07:09pm 21/09/2003
mood: excited
music: metallica
yess, im going to visit my cousin
07:20pm 21/09/2003
mood: bored
music: pink floyd
1) Single or Taken: taken
2) Sex: male
3) Birthday: oct 3
4) Sign: libra
5) Siblings: 2
6) Hair color: brown
7) Eye color: hazel
8) Shoe size: 13 1/2

[r e l a t i o n s h i p s]

1) Who are your best friends?: becca and ryan
2) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: yea
3) any crushes: yeah....my g/f

[f a s h i o n]

1) Where is your favorite place to shop?: dont usually shop
2) Any tattoos or piercings?: tongue, ears, eyebrow. chinese dragon on my upper back, more to come.

[e x t r a]

1) Do you do drugs: not bad ones
2) What kind of shampoo do you use: whatever works
3) What are you most scared of?: ryan..
4) What are you listening to right now: pink floyd
5) What vehicle do you wish to have? cheech and chong's van
6) Who is the last person that called you: jules
7) Where do you want to get married: VEGAS
8) How many messenger buddies do you have online right now: i dont know its not working
9) If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? i wouldnt really change anything

[f a v o r i t e s]

1) Color(s): black and red
2) Whats your fav. food?: chinese
4) Boy's names: trey and ben
5) Girls names: michelle and katie

6) Subjects in school: art
7) Animals: lions
8) Sports: smoking.

[have you e v e r]

1) Given anyone a bath: little sister
2) Smoked: yeah
3) Bungee jumped: nope
4) Broken the law: uh yea
5) Made yourself throw-up: once when i was really drunk
6) Went skinny dipping? yeah
7) Ever been in love: yea
8) Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: nope

[What C o m e s T o M i n d]

1)Red: underwear
2)Cow tipping: cows
3)Socks: shoes
4)Greenland: the giant on the princess bride

[f i n a l]

1) Do you like filling these out: julia made me
2) Gold or Silver: golds overrated
3) What is the last film you saw at the movies?: yesterday
4) Favorite cartoon character: homer
5) What do you have for breakfast in the morning: i never eat
6) Who would you love being locked in a room with: everyone who likes to have fun
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