the dreaded NAME CHANGE [15 Apr 2012|10:36pm]
[ music | Aesthetic Perfection - Under Your Skin ]

Hello, darlings!

I'm not around much, but I'm always happy to see messages from my friends here during the very FEW times that I come to check.

Yes, it's still me, obviously... if you've added me on facebook you may know of the whole disabled account fiasco.

The name n3cr0phelia was labeled inappropriate because of what it implies...

Ah, well. I had to change it if I wanted my account back, and I really wanted my account back.
I did not want to get a new name, under any circumstance, and tried negotiating this with the staff, explaining my name, but there was no convincing them, in spite of my breaking it down to necro and OPHELIA, which is what it is.

About creating and general hanging out here on IMVU, since I started working last year, I haven't had much time for the things I really love doing... my internet connection doesn't help much, either.
I'm using a broadband USB portable modem thingy that limits what I can do, since it's kind of (extremely) slow.

A note to my friends: you know where to find me!
I don't come around here to check messages and groups... I'm really busy... :(
But I never ever forget you!

Thank you, thank you, those of you who noticed I was gone, who welcomed me back, and especially those who supported me during my rants and fits on facebook while my account was disabled.




Holiday update! [28 Dec 2011|04:52pm]
[ music | Joy Electric - I Sing Electric ]

First and foremost, I hope everyone's having some awesome holidays!

I'm still not officially back on IMVU, but I hope to be!
Can you believe I haven't even updated my client?
I have no idea how devving goes about now... but I'll fid out soon enough.

Some pictures, for fun.




woah. [23 Sep 2011|10:29pm]
[ music | Dismantled - Disease ]

I haven't been around here on IMVU in so long, that I wouldn't be surprised if no one remembers me!

Some updates about my life, for those of you who still come around to check up on me.

Since I started working around February I've had no time to do the things I really like... I worked at a call center for several months, which was crazy! But crazier still... I am now working at a private school, teaching grades 6 to 12.

It's a really draining experience, considering I'm designing the course and I have around 450 students (I don't know all their names!) , but it's also amazing.

My subject is Conversational English... that opens the door to be as creative as I want to be with what and how I teach, and so far I've been putting all the young artists to work.
It's lots of work, but also lots of fun.
And I think I owe my understanding of the younger generation thanks to IMVU... short attention spans, senses of entitlement, Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, Rebecca Black, so on and so on.

It's pretty awesome.

I still get to do creative work... but not the kind I want to.

I also had to change my hair! From blue to ugly brown to a now purple/pink/red. Which is very unlike me... but I feel very unlike myself taeching middle and high school. It's like being there all over again in many aspects... I'm a teacher not a student, but I still feel completely out of place, and it's not so fun being in that place anymore, specially after feeling so at home during 9 years of college.

On a completely different note... Lollipop Cult has been compromised by SPAMBOTS.

Google needs to review it because you might be getting some warnings on ALL MY PAGES, everywhere LC is linked.
Oh gawd.
Talk about embarrassment.
It's been taken offline until I can re-do it on another platform... I'm so sorry!
I've submitted a revision request through google's webmaster tools, you won't get infected for visiting me, I swear!
The problem was that one of the extensions - the shoutbox - was vulnerable. It's been uninstalled.


slave to the wage. [13 Mar 2011|05:58pm]
Hey everyone! I haven't been connecting with many of you because I've been too busy to get online (to do anything at all)!
At the moment I'm working two jobs. UGH!
So it may be a while before I'm around again. :\

BUT - I will still be a judge for Nocturnal Embassy's contest this month!

The theme is The World of H.P. Lovecraft... awesome!

OPENS: March 7th/11 00:00 AM US PST
CLOSES: April 9th/11 11:59 PM US PST

TOP 25 FINALISTS: Sticker + Finalists' badge
TOP 3 WINNERS: Sticker + Winners' + exclusive NE trophy

Give it a shot!
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pluggin' [16 Feb 2011|08:19pm]


Back from unintentional hiatus... [03 Dec 2010|03:19am]
My internet fun was cut short when my service provider let me down one more time in October.
I missed Halloween on IMVU!
I also missed my own birthday in November, but am surprised now to see so many gifts from my friends... I've said it before, but it's always embarrassing when friends remember mine and I forget theirs (hoorray birthday reminders on the IMVU homepage!)
Thank you, thank you, everyone.

