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Monday, February 2nd, 2004
9:34 pm
I will be 20 in 15 days..

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Monday, December 8th, 2003
1:51 am - final
i have a boyfriend. his name is David.

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Monday, March 17th, 2003
12:06 pm - with.all.these.things.
With all the shit that's going on right now I only have one thing to say.

I fucking hate George W. Bush.

current mood: infuriated

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Saturday, March 15th, 2003
10:23 pm
You are "Ghost World"

Which of Josh's favorite movies are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

go take my boy Josh's quiz.... now.

current mood: awake

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Thursday, March 13th, 2003
2:33 am - in honor of news i just heard

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2:12 am - new hair.

Poll #1097: Questrians
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Ask me anything! Now!

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Sunday, March 9th, 2003
11:08 pm
Whoever I pissed off... or whoever I sent bad vibes to.. I take every part of it back!

I was with my parents and after dinner at Logan's Resteraunt we went to my apartment to drop off a cute little vintage baby pink/white stripped vanity chair my grandma found in the "barn"/shed storage unit thing behind her house and also a plaid "shoe locker" or trunk that my aunt used when she was in college.

I got out of the car, walked into the sidewalk and asked my dad what I needed to do (we were in seperate cars, I was riding with my mom and my "aunt" Ann and my dad were riding together). He said to just go back to the car, I did and i guess I missed the curb cause next thing I know I am clinging onto the side of the car, screaming my lungs out and crying.

We rushed to the After-Hours Urgent Care (that was at 6:40) we got out around 8:30ish.

Results: A severely sprained right ankle

again.. if I pissed anyone off, I am soooo sorry!

current music: Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow- Picture

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Wednesday, March 5th, 2003
3:17 am - "Chocolate Milk is like.. Nes Quick in a glass!"
Wow I haven't updated in a while. I am sorry. :(

So my dears. I have a new love in my life. <3 *sigh*
this, this, and this is my new love. Her name is Laci. She lives in Indiana. She is sooo super duper sweet (..can't believe I said super duper).

She came down with Nicole, last week. *sigh* I <3 her.

We are trying to get her to come down for spring break. :) My Spring break is right after my other <3 Luffy's. <3 All the love a frannie could ask for.

now to close..
A terribly cute picture of jmanp50 and Laci

current mood: lonely

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Thursday, February 27th, 2003
9:54 am
I am getting my tattoo today.

We went to Tattoo Experience last night and the only appointment avaliable was on Monday... we didn't wanna wait that long.

We went to Haven ( a new tattoo place that just opened on 15th Street) and they have a minimum of $40. I showed him the bat and stars I wanted, he said he didn't know if he could get the stars that small. That and he said I'd have to re-draw the bat cause there was no detail, i explained I wanted it solid, and he still insisted I re-draw it.....that confused me. So I looked through their flash (that's what it's called.. right?) and found a bat I wanted, the size I wanted. I think I might just get the bat there and get the stars at Tattoo Experience.

Erin was being really "know it all-y" about Haven. She didn't even know where it was but she was all, "It's the same people that used to work at Southern Tattoo" --note: southern tattoo closed down because they were unsanitary.-- Anyway we tried to explain to her that I asked them if they were and they said they weren't. Nicole said that if they got shut down their licence would've gotten taken away, enabling them to open a new shop.

Burt broke my Kelly's heart... bastard.

We went back to the Pool Hall last night. I must say I am getting really good at pool. I got some pics I need to upload. Mostly of Nicole and Lacey. (Lacey is a major hottie-- size 14 5'3" short black hair, spike labret, tongue ring, septum-- *frannie dies*) I've smacked her ass a lot lately. lol.

On another note, my back hurts.

I think I am gonna go take a nap then wake up at 11:30 to shower. *nod*

I will take pictures.. don't you fret my pet.

hey.. speaking of pictures.. (steve earle concert--patience included within)let's take a look, eh? )

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Tuesday, February 18th, 2003
12:05 am
eeep! I just got a great email from Blurty wishing me a happy birthday! hehehe how cute!

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Wednesday, February 5th, 2003
9:51 pm - Funny Honey
Sometime's I'm right
Sometime's I'm wrong
But he doesn't care
He'll String along
He loves me so
That funny honey of mine

Sometime's I'm down
Sometime's I'm up
But he follows 'round
Like some droopy-eyed pup
He love me so
That sunny honey of mine

He ain't no sheik
That's no great physique
Lord knows, he ain't got the smarts

Oh, but look at that soul
I tell you, the whole
Is a whole lot greater than
The sum of his parts

And if you knew him like me
I know you'd agree
What if the world
Slandered my name?
Why, he'd be right there
Taking the blame

He loves me so
And it all suits me fine
That funny, sunny, honey
Hubby of mine

[AMOS (Spoken)]
A man's got a right to protect his home
and his loved ones, right?

[FOGARTY (Spoken)]
Of course, he has.

