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Sunday, September 7th, 2003
4:17 pm - braking up
men r so frustrating! lol well me n zach broke up witch at first i was really hurt u know but then everyone was telling me i deserved better and he didnt deserve me and i didnt belive them till2day..cuz i saw it coming i knew something was up...he didnt answer my calls he was never online he acted different around me in school. so one nite i blocked my number and called him he answered and he was like "i think i want to brake up"(rude way to brake up with some1) and i was like ok..why? and he said "well bc i dont know you" then i hung up. but the point of going out is to get to know each other. then i need answers so i called him back and he didnt pick up..

the next day u know i was starting to understand that we just grew apart and werent ment 4 each other so it was ALL that big a deal but i do really really miss him..
caitlin came over the day after he broke up with me and bought me pizza and we just layed arund watching movies all day..shes the greatest..i really dont know wat i would do without her without her i would still be in love with zach.

that nite caitlin had to babysit and i couldnt stand being alone so..i called my grandma to go over her house n help out with the 2 babies. so as it turns out lindsey (my cuzin) had to work and asked if i could babysit and i did..(just to let u know lindsey has the 2 babies,and she lives with my grandma). a new born and a 3 year old..it was hard but i got threw it..atleast it took my mind off of zach..

i still feel loney though i want a long term relationship but theres no guy out there that wants one they all want one thing and thats sex thats it! dont get me wrong im not prude but u know i dont have sex at this age..i need to really know the guy 4 a long time and really like him.

i met up with an old frined friday it was weird cuz i havent seen him in a long time..his names chris and man did he change! wowy 4 the better 2!! but were just friends..

i think im gonna concentrate on skool friends and work 4 now..

gonna go eat dinner now..

current mood: lonely
current music: 3 doors down-here with you...B.B.-next to nothing

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Monday, September 1st, 2003
10:44 pm - PA!!
i just got back from PA 2day..it was awsome! i rode quads the whole time..but then my dumb ass cuzin rode it for 2 minutes and recked it! now i need a new rim, tire, and chain. but anyways..caitlin came with me and we had alot of fun just hanging out. we watched movies rode quads played PICTIONARY and monopoly(i cheated..cuz i was the banker!) my nana and pop pop came up and so did my aunt shannon and uncle billy with the kids. my cuzin taylor came too...omg he is such a pervert! me caitlin taylor and jeremy all slept in the same room cuz there wasnt enough space with 12 ppl in one house (there were 3 beds) taylor slept on the floor but he told me that when caitlin wakes up shes gonna have his dick in her mouth! can u belive him then he started humping her! my mom heard him say "caitlins gonna wake up with my dick in her mouth" she was soo pissed! haha that was soo funny. caitlin and kendrick got in a fite though..kendrick had a girl over his house at 11:00pm when caitlin called and the girl likes kendrick! but then kendrick got mad cuz caitlin was sleeping in the same room with 2 guys one that liked her..then jeremy got on the phone and said "im sleeping with your girl" and he flipped he got soo jealous..then jeremy got on the phoen and asked y he has such a girly voice. i felt bad 4 caitlin but i told her not to worry bout it. jeremy that dumbass bitch he told my mom some stuff that he shouldnt..n thank god my moms not gonna tell my dad cuz my dad would flip!! i wouldnt have a life!
g2g watch golden girls

current mood: exhausted
current music: golden girls theme

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Monday, August 25th, 2003
6:50 pm
yesterday i went to 6 flags with zach. there was alot of people there so it was kinda hard to go on any rides..but it was ok atleast i got to see him. i had fun hanging out with zach we walked in circles..but i was kinda "out of it" alot since..well i have my reasons. next time we hang out it'll be fun!

well some1 i cant say who but some1 keeps bringing up their past and tells me things that i dont need to know. (not krystal..lol) they even joke bout it and say stuff that is inconsiderate to me when i see them.

me and caitlin r going to PA this week for 5 days!! well hopefully caitlin can go..she dont know if shes allowed yet of of her horse. her mom has to talk to her dad bout it. quad riding all day!! but then for 2 days my aunt shannon and uncle billy r coming up with the kids. its gona be awsome if caitlin goes and if she doesnt its gonna be boring cuz im stuck with my FAMILY.

caitlins over here rite now watching me rite this and i dont know wat else to say.OMG shes singing! err!!

i was listenging to clay all day i dunno wat it is about him but...god i just love him...(i love zach more!) but clay is just so damn cute! not hot or sexy but cute. he burns me up!

g2g eat dinner

current music: clay aiken-invisible..bowling for soup-emily

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2003
5:42 pm - 1st journal entry
I went to go se freddy and jason 2day! DAMN theres some sexual parts in there. freddy had jaosn the whole time but at the end jason came back a lil but no1 won jason walked out the water with freddys head and freddy winked..so i guess they both lost? in one part freddy was like "OH dark meet.." and all the black ppl were laughing and me and caitlin turns to me n says "kc stop laughing ur gonna get us killed! i was like why she was like cuz only black ppl can laugh at themselves we cant laugh at them! it was soo funny!

2day was one month since my birthday..i had fun on my bday..caitlin came over 4 the day we hung out n stuff then at nite i went to the movies with zach! I miss him i havent seen him in awhile..hopefully is ee him soon *prays*

I cant wait till skool starts just so i can get used to it so i dont have to worry bout it anymore..high school...freshman! see all my friends!! i know im gonna get lost.witch sux ass.

CLAY AIKEN is the fucking coolest! he is just so awsome!!! his one song invisible is my favorite song rite now..he should of won..that pisses me the fuck off so bad that dumbass ruban won! NOT FAIR

im gonna go sleep i had a long day with FREDDY n jason..(jaosn sux)
im out!

current mood: mellow
current music: clay aiken-invisible...taking back sunday-so last summer

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