On the subject of birthdays... happy birthday, GlTTE!!! One I came back just in time for and pretending to have remembered all along.
Let's recall the days when she was illegal (too young for IMVU), made AMAZING products and then very mysteriously disappeared. We still don't know why her account got disabled and no one has dared mention it again... but she's back and hopefully to stay.

(I'm horrible with details like dates... even names! But I usually remember nonsense and random conversations extremely well... too well. Hoping that makes up for it. Though I know, not really.)

And on the subject of new page features... DAMN all those games to HELL. I see they're not being as bothersome as in the beginning (all those unwanted invitations) but still, as if IMVU weren't a distraction itself!

I'm so happy to see so many new members at the Cult!
I had lots of ideas for its progress, but it was put on hold while I was away, and I still haven't dropped by the group... almost ashamed to go there. But I'm hoping to get ideas flowing so that our writers keep publishing!


fail vs. win, college vs. IMVU, so on, so on. [23 Sep 2010|12:27am]
SO! Some IMVU-ish updates for all!

I know I'm being a big baby about it, but I just need to complain sometimes. Complain or explode.
My summer has sucked in so many ways, and now, summer is over... but in hot and sunny Puerto Rico it's always summer (or so many of you people with "seasons" say...)

Another reason why it's eternal summer for me:
For the second time. I am now an MA (in English literature, if you need to know, and happy to be one).
After many tears and much suffering, and with the help of my committee and support from my friends, I finished my thesis and it was a total success.

So... not being concerned with classes starting in the Fall is a very strange feeling... I'm somewhat disoriented.
(Meaning, though I know the following is totally untrue, on a rational level, I feel like my life HAS NO MEANING WHATSOEVER).

I'm not concerned with reading and courses for the moment, but am somewhat busy doing research... looking for a uni to do my PhD in.
(I'm sorry if this makes no sense to some of you, it's just what's on my mind, and this has nothing to do with IMVU, does it?) I'll get back to it, I promise.

I mean to say, my academic life is not over and will never be over, because it looks like my future is in academia.

Some of you know that I'm moving. I've been moving very slowly...
Another reason why this summer has been unsummerish.
I've been working with hardware type things... painting, lifting heavy items, installing things that are not software. You get it.

In the process of choosing which of my possesions I bring from the old house to the new, I am ridding myself of everything I don't need or have not used in a year.
Among those things... are these boots:

They're popular on IMVU... may I interest you in a cheap, pre-owned by Narco real life pair? (Size 10. Bids start at 15$. They cost me about 100$ with S&H.)

Before you assume anything, they don't stink! They smell like a meadow inside (really, really) and are totally clean.
Just dusty and worn on the outside. You buy?

I am also selling a ridiculous amount of crap on GothAuctions again.
And I will keep adding stuff as I keep searching through my closet... what I will take and what I'll give away or sell, because the new house has a much smaller closet.

I announce it here hoping some anonymous peeps who may be interested drop by, but twice it's only been two AMAZING developers that I love and it's both exciting and embarassing.

For example... Premmy adopted 2 of my skirts, which was very kind and on top of it, sent a generous donation that went towards my domain hosting fees. <3

And Lumina bought some of my stuff as well a while back.

Too sweet.

But back to IMVU and the things that matter.

LC is total WIN.
So many developers that I will not even begin to name (because they are many and I don't want to forget anyone) have contributed ideas, graphics, articles, special LC products and themed stuff (like Woolooloo and her hit public room, "Liar of Lollitude" - which you should check out.

It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Pretty please CLICK HERE to see what developers like Pop, Ritsy, Mayteval, Woolooloo, Xylopia and Splattertude have made honoring (*ahem* -promoting-) the Cult.

There's many more, they just haven't added the keyword, BUT you may see all the exclusive LC merch linked at our facebook page here:

Click it! Please "like" it!
All the new articles get promoted there as well!

Also remember you can join our IMVU group for interaction, suggestions, and best of all FREEBIES.
We give out free LC merch to registered members!

If you still haven't visited LC, please do so... you can also become a writer for LC if you think you have something to contribute. We are in need of writers! You can get paid. In credits or in candy, you choose.

And finally... about developing, the same thing usually happens to me... I think "hooray, summer vacation! I'll finally do those things I wanted to do on IMVU" but I end up caught up in real life duties and don't.

This summer I did make some bundles of cosplays of the Endless sisters - from Niel Gaiman's Sandman graphic novel, which is one of my favorite authors and Sandman is the only graphic novel I actually own most volumes of.

