09:19pm 21/07/2003
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08:20pm 18/07/2003
mood: bored
This journal's quite handy when I realy feel like not communicating with other people. Padma's well..a twin. Of course she's positively LOVELY...it's just.... you get to a point where you just get rather sick of a person. I have lived with her my whole life- and I have to share a birthday with her, hmph, I feel as though I tolerate her enough as it is.

Anyways, had a dreadful trip to Diagon Alley yesterday. Cho's obviously pining for Harry- although, from what I've overheard in the Gryffindor common room, Harry's quite over Cho. Poor girl, she's got her feelings so confused. Personally? I think she's still in love with Cedric- they were going together for quite a long time. Now, she's throwing herself at anyone who will have her. (which is a good majority of the school population, lucky brat, just kidding!) I think that she should just either get over Cedric, or quit throwing herself at every single guy that gives her a second look. Lucky girl...I wish I had that many people who liked me. I'm pretty, well, I'm not ugly..and I certainly don't have intense acne..poor Eloise.

Mum's always going on about "true love"..."Don't search for happiness, Parvati, happiness will find you." I'm sure it will, Mum. Not that I'm saying I don't like anyone at all- of course I do, but I always seem to go out of my league...

And Lavender's- she's been quite friendly with Seamus lately..I guess I'll just have to wait for my turn. The best for last, I suppose.

Anyways, Cho has owl-ed both me and Lavender, and she wants to go back to meet up sometime soon. I suggested a sleep over at my house- of course Mum won't mind, she never objects when I have magic friends over....

They'd better reply soon though...
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Interestingly enough...   
02:05pm 17/07/2003
mood: bored
music: WWN
Padma subscribes to "Charmed." Some sort of teenage witch magazine, really. Anyways, they had a survey for Hogwarts students, because we all know that school starts in about two weeks. (whoo-hoo...) I've been so bored that I've just been writing and writing and writing all day- already wrote about 5 dozen letters to Lavender, Cho, Marietta, Lisa, Eloise, and Venus knows how many more.... so here goes...

Name: Parvati Patil
Age: 16
House: Gryffindor
Year: 6
Favorite Subject: Divination!
Least favorite subject: Potions
Favorite Teacher: Prof. Trelawney...or Firenze..
Least favorite Teacher: Snape
Who should teach DATDA: Prof. Lupin was okay....
What subject should be taught that isn't: Hotties in Hogwarts? I don't know. I don't care. Ask Hermione Granger.
What teacher's job would you like to replace: I don't want to teach.
Which teachers would you designate to the houses: I think the house leaders are fine as they are
Do you break the rules: Unless you call being totally fashionable and perfect make-up "breaking the rules".
If so, which ones/if not, why: who cares? i'm taking this stupid survey 'cause i'm bored!
If you were head boy/girl, how would you abuse your powers: Are you joking? That's the only POINT of being head girl!
Would you rather cheat or study: cheat off Hermione Granger
If you were headmaster for a day, what would you do: You DON'T want to know ;)
If you could kill one person and get away with it, who would it be: Killing's horrible- honestly.
Why: hello?! (stupid survey)
If you could be an animagus, what animal would you be & why: ...some beautiful. Maybe a unicorn..if that was possible.
Was Hogwarts your first choice school: Well, I'm not going to go to school in France, so yeah...
Why/why not: (stupid survey, answered that question already)
What are you doing after graduation: Maybe working for Madame Malkin- or the Ministry..haven't really thought that far.
If you could work anywhere, where would you pick & why: Diagon Alley- all that cool atmosphere.
Where would you hate to work & why: Any muggle place.
Do you have a job now: hehe. No.
If so, what is it/If not, why: well, you aren't exactly allowed out of the school all the time...
Do you play quidditch: I like to watch it...
For the house team: don't play.
If so what posistion/If not, why: I don't play quidditch.
What other sports can you play: What? Sports, me? HA!
Name 5 friends: Lavender, Cho, Alicia, Angelina, Katie, Padma
Name 5 enemies: Pansy Parkinson, the majority of Slytherins
Who's family would you want to be adopted into for a day: Pretty sure you don't want to know.
If you could be another student for a day, who would you be: No one!
Why: helloo...? stupid survey
Do you have a crush on anyone: wouldn't you like to know?
Who: actually- not really...
Are you going to act on it: If I did- Probably....
If not, why: eh?
Do you know if anyone has a crush on you: possibly...I'm gorgeous after all.
Who: I don't know.
Do you want them to act on it: Yeah, duh.
If not, why: wha-?
Have you kissed anyone at this school: Wouldn't you like to know? ;)
Who: ^_~
Have you been kissed by anyone at this school: not from our school...
Who: ...
Who do you think should date & why: Hermione and Ron...or maybe Hermione and Harry...whatever it is, it's pretty obvious that she's going to end up with either one.
Who shouldn't be dating & why: Malfoy and Pansy- gross....
Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with: someone resourceful
Why: 'cause then i could get off this island.
Who wouldn't you want to be stranded on a desert island with: Snape. or Malfoy. of Pansy.
What would you take to the island with you if you didn't have magic: my wand. or vanity bag....
Why: Magic, i could get off the bloddy island. Vanity bag- i have to look good, y'know!
If you had to sleep with someone from another house, who would you pick & why: Hmm...Maybe Roger Davies- he IS kind of cute....or Oliver Wood (hey! he's not at school anymore, he counts.)
If you had to sleep with someone from the same house, who would you pick & why: that's just wrong.
If you had to sleep with a teacher, who would you pick & why: i like young men. not old, gray, and 50, thank you, leave me alone.

well, that was time consuming...almost an hour flew by...hmmmm...maybe i should see if Mum would be willing to embroider my new robes....
08:46pm 16/07/2003
  School starts in about two weeks...I think. That's what Padma said, anyways. She was always looking forward to going back to school- never really understood it. I guess I do sort of wish to go back...I'll get to see everyone again! That should be fun...it's never the same when you're just exchanging owls. Yeah, it'll be nice to see Lavender and Cho, and everyone else. I was actually thinking of joining some Societies this year. The Fore-seeing one actually sounds interesting...Well, not so much interesting as Firenze might actually be the advisor for it this year! He's gorgeous- as I repeatedly told Ms. Hermione Granger last year...I still don't understand what she sees in Harry (or is it Ron?) Sure, Harry's famous and all, but he's got no looks whatsoever, his hair! It's everywhere! Well, I guess I can sort-of see the appeal- he does have the most gorgeous eyes... Well, he's obviously not interested in me, and that's fine with me. After that horrendous Yule Ball....well, at least I met Guy because of him!

I'd write more, but I can hear Padma stomping up the stairs...I think we finally got our Hogwarts letters!
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