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Friday, March 14, 2003

10:25PM - crying

right now im very tired and moody and listening to emotionless by good charlotte that song describes my life perfect and im not joking if you knew you would know that im kinda crying to it. i just wrote a kick ass song ya i write songs and sing them and think of the beat on the guitar then drums well im out to cry some more l8r mad love christie

Current mood: moody
Current music: Emotionless-Good Charlotte
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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

8:24PM - i miss.....

i miss the old benji and joel and billy and paul you in the good old days when they didnt have a bunch of teenies shouting there names and telling them they were HOT god people make me sick sometimes!!!!anyways now the ataris are going to be on mtv they ruin every good fuckin band this kid wont stop bothering me and hes in 6th grade hes like your not a good role model im wow i really didnt fuckin know that anyways im out and about not really sitting my ass on the couch and staying up to watch ATR hopefully benji and joely will be hosting not the fat ass kid that i hate jack osbourne ahhhhhh i dont like anyways l8r

Current mood: bitchy
Current music: The Distillers-City Of Angels
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6:26PM - crazy

i swear im going crazy and my life is heading nowhere my mom think im on drugs cuz my pupils r dialeted but im not that shit is sick my teachers all fuckin hate and probally wished i was dead and i only have 1 true really good friend

Current mood: bouncy
Current music: Dropkick Murphys-Do Or Die
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Friday, March 7, 2003

6:03PM - What Happened?

today i was listening to GC and The Unseen on my head phines on the bus and i was screaming the lyrics to the song "What Happend" : they shut down another venue proving once again there right, we cant even police our selves or see a show with out a fight, thats why, im so fuckin sick of this scene, but watcha gonna do?, condem anything you think is different, thats nothing new, what happened to inntelegence in teh scene?, maybe there was never any, all right, im so fuckin sick of this scence, but watcha gonna do?, condem anything you think is different, thats nothing new, i aint saying we cant have no fun, but would it hurt to fucking think, what sperates you from the dumb jocks?, when all you do is fucking drink, im so fuckin sick of this scene, but watcha gonna do?, condem anything you think is different, thats nothing new, dont preach, learn, teach.-The Unseen off the album "The Anger And The Truth", that album kicks some street punk ass people i love The Unseen go out and do something with your life instead of killing people play guitar and sing thats what i do i took the Benji road!!!L8r t8ter

Current mood: determined
Current music: What Happene?-The Unseen
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5:49PM - awsome

Guess what i went to and put level27clothing on my buddy list and im talking to the co-owner of it the other owner is Billy from Good Charlotte and i know hes not a phony because i got his sn thru the we site so...ha ha ha....well i guess i will shut up yesterday was a really crappy day yesterday my teacher who i hate Ms.Sturkey she called me little missy and no one calls me that and gets away with it so the whole class was christie is gunna get her ass kicked but cuz i was DONT CALL ME LITTLE MISSY but she just gave the the "your dead glare" and i just walked away i dont take shit from any one.....fuck off to all the shit talkers-The Unseen.

Current mood: amused
Current music: The Unseen-Anger and The Truth
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5:22PM - hair

High whats up im bored out of my mind and laughing at my hair so fuckin bad its half black and half blond like paul from GC im really really boredi have nuthin to write about so l8r mad hi's and mad bye's

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Saturday, March 1, 2003

6:29PM - o ya

oya i got the GC/NFG tickets im so fuckin happy my friend tiffany will be going with me!!!

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10:33AM - tickets to concert

YAY the Good Charlotte/New Found Glory tickets went on sale and i got them...ha ha you didnt!!!!im listening to good charlotte's old cd, i love "festival song" ha ha ha Joels random noises crack me up "uhhh" i want a tatto on both my shoulders 2 stars (1 on each) like joels...and i want my lip peirced.....o well keep on rockin o ya my new qoute thanx to benji is Toyotas suck. Honda what!.........l8r i will be at the rock show :)

Current mood: anxious
Current music: Good Charlotte-Festival Song
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