Check them all out by clicking here.
Or just look at the picture if you're not interested in buying them, they're still cute.

And that is all for now.


Meet your new religion. [13 Aug 2010|02:41pm]
Join the CULT.

It's a website made of candy, awesomeness, win and holiness.
I started working on it exactly a week ago and BOOM!! There it is!
I could not have done it without everyone's help.
But enough about that, click IT:

Register for members-only offers and goodies.
Join the group, too!
For discussions, feedback and so on.

It's still developing, and we're still inviting developers to be part of the shrine!


My IMVU highlights of the month. [17 Jul 2010|02:22pm]
I've posted about this at several blogs, like my tumblr and twitter, which post to facebook, but here I go again.
My friend Gitte is making products again, and her first submissions (on this account) are a beautiful gift... two sets based on a drawing of mine which I don't even consider that good... It was a doodle on the back of a printed out novel I was reading for one of my courses. My mom went to a conference at a hotel by the ocean, and I stayed outside "reading."
I was bored by the novel, so I drew this satyr girl with my pen and colored it with highlighters inbetween staring out at the sea.
I think it's incredibly sweet Gitty would bring a simple doodle to life by making an IMVU outfit out of them.
Though one of them is exclusive... that means YOU can't have it. bwahahahaaa.
But the brighter one is available to everyone.

Please, please click the link?

And consider adding it to your page if you advertise for awesome devs, she most definitely is one.

You should also pay her a visit, at her homepage, which is a cool place to hang out considering her taste in music.

She also made my current avatar pic.

See, I couldn't possibly do it myself.

In other news... nothing.

No, that's a lie.
I'm still offering to pay derivation fees for products derived from my meshes, which is going on here and which you may apply for... and though I'm happy with everyone's derives so far, this has got to be my favorite:

By Blakeraven. I also enjoy visiting his homepage time and again, it's beautifully decorated with his artwork. He has a growing catalog that is really worth visiting.
I can't seem to find his banner, so CLICK HERE, pls.

Another awesome product is Homosexual's CaliGurl outfit:

I'm a big fan of his skins... but he makes all kinds of beautiful products. Click below.

And my devving, I'll probably be making hairs over the next couple of days... because anything else takes time I don't have for the moment.

Also... I updated my personal website a little bit... Right.

I want to make an IMVUish website soon.
LOL. "Soon."

But yeah. I'm really busy with a bunch of stuff, I can't wait for it all to be over... like it ever ends at all, but one can hope!

some announcements of relevant news [23 Jun 2010|04:29pm]
First and foremost, a few things will come to a pause.

One is my activity at IMVU, social (I guess posting in my group and corresponding with a very limited few of you), developing and whatnot, because:

- School.
My uni (UPR) was closed because of a students' strike, a protest for some rights and things I am not getting into here and now.
It was stressing and unpleasant, but was the reason why I had a bit of time to get back in touch with IMVU people and making a few things.
The strike is over now and this means I have to get back to my duties as a student, which take up a pretty big chunk of my time.

- Decreased income.

Someone hacked OhMotherofPearl and spent credits on Vampire Castles for friends in my list (friends who don't even use IMVU and still have "guest" in their names).
It's very infuriating and I won't go into thatm either. But I filed a help ticket to see what they can do... it's not the first time my account has been tampered with, so I am very worried indeed.

I need to spend some credits monthly now because I'm sponsoring Nocturnal Embassy's contest and have to buy shoutouts for d3viant-d3signs more or less weekly...

Also, I've been spending a lot gifting my products to friends and strangers to help promote them.
This will also pause, sorry.

- Moving.

My mom and I will be moving to a new house at the end of this month and I'll be pretty busy with that, too.

And I guess that's about it.

Two is... new stuff!

- n3cr0phelia IMVU on tumblr.
I love tumblr.
You should, too.
I should have made some other kind of blog for that, maybe I will sometime, but I'm doing it on tumblr now and it's working out.
It's not getting any attention whatsoever, but I have fun posting old product previews.

- Derivables.
C'mon. Derive. From me.

- Add-on corsets at my file sales.

- Pose sets!

And that is all for now.

Maybe when I graduate and get a life I can come back to my life on IMVU.

devs [14 Jun 2010|12:06am]
Devs to discover this week if you don't know them already:


i judge you. [09 Jun 2010|04:00am]
Heey, guess what.

I'm one of the judges for NocturnalEmbassy's outfit contest.