[AMOS (Spoken)]
Well, I came in from the garage, Officer, and I
see him coming through the window. With my
wife Roxanne there, sleepin'...like an angel...

He loves me so
That funny honey of mine

[AMOS (Spoken)]
...an angel!

[AMOS (Spoken)]
I mean supposin', just supposin', he had violated
her or somethin'...you know what I mean...

[FOGARTY (Spoken)]
I know what you mean...

[AMOS (Spoken)]
...or somethin'. Think how terrible that would have been.
It's a good thing I came home from work on time, I'm tellin' ya that! I say I'm tellin' ya that!

He loves me so
That funny honey of mine

[FOGARTY (Spoken)]
Name of deceased... Fred Casely.

[AMOS (Spoken)]
Fred Casely. How could he be a burglar?
My wife knows him! He sold us our furniture!

Lord knows he ain't got the smarts

[AMOS (Spoken)]
She lied to me. She told me he was a burglar!

[FOGARTY (Spoken)]
You mean he was dead when you got home?

[AMOS (Spoken)]
She had him covered with a sheet and she's givin'
me that cock and bull story abou this burglar, and
I ought to say that I did it 'cause I was sure to get off.
Burglar, huh!

Now, he shot off his trap

I can't stand that sap

Look at him go
Rattin' on me
With just one more brain
What a half-wit he'd be

If they string me up
I'll know who
Brought the twine

[AMOS (Spoken)]
And I believed her!
That cheap little tramp. So, she
Was two-timing me, huh?
Well, then, she can just
Swing for all I care.
Boy, I'm down at the garage,
Working my butt off fourteen
Hours a day and she's up mucnhin'
on god-damn bon bons and jazzing.
This time she pushed me too far.
That little chiseler.
Boy, what I sap I was!

That scummy, crummy
Dummy hubby of mine!

current music: see post. lol

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Tuesday, January 28th, 2003
11:43 pm
Classes were alright.. finally got the developing to work. Only got 2 good pictures that weren't completely gray.
I just took digital pictures of the prints, they turned out yellow but here they are.
themusemiki and jmanp50

lemme know what you guys think. I know they are grainy.. I will go to kinko's next week and get them done there.

I was told two things today.
1) Dad said I can go out to California for a weekend for my bday.. (I am hoping the 20th-24th-- of February of course)
2) Ginger doesn't think my hair is ready to be lightened yet. I am gonna try and convince her to at least do my bangs Auburn..

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Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003
12:35 am
If you were a faerie...

What colour would your skin be?pale pink
Wings? elegant angel type jagged broken wings (black)
Hair? long and magenta
Eyes? emerald
Your tail/ears/other appendages, if you have them? elf ears
How long would your hair be? to the middle of my back
Would you have a pattern on your body?no.
On your wings?dried blood as if from a battle, duct tape *giggles*
What shape would your wings be? angel-like
How many would you have? the two pairs
How many limbs would you have? 4 (2 arms, and 2 legs)
Body type? curvy.
Would you be naked? if my tattered clothes were dirty..
Would you have jewelry?emeralds
What magical powers would you have? perfect eye makeup.
Would you have any fairy pets? do other faeries count?
Would you live in the land, the water, the air, or a combination, or none?all of the above.
What would your house look like/be made of, if you had one? i'd live in patience's flower.
Is there a favorite flower, mushroom, moss, rock, tree, etc. that you would favor to hang out in/under/on/by? Yes.. the rose bushes in the catholic church garden.
when seeing someone for the first time would you look...
Scary? only if my eyes turn red.
Glittery? of course.
Playful? that's a given
Devious? not so much..
Sad? only when hurt.

current mood: horny
current music: Norah Jones

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Tuesday, December 31st, 2002
11:40 pm
these were my resolutions from last year, in bold are things that got done.
~make more designs
~get gastric by-pass surgery
~lose weight
~eat healthy
~go on salad diet (I only eat Coyote Cafe' or Olive Garden salads though)
~get some designs MADE
~spend time with Jace
~spend time with Eric
~Make something (sewing wise)
~paint on my HUGE canvas
~become more responsible
~apply to O'More
~get into O'More
~get an apartment
~go back to NYC
~go back to Cali
~visit Kacie
~visit Brad
~meet Jonathan
~try to be more organized

Recap of 2002.
-finally met my boyfriend of 5 years, Jonathan.
-broke up with him. (this was a VERY good thing, he wasn't attractive, he was controlling, and he had a mullet--enough said)
-graduated high school
-moved into my first apartment
-started O'More College of Design
-got closer to Jace
-met haligen
-failed out of O'More
-Robbie came to visit me in TN
-kissed him
-in the process of moving back to AL
-got me a 1" button maker.
that's about it.

That is sad, yes I know. Too pass the time, and to ease my boredom for a while, have some surveys.

oh, did i mention i am spending New Years all alone? All my friends are either with their family, sick, or out of town. :( My aunt isn't even here, and my parents are in California.) *sigh*

i hope you had the time of your life )

Hope you all have a good evening.

