15th September 2008

3:46pm: UPDATE~!!!
Sooo, Ive been doing pretty good. My birthday went great, Vacation was awesum, i never wanted to leave. This summer i filmed quite a few things because i got my new camera. Me and Ant's 11 month anniversary is this friday, which happens to be the dress rehearsal/dinner for his brother's wedding. I went shopping with Alyssa for like all day looking for a dress for the wedding and a nice shirt for the dinner. I found both, im not too crazy about the dress, i wanted something more fun, instead its just plain black, but elegant. Ant asked me today wut he wanted to buy me for our 1 year anniversary lol. He wants to get me xbox 360, which i do want, but i dont think it ever occured to him to buy me like jewlery or lengerie, or any of that stuff. Cuz that would be romantic and sexy. I mean i love video games cuz im a dork like that, but i duno i guess i wanted something sexy. I cant wait for the 360 tho, rainbow here i come. I'll have to get him something too, not sure what yet though, hes a tricky one to buy for because everything he wants he just buys it himself....soo i have to think. In the meantime i have weddings to go to and films to do, its tough semester with Multi Media :( anyway i just wanted to update in my journal cuz i havent in awhile. <3

And I am happy, despite my every now and then of sadness, like when i watched the trailer for P.S. I love you, I started crying hysterically, I think Ant thought I was crazy lol.
Current Mood: happy
Current Music: Go Selena and Demi, woot
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