03:15pm 07/09/2003
mood: chipper
music: Gotta Man, Ricky J
i went to the boulivard mall yesterday.. haha it was fun, i spent lots of money :-D

last night i slept at katies.. hahaha we went out with marshall and his drc friends for his birthday.. it was fun! marshall's a really cool guy, i used to think he was an ass. But hes not. His dog went physco last night and started humping Pat hahaha me and katie died.

vincenzo called me this morning! i was so happy cuz i miss him.. and everyone else from sherkston. but anyways, him and daniel might come up this weekend to visit. i really hope they do! :-D it really sucks to become so close to people and like lose them over winter. 262 days left O:)

im outty, i gotta find a ride home