07:28pm 05/09/2003
mood: bored
music: Infatuation, The Juliana Theory
holy FUCK im bored.. and katerbeans is STILL asleep... grr... today she got a job!! i went with her and sat in the parkinglot. i swear i smoked like 574305673 cigarettes. haha oops. i hope she gets up soon cuz i wanna chill tonite but i highly doubt we will. oh welllll.

i really miss my b3 girls! :( i hope they come visit soon.

ill come back later, peace
whaa whaa   
07:53pm 05/09/2003
mood: restless
music: Suga Suga, Baby Beesh and Frankie J
looks like im staying home tonite.. which i dont mind at all cuz im reaaaally tired and i want to wait for someone to get on anyways.. hehe :) ive really got nothin much to say, so ill come back when i can say a LOT..
08:20pm 05/09/2003
mood: confused
08:28pm 05/09/2003
mood: giggly
music: Love of my Life, Brian McKnight
i love brett i love brett i love brett i love brett! :)
09:28pm 05/09/2003
mood: lonely
music: I Cant Tell You Why, Brownstone
i miss my angel... 264 days left