26th October 2008

2:25pm: grrr, Procrasturbater LOL
Philies won, boo, i have so much fkn work to do, i dont want to do it, i have about 15 articles to read and write a response to, another 5 to write a response too, a project due on wed and mon, w/e w/e w/e, after this semester only 3 more classes, thats it and then out into the work force, funny thing is im only writing this post to procrastinate lol.... FUNNIEST thing ever, "Title of Show", the broadway play, they have a line that is hillarious, So the guy is talkin to his friend and he asks him if he did any work on the play they are to be writing. His friend says, well yano i started to, but then i started to watch tv and then well i got a lil horny and i had to do sumthin about that, and then i some more good stuff on tv. So his friend says, Sooo, your a Procrasturbater? lol i duno, i think its funn :D
Current Mood: i am procrastinating
Current Music: Addicted : Saving Abel
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