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a lot on my mind.... [11 Oct 2003|06:46pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | *with arms wide open* Creed ]

i have a lot on my mind right now...mostly jimmy and how serious i really do want it to get...when we both get on our feet i really want to get an apartment with him...i mean like ASAP...i really do love him and i want it to last forever...and ever and ever....I really want to move out and i want to move with him because i wouldnt want to be without him for a second...I think my decision to stay out the whole night with him was a good one because i realized that i really do care for him and love him...i know he feels the same way and im really serious about taking this a step further...a lot further...its a little too soon to think about marriage but ya know...moving in together...getting a trial run to see if we would make it...which i really do think we will...i love him with everything i have and id be willing to give up anything to be with him day and night....

and as for all of my friends...i love them and i dont know if i will be able to live without them either...i called kathryn today and it was so good to hear someones voice again...nichole wasnt home...and buddy called but i couldnt talk...i felt bad...but ya know i will talk to him...kristyn called last night but i really didnt want to talk to her so i was pretending to be asleep...which i really did fall asleep after that....

i have nothing else to say...ill write lata...


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poem for my baby [11 Oct 2003|07:46pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | *carve your heart out yourself* dashboard ]

Youre nothing like anyone ive ever known,
everything ive ever wanted and loved,
and now i have you,
and i never feel unloved.

I open my eyes and wish you were there,
but you cant be,
so i lay awake dreaming about you,
and i mean this sincerely.

i love you and i need this,
i dream of a life with you,
and i know i will have it,
because i need and want only you.

i want a life of fun times together,
and to be held by you every night,
and feel warm and loved everyday,
to have a life full of sunlight.

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