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[10 Jul 2004|03:26pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | Nine Inch Nails* The Great Below ]

Couldnt really fall asleep last night. again. what else is new.
I havent been myself lately. I feel..pretty shitty.
but anyway, I had work today. and i had to train someone. and nicole was working. lol yay!
"Andrew can you turn on my lanes" "No but I can turn you on. ::wink wink::" haha youre sucha whore andrew. lol
then after work i went to starbucks to meet up with Mocha and his friend toniann. it was fun i missed the moch man. hahha. then we had quiznos and everytime i look at roast beef rolled up, i am going to vomit, IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A CLIT! lmao.
but yeah good times, and that guy was so mean to me! im gonna put his penis into a meat slicer. haha. "hm yes would you like some sliced dick with that?". . i love you mocha and thank you for paying for everything. lol

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