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::lil bout mahself

aGe: 20
lOc: jrzae
stAz: in relationship<3
dOb: 08.01.87

Life isnt measured
by how many breaths
you take,

But what takes
your breath away



::Things to do::

-A// spOrts
-crEAtE fUnky lAngUAgEs
----------------::Im very weird::


-Now and Then
-The Butterfly Effect
-8 MILE <3
-My Cousin Vinny
-The Mummy Returns
-Lilo and Stitch
-The Count of Montecristo
-Coyote Ugly
-Harry Potter mvs.
-i luv most movies

-The Dark Is Rising
-House of the Scorpion
-Sea of Trolls
-All HP books
-You Dont KNow Me
-Breathing Underwater

-Christina Aguilera
-Rascal Flatts
-Kelly Clarkson
-Maroon 5
-O Town baby :P