3rd July 2008

8:32am: omg so tired**
I went to sleep at like 1:30, i was trying to upload my video onto youtube, which i was able to do, but i think i can get a better quality, so im gonna try that later. Grrr i want to sleep :(

I auditioned yesterday. It went good. They asked me to sing bippidiboppidyboo and Tale as old as time. I told them i would come up for the performances on the 15th and 16th, even though i go down to Cape May on the 10th.

OMG, my mom just told me Matt broke up with Mindy. Wtf, i was with Danielle all last night and she just totally didnt mention that. Maybe she forgot or she didn't want to say it in front of Steve. Hmmm, she must be pretty excited ;). No surprise tho, Mindy seems a little airish. And Danielle has 3 years more on Matt, i think they should get back together. :) :) :)

Off to workkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :( :( :(
Current Mood: Happy, yet tired
Current Music: Shake it, Metro Station
8:40am: whoa whoa whoa whoa
My dad must have heard wrong, cuz they are def still together...hes such a dork, and matts making a mistake
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