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FREAKED OUT! [Oct 04 2003 @ ]
hey,seriously.I am pissed off at my sister.this guy imed me.
fatjonsarefat.and,he was asking me a bunch of shit and saying a bunch of shit,and I just fucking freaked out.I was like why did u im me?and,he said can't a guy im u?and,I said no.and,he logged off.but,the whole thing was fucked up if u ask was totally retarded.and,he can just go to hell.I don't know who he is.but,my sister is gonna get her ass kicked.anywaymg2g.
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[Oct 03 2003 @ ]
hey guys.Just got back from volunteering.the kids all are so cute.they love me.they are so daorable.I swear.but
I was busy all day,so yeah.It was alright,though.well I'm going to go work on my layout and play a game.
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[Oct 01 2003 @ ]
hey,guys.what is up?Nothing much here.HOLLA!anyway,I am feeling pretty damn bad today.So much for my newfound happy attitude huh?he he.anyway,leave me love.
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[Sep 30 2003 @ ]
hey,guys.well i start volunteering on thursday at my mom's school.and,I couldn't be happier.from now on I am going to do a cut tag and post a picture of the day,alright?so y'all betta recognize!so,holla!anyway,I can't wait to see dakota fareel.he is like the cutest baby.anyway,I seriously need to get a boy-friend.maybe,a boy-friend could take my mind of travis.I doubt it,but who knows.Do any of u guys watch the john walsh show?WELL,u shud.
Because,he always has great topics today he talked about this girl who was attacked by a guy she met online.and,all this stuff.and,it scares me.Because,I talk online a lot.and,I amsafe but it can still happen.And,I do
not want it to.ugh!lack! is today's pic:
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[Sep 28 2003 @ ]
I feel better today.I baby-sit for crystal until 12:30 last night.Grr,major lag.anyway,see what happened is her boy-friend gio got arrested like 3 weeks ago.and,she is still in love w/him she thinks he changed.But,I don't know that that is true.I mean he could be talking a lot of shit,y'know?I hope that he is changed though for crystal's sake.Because,she needs a good male role model in her life.and,I hope Gio can do that.I am on aim right now r u?lol.leave ur aim names,so I can add you.o.k.?o.k.yeah,no herpes.yay!!!!!!!!I rawk!Man,I don't know what I am doing tonight,but I know it must involve taco bell or something like that.I will prolly go to church though.and,then maybe go to sunrise or sumthing.I don't even know,maybe I want chicken!mmm!chicken yeah!
he he.I best be runnin' see ya!
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[Sep 08 2003 @ ]
I came here to tell u all I have moved to can have up to 1,000 icons over there.and,they are all under free,I suggest u move over's way better>i swear!
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[Sep 08 2003 @ ]
I came here to tell u all I have moved to can have up to 1,000 icons over there.and,they are all under free,I suggest u move over's way better>i swear!
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[Aug 25 2003 @ ]
due to the fact that dumbasses,couldn't listen to me,and remove me when they were told,to I made a new journal.way too many unactive ppl were adding me and not,if I kept u then add,carly,
jaimie,and of course sarah.and,all my other pps.see ya!
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[Aug 22 2003 @ ]
surveyness,cuz heidi got bored )
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[Aug 21 2003 @ ]
alright,I am removing everyone except the 8 people that asked not to be removed.
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[Aug 19 2003 @ ]
hook me up,baby!so,we have 3 girls and one guy?is that correct.o.k.fill out this info.
member u'd like to hook up with:
and,i'll work my magic.
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[Aug 16 2003 @ ]
I am excited about going back to school.I mean what can I say?It's really exciting.Although,I heard that the teachers and stuff might go on a strike.which could mean,a later return.I get my classes on monday.When,I decided to get my lazy ass up to the skool to get it.I spent the night @ ashley w's.We went to the mall and it was fun.I tried to talk jessica into being her friend again.but,jessica said no.and,all because ahsley cheated on stan with scott.Granted,Scott is a nasty ass mofo,it is none of her business.right?Right!Now,excuse me,ppl!but,I am changing the layout again!he he!
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[Aug 14 2003 @ ]
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[Aug 12 2003 @ ]
hey,'s heidi here.I cut my,6 inches.and,yeah.anyway,I have drivers ed and chorus next year.and
I have to go register this week.I printed those,click this link to see my school's
freakin' website.
anyway,well.Hmm.g2g!plz,comment me!
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[Aug 11 2003 @ ]
Alyssa's benefit was fukiin mad ass crazy.My other cuzin artie brought some friends.And,one was a swedish guy Jon.He was crazy drunk.Freaking on the dance floor and shit.It was funny.He was a cutie,though.OS adorable.It
was funny as hell.Yeah,it was fun though.spanky69 is a fucking bitch.And,I hate her sorry ass.she fucked with my gurl!LOl,u don't do that!anyway,i'm out.
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[Aug 09 2003 @ ]
[ mood | anxious ]

hey,i'm back.Anyway,I bought a really cute outfit 4 school.a baby blue hoodie and a grey athletic skirt with a baby blue stripe.I <3's so cute.anyway,I have a benefit for my 3rd cuzin tonight at 7:30-midnight.but,we're going at 5:30 to eat and set the shit's a texas grill in the mall.where I went last night to see Freaky Friday.hmm.that movie rawks!Anyway,my period is late.But,hey so is Jaimie's.<3.We can be late together.I'm actually not excited about school.I mean I am.But,I ain't.Jaimie says she's been having sharp pains,and she might have t.s.s.that would be bad.It happens when either u leave ur tampon in too long or it's's very rare.but,not uncommon.anyway,I got a pregnancy test,and it was i'm not pregnant.although,that would be cool but
i'm out!

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[Aug 07 2003 @ ]
heidi is the #241 most common female name.
0.088% of females in the US are named heidi.
Around 112200 US females are named heidi!
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[Aug 07 2003 @ ]
it's been awhile,since I posted a real update.Hmm.well,I am going to go school clothes shopping,soon.We'll probably go to fashion bug.Because,like I love that store.(yup!)anyway,I have been so naughty not commenting.
I'm a bad little girl.But,anyway I am sorry.Don't hate me.So,anyway.My friend christy got her tongue pierced.I am so happy for her,it's adorable,yep.I can't believe summer is almost over,I am so upset.sad,really.well,it's time for me to start thinking about college,since i'll be a junior this year.I really would like to attend a college with a good drama department.LIKE,tulsa University.I heard theres is really good.And,plus Hanson is from there.
and,so yeah.Lol.But,I can't go to a college,jsut cuz a from there,that would be dumb.Lol.Like super dumb.
Don't u agree?Well,anyway.I am really tired,and supposed to be going to dq with brit and her gramma,so see ya.
gotta go reply and comment y'allz.
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[Aug 05 2003 @ ]
hey!its a dreaded friends cutt!I am cutting ppl who
1)never comment
2)never update
3)are total idiots

only add me if:
1)you comment a lot
2)u update
3)you are relatively smart.I'm not being rude,but if u don't ever say any-thing smart,I refuse to add you.Sorry.
4)don't add me expecting me to make u a layout.Just ask.,will the following ppl plz remove me?
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[Aug 04 2003 @ ]
well,i am on.I am having a friends cut again,probably on about tuesday.Anyway,Just wanted to let y'all know.see ya!
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