite pizza topping: nada
.Where do you see yourself in 10 years: owning cuba
.If you could live anywhere: hmmm.... Rome
.Dream house: something big and castle-like
.What age do you want to get married: id like to think my 20s
.How many kids do you want: as many as i can get
.Girl's names: something different
.Boy's names: something different

.HaVe U eVeR.
.Been in love?: nope
.Lied?: yep
.Cheated on a test?: once, damn spanish
.Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend?: hells no
.Tied your shoes together?: ian tried to last week
.Eaten something with a lot of fat?: yep
.Had sex?: nope

.FeElInGs InSiDe.
.Worst feeling in the world: fear
.Best feeling in the world: piss your pants happiness
.Do you get along with your parents?: mom yes, dad no
.Are you ticklish?: .....where?

.OpPoSiTe SeX.
.1st thing you notice about the opposite sex: personality
.Perfect "dream" date: dancing
.Who is your best friend of the opposite sex?: katie, mel, alex, jennie, MA, marisa, renee, theres a lot
.What do you look for in the opposite sex: good personality
.What does the opposite sex not know about you: lots

.NiGhTy NiTe.
.What do you wear to bed: nothing, im all man under there
.What's your bed time: dont sleep
.Do you wish on stars: HA!
.Is there a TV in your room: yep.
.What's the last thing you do before you fall asleep: everything
.How many schools have you been to: 3
.Are you passive or aggressive: agressive i guess
.Vanilla or chocolate: chocolate
.Would you rather be hot or cold: cold
.What is your curfew: i dont get out much

.Person you can trust the most: i dunno
.What is the best quality of a friend: funny, fun to hang with, nice
.What friend do you have the most fun with: sean, alex L., goodison, adam, K/D, dave, sunil, miss laura

.If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?: less surgical problems
.Have you ever tried to kill yourself: no
.Do you know anyone who SERIOUSLY wanted to kill themselves?: nope
.Who do you really hate?: everyone
.Do you like jewelry?: how?
.Do you wear a watch?: when i can find one
.Do you believe in God?: Yawea
.Do you believe in love at first sight?: nope
.What are your favorite tv show(s)?: Threes company
.What color tooth brush do you use?:, green.
Is the glass half empty or half full: its equally both
.Most dangerous thing you've ever done: ran to get dans hat under the roller coaster last year at canobe lake
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more cocks than a french farmer   
06:09pm 28/05/2003
  thats right, im not dead yet. YOU HEAR ME JESUS! er.... yeah... anyway. last couple of days, to put it lightly, sucked the most tremendous macadamia nuts ever. first yesterday was what i like to call "migraine tuesday". Its self explanitory, and all ending with my great ol' spanish project that id rather take a drill bit to my left temple and have a gorrila with AIDS rape me than do. Yeah it was FUN.... i hate old mothers who have a cleaning obsession...

oh today was even better, first my sister forgot me at school. she fell asleep. FELL ASLEEP My ASS!! so no biggie right, my father came to pick me up.... and his monstously oversized penis envy truck overheated... and i got home around 3:30, 4 o clock. and now we move into migraine wednesday. moms coming home from her other business trip today, thats pretty good. ill get back to yall...

::stolen quote from dimuccio, then goodison::
my grandmothers always used to pinch my cheeks at weddings, saying "youre next"
they stopped when i started doing it to them at funerals
07:20pm 25/05/2003
  Name: Christian
Nicknames: Duck, Sekshi, The Jew Boy Wonder
Birthday: 2/21/88
Hobbies: Going online, watching anime, fighting with ghosts, playing chess with inanimate objects, music, touching fish
Screen Name: PerpetualRaine
Eye color: blue
Hair color: brownish
Natural Hair Color: brownish
Who do you love/like: I could tell you, but id have to kill you

Number: 21
Color: black and dark blue
Place: in front of the computer
State: dont have one
Country: New Zealand
Book: 1984
Game: Chrono Trigger
Drug: Ibruprofin
Condom: Fuck off
Movie: Pulp Fiction, Boondock Saints, The Matrix, Brazil, Baron Munchauson
Store: dont shop much
Person: please, you expect me to answer that?
CD: Burn them
BoyBand: A scripted moment.... and hannah
Internet activity: talking to people

---Do You---
Cut urself: now thats just kooky
Lick urself: who can bend like that?
Whine a lot: naw
Yell a lot: At asses and idiots
Hate a lot of people: yep!
Have too many friends: nope!
Want to die: suicide is idiotic
Believe in after death: Yeah
Go to church: Synogogue, bitch
Love school: sure why not
Have a bf/gf: no
Have sex: no
Smoke: no
Do drugs: did i not say ibruprofin?
Wear dark colors: sure
Try to be different: Publically
Have any peircings: nope
Break bones a lot: couple times
Watch porn: well....
Dye your hair: nope
shave strange places: ...what???

---Have you ever----
Kissed someone: yep
Had sex: no
Given oral sex: Fuck off
Attempted suicide: no
Killed someone: not yet...
Been raped: Fuck off
Shopped for condoms: no
Smoked: no
Gotten Drunk: no
Worn rainbow: Not really
Talked on the phone for over 3 hours: nope
Left the country: not the once
Had a party with over 30 people: Only around the holidays
Taken nude pictures: fuck off
Taped yourself having sex: did i not tell you to fuck off?
Stolen something: yeah
Broken a bone: yeah
Ran away from home: no
Burned yourself: not on purpose
Caught something on fire: not intentionally
Cheated on someone: nope
Wanted to cheat on someone: not really
Fell in love online: nope
Asked someone out: yep
Been dumped: yep
Dumped someone: yep
Had a dream then the next day it happens: Yeah. A bunch of times.
Called a porn hotline: god, FUCK OFF!!

