13th July 2008

9:47pm: So yea***
At work on friday, Ms Trop. comes down and she walks into the office thingy. I was sitting down cutting out ant hills for the craft for tomorrow, and i guess she noticed me. Then later Megan tells Karen that she came up to her and was like, How come whenever i come down i see Justine sitting doing a stupid craft. I overheard Megan telling Karen, and I was like omggggg... first off, she frigen asked me to make a poster for her which came awesum if i must say so myself, and then that morning Jeannie asked me to make a poster as well, and i did. And the craft was necessary and it literally took only 15 minutes to do, she just happened to come as soon as i was doing the craft. Man, i seriously want to write her a letter that tells how i am feeling once i quit at the end of the summer. So here goes, this is my letter to my asshole boss...

Dear Ms. Tropiano

If you haven't already heard, I QUIT. You are by far the greediest, foulest, sexist, meanest person I have ever met. You do not give a crap about this library, but rather about your fat ass and how good it looks to the government and other libraries. All you care is that you save money so that it makes you look good, it makes no difference whether the books are all out of order or if the books go to crap, as long as you are saving money for your fat paycheck at the end of the month, then you are happy. You are so greedy that you will hire disable kids to put the books away, even though they do a horrible job, but you don't care, you get the money you pay them back from the government. Good deed my ass, its all for the sake of money. I really feel bad for your sad lonely life. You treat people the exact way you feel inside, which is like crap. Ban my library card, I'm sure ill find some way to survive (sarcasm). And don't forget that when you treat people the way you do, you are only deepening your sorry life. By the way if you thought people actually like you, you are clearly delusional. Everyone hates you, and trust me no one will miss you when you retire. But I'm sure you will stay at the library until you are 80 years old, because you are a sad old lady with no life and nothing to look forward to.

With Best Wishes,

I am not really sending this, but I would love too :) :)
Current Mood: Spiteful
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