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Saturday, September 4th, 2004

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    ha haha ha aha
    oh my god the cold has been going around at school i got it from erine and jenny got it from me OY
    well let me see i forgot katie was going on a trip so i was looking for her and then her friends reminded me and throw a marshmellow in my bra lol well i was thinking about my dream
    and it made me realize something i know a lot of people so *nexted post*

    Current Mood: chipper
    heres to the night
    heres to the old and the new:
    to my morning crew: Bobbi, Tim, Rebecca, rian, Sam, shanon, Trevor, melinda, Anna, Molly
    Heres to the people in my creative writing class : ERine, Maggi, jenny, paco, Sam, that girl whose always happy and bubbily beside him and that boy beside her thats quit

    Heres to my anime loving crew : that boy in my drawing class, ronnie(smush mush) , james, tim, ray, patrick, stephn
    MY inuyasha freak (jenny your in a league all your own)
    to my omish hores :theresa
    to My theather buffs
    emlia ( i dont think i spelled it right )
    stephen * winks * we will always have the beach J/k

    there are more i just cant think
    and how could i forget
    katie you most of all, and katrenn i think i spelled it wrong, and nikki and the dude

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