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Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

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    So the first day of the fast went pretty well....all liquids except for fried rice with my dad tonight. there was no getting out of that one. so tomorrow should be great considering Ihave all day to let the liquids go through my system. :) that makes me soo excited again. I felt the beginning of it today before I left with my dad cuz my hands were really cold thin and I was going to the bathroom frequently. Tomorrow's only going to get better. 5 lbs will be easy...should I set a higher goal?? Hope my fasting buddy is doing well as well! I know just knowing that someone out there has a certain expectation of me, besides myself, helps sooo much! Thank you! (you know who u are)

    God damn my fucking roommate...had the guy over while i was gone today... BITCH any ideas what I should do
    Today's calorie count: (since we're basing this off of restriction, not fasting)
    1 Gala Apple : 80
    Hot chocolate (fat free) : 120
    Gushers: 90
    2 bites of Chicken Parm. sandwich : ??? nooo clue

    this is all I plan on eating for the night so my total is 290 +chix parm.
    wow that seems like a big number. idk..tomorrow i'll try to keep it below 200cals. Hope everyone is doing well!! So, I have this total blind date with this really cute guy tonight and I"m sooo nervous! keeping my fingers crossed. feedback anyone??

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