Happy New Year.

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Tuesday, December 17th, 2002
2:28 am - taken from patience.
Dear Obese Trespassing Altruist,

This year, I have been a very materialistic little TV watcher. I have sometimes embezzeled, and I have often helped my other daddy with their colostomy bag. And I always say thank you, which makes me polite, and so I deserve lots of blank checks this year!

Please bring all this stuff for me and the people in my life: For my mommy, please bring fruit leather panties. For my daddy, please bring a new Rogaine prescription. For my big sister, please bring a subscription to Guns & Ammo. For my ferret, please bring non-surgical sterilization. Oh – and for my cleaning lady, please bring some work ethic.

Now about me! Please bring me all of the Harry Potter beer coozies, and front row tickets to Aaron Carter – plus backstage passes so I can get coked up! Oh, and please don’t forget to bring my amputee Afghan orphan. But if you can’t, just remember that more than anything Santa, what I really really want is just $10,000,000!

Anyway, I hope you like the eight-ball I left out for you.


Fran and Joshy

PS: Please say Merry Christmas to Ralph, the heartless Elfin slavemaster.

PPS: Oh yeah, and remember Ben? He has been a really corrupt weener all year long and doesn’t deserve any Christmas presents. So please don’t forget to put dog shit in their stocking. Thanks!

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Friday, December 13th, 2002
6:18 pm - do you hear what i'm saying?
okay if you coming knocking on my door asking me to buy a subscription to the local newspaper, and i just told you I couldn't right now cause I'm moving in a month or so, or I can't afford it.. believe me.

Don't stand there and ask, "If i came back next time, you'd help me, right?"
and I say sure, I guess, and then you say, "then what's the difference between then and now?"

I should've slamed the door in your face. I have a missing hamster and that's more important right now.

current mood: bitchy

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12:42 am
*totally wishes she was Claudia dancing with Louis*

this is mine and jace's movie.

he is my louis, and i his claudia.

Louis's hair reminds me of Eric so much... god.. *pet*

current mood: lonely
current music: Interivew with the Vampire

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Wednesday, December 11th, 2002
3:19 am - Kiss me, I'm straight edge
...i went to work at 4 today and it was just.. weird.
everything i saw, everything i heard, reminded me of him.
-someone walked in talking about his nipples..he was holding them too (robbie does this constantly cause he's paranoid someone will tickle him there.)
-i found a shirt that was COMPLETELY HIM (Warning: the wearer of this shirt will hit on anything that moves, if they do not approach you then there is one conclusion: you ugly or something like that..)
-99 Red Balloons was being played like every hour on the hour. (the punk version mind you) and he was singing that when he got here.
and finally..
-someone called in from Huntsville, AL and put a pair of shoes on hold.. with the last name WEEKS (his last name)

...okay i am done w/ that, but still it's weird.

I finally found someone else who has read The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Zach, my co-worker, and I got to talking and I saw his pins on his pants pocket and I asked him what they were, seeing as I was sitting on the floor behind the counter and he was working on the computer. He pointed to them as he said them and I heard him say The Smiths "I've heard of them" I said.
"what song?"
"i think it was, asleep?"
"aw, that's the best song." "where'd you hear it?"
"I was reading Perks of being a Wallflower and they mentioned it."
"No shit! I love that book!"
"yeah, it's one of those that--"
"you can just read over and over and not get tired of it?"

I love Zach more now. He even put up an Andrew W.K. mini poster in the back room. More <3 points for him.
He asked if I was going to The Used concert tomorrow, I said I didn't think so and he said I should. heh. I've never heard any of their stuff. I might dl some.

Turns out we have a lot in common.. well, other than smoking pot. lol. He is convinced he will be a rockstar one day, he looks like one.

[edit] anothering interesting thing about Zach, I mentioned something about papa roach and he asked if I ever saw the Last Resort video (scroll down and click, you gotta be on yahoo though.. like have an ID) anyway, I said yes, and he asked if I saw the girl that looked like me in it. Go there and see if you can find her. *giggle*

She had my exact hair color/style at the time. and wearing a Kittie(?) shirt, w/ bangle bracelets. (black rubber) [/edit]

But I still <3 robbie. always. *nod*

so I will close in restating my subject line: Kiss me, I'm Straight Edge...i bought a button that said that tonight. :)

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Tuesday, December 10th, 2002
1:14 am
Poll #140: meaning
Open to: all, results viewable to: none

When someone says they are "peculiar with you" what exactly does that mean?

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current mood: worried

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Monday, December 9th, 2002
3:16 am - ...need you here beside me, to hold me, to hide me.
Boogabookid99: OI THERE
Auto response from perkygoth18: not here, at the club wishing you were here to amuse me.

Boogabookid99: LIAR!

..frannie sad now.

I left him a Yahoo message saying I hoped he really didn't think I was lying that I wished he was here.

current mood: sad

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