Pick One:
Cat/Dog: cat
White/Black: white
Hot/Cold: cold
Far/Near: far
Water/Land: land
Kiss/Sex: why do you not fuck off?
Online/Phone: Online
Beer/Book: book
Novel/Poetry: Novel
Music/Silence: music

--Dream Mate--
Short/Long Hair: long
Tall/Short: taller
Preppy/Dorky/Druggie: dont care
Freckles/No Freckles: doesnt mater
Hair Color: dont care
Hat/No hat: none
Fat/Thin: thin!!!
Makeup/No Makeup: ...depends
Dressy/Casual: casual
Holding hands/Holding 'other body parts': what?!

You Touched: beating the shite out of stone, does that count?
You Talked to: People
You Hugged: my hamster, he needed a hug
You Instant messaged: Zoe
You Yelled At: my father
Who Broke Your Heart: you are officially blacklisted

Food: Chinese
Drink: IBC root beer
Color: black and purple
Album: I've got way too many.
Shoes: Neon green
Candy: Milky way
Song: get back to me on this one
Vegetable: broccoli
Fruit: papaya

Understanding: yes?
Open-minded? yeah
Arrogant: no
Insecure: not really
Interesting: I guess
Hungry: slightly
Smart: I'm in the honors socity. Does that count?
Moody: teensy bit
Childish: nope
Independent: yep
Hard working: when i want to be
Organized: one word. locker.
Healthy: hell no!
Emotionally Stable: sure
Shy: to strangers
Difficult: to asses
Attractive: The sexiest man in all of R.I.
Bored Easily: kinda
Messy: really
Thirsty: yeah
Responsible: when i want to be
Obsessed: Yeah. With a lot of stuff
Angry: Usually
Sad: nah
Happy: on some days
Trusting: depends who it is.
Talkative: no
Legal: 3 years
Original: i like to think yes
Ignored: nope
Reliable: yeah
Self-disciplined: yes
Sleepy: always
Lonely: no

Kill: Lots of people
Slap: more
Tickle: no one
Look Like: i dunno
Be Like:myself
talk to: jesus, the pussy
Talk To Online: Anyone
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What make special sauce so special?   
05:32pm 24/05/2003
  normal day, saturdays suck for me. and i know what youre going to say, youlll say "christian you sexy ass bastard, why do saturdays suck?" and ill say to you "well loyal sex minion, saturdays are a day for people to get together and relax and have fun. seeing how i hate 3/4 of my friends, saturdays involve me at home". and we all know what happens when i stay home. yes, idaho is now gone.
Now stick around because its time to see what im thinking about. a cookie goes to whoever can give me a good answer.

1. why do people drive in parkways and park in driveways
2. how do we know we exist, maybe we dont
3. is it possible to find a circular square?
4. what do people actually use those free demo AOL CDs for?
5. why would someone love another person who feels no love back?
6. if your clone is going to kill you, and you have to kill it to save yourself, is it suicide?
7. Are you still reading this, get a life, loser
8. dont some parents find i odd that we do research on the same machine they masturbate with?
9. if train A leaves station B at time C, when does the armadillo turn yellow?
10. if you have your left hand, now this is important LEFT hand, and your toaster has a baby, what do you use to clean it up
11. if violets are blue and roses are red, where the hell does tickle me pink come from
12. your dog is at graduation, what do you do from keeping the moon to smash into the earth?
13. does the phrase "deadhead" or "braindead" hurt dead peoples feelings?
14. if a person dies in their sleep, do they notice when they wake up?
15. In love hina, what the fuck was that ending all about?
16. if you can pick your friends and your nose, then why cant we be friends?
17. does the name christian c. scandariato rearrange to make a satanic christ dacari
18. if splooshers splish, and splashers splosh, how many pineapples does it take to fill aunt betty?
19. including the names of the numbers, and this sentence, how many vowels have there been?
20. are rednecks necks red?
21. you should really really get a life by now
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So i says to him i says...   
01:02pm 23/05/2003
  rain! damn! always rain on events. but all was not lost, the hacky-sacking took place in the gym loft, yes loft is a word. king, sunil, troy, rusty, dave, and others joined in the hack. yep, today was a good day. a total of 250 dollars in the fund, go me. oh yeah, rutherford = 100% penis today at the clash of the classes (which was fun). Like anytime any girl went by he would be all "yeah, ill fuck that bitch later" like right in front of Katie and Renee. The kid has no fucking class whatsoever. And any time dave would try to say something hed just like beat the shit out of him. SO GAY. well yeah, theres the rant for today.

Remember kids, it takes 50 muscles to frown, but only 3 to smash the ass upside the head.
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New look   
07:01pm 22/05/2003
just messing around with the look of this here blurty. itll be cool... one day...
Porn and donuts   
04:56pm 22/05/2003
  hacks for hearts, yes in deed. tomorrow is the big day for hacky-sackers annonymous. but the fundages was massive. 75 dollars at the ripoff we know as newbury comics, dammnit. there goes the jewboy wonders final cash.... and life savings. itll be regained i guess. Anyhoo, if tomorrow rains i will kill idaho. rain = plan down the toilet. so there you have it boys and girls, the pilgrims last run.

time flies like an arrow
fruit flies like a banana
03:06pm 21/05/2003
  well this is new, trying out the infamous blurty, because im hooked from Sean and Katie's already. Seems fun enough, so here we go. IM your local jew trying to make it day to day in a school of fat priests and neo nazis, and who knows, i might find a group of unruly friends and save the world. then rockets willl shoot from seans ass. both are likely, doncha know. so yeah, there we have it.

are you still reading this?