You have until the 13 of June to put together a Nightmarish outfit and win up to 200k credits!

i heard this would look like awesome sauce tomorrow [03 Jun 2010|07:47pm]
Premature, I know,
but this blog post stays up anyway, eternally,
and I highly doubt I can post tomorrow,
If today is Friday the 4th (or after) CLICK IT, click it!

There's news, interviews, a forum, and all kinds of stuff I haven't even seen but am sure is not dissappointing, so DO ET.

And just an extra note:

deviant-d3signs is the reseller that pays me the precious moneys. Being unemployed, it's pretty much my source of income.
If you buy your credits from them, you're helping me (as well as other well known devs) directly, and I personally appreciate it.
If you're not buying creds because you can't, displaying their banner as support is also a big help!

You on facebook? &stuuuuuff [30 May 2010|10:56am]
Since it's beginnings I've totally hated FB for a number of reasons, one being its "openness to share" your activity with everyone else, which quickly evolved into "invasion of privacy"
and another one being... well the obvious, it's so much like real life, and for those of us who use the net as a sort of escape...
you can see where I'm going with this.

But the point is, it can be fun and practical.

You do know I have an IMVU account at FB... you should add me if you didn't know, or knew and haven't added me yet.

But here's where I ask a favor of you all, and you probably saw this one coming:

>>> N3cr0phelia on IMVU <<<

Click "like" please? Oh pretty please?

You can also "like" dev's catalogs right from IMVU... soo... I appreciate likes on my catalog, too!

In other news, I am still not developing like I used to nor will I have the time to for a while.
Really busy with things going on that don't allow me to sit down and just make things (other that easy derives like hair), but I miss it and want to.

Gitty (Rameboez) is back around! That makes me very happy.
She made me a dancing panties gif.

If you see me online on the client over the next couple of days, don't assume that I'm chatting away and having fun.
I just made a few new hairs and need to take some screenshots.

Only because I don't want my tier to drop, I forgot to rant about that... (because I did so on twitter and facebook already).
After being pro for 2 or 3 years now I'm a T4.

NY was totally awesooome [08 May 2010|03:16pm]
Souvenir pics!


updates, updates. [13 Apr 2010|12:03pm]
[ mood | good ]

Friends and virtual family, thanks so much for gifting and messaging me occasionally. I'm sorry I haven't been getting back to you.

Strangers, thanks for picking up the badge and for your compliments!

I haven't been hanging around IMVU so much because I've been caught up in other things, as usual.
Schoolwork, other work and duties, life, and you can imagine.

I'm selling old rags, trinkets and whatnots at gothauctions.
If you're curious... maybe you can adopt some of my old clothes!

Also, I'll be in NY from the 23rd of this month to the 30th!
I'm staying with a friend and fun will be had. I'm really excited.

I do visit the site more or less on a daily basis, I'm just lurking for the moment. Hopefully, when I get some things out of the way, I'll be designing clothes and poses again. I do have some ideas.
But so much to do... ugh.

In the meantime, maybe you'd like to check out my recent little project, an IMVU related tumblr!
Featuring avatar art by the d3viants as well as anything interesting I find floating about the tumblr galaxy.
If you have some artwork you'd like to show off, please let me know, I'd be happy to post it.


contest winner and updates! [26 Mar 2010|08:28pm]
[ music | Din A Tod - Tragic Blue ]

So much for the runners up... nobody claimed their prizes.

My 25,000th, however, happened to be the amazing dev, Miss Luci!


Thank you, LucidityLashes.

Now, onto pimping of a personal nature.
I'm offering new files at my file shop!

Some free add-ons for clothes and accessories:

If you pick any of these up from here, the least you can do is go give my thread a bump!

Hair textures:

+ more (100c each color)

Opacity maps:

They start at 400 credits.

I lowered the prices on some of my makeup files and hair.
Make your developing easier! Let me help... buy some of these. :P

late night catalog surfing [24 Feb 2010|03:12am]
[ mood | sleepless ]

Pleasant discoveries.



Are you my #25000? [10 Feb 2010|01:15pm]
If you happen to come by my page and are the 25,000th visitor, you get 1k credits!

But just in case...
24,999 and 25,001 get 500 credits.

Be sure to take a screenshot!
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All the Kawaii you need in one place [08 Feb 2010|02:19pm]
Quick plug.
Check out this adorable group, full of IMVU's cutest and most colorful devs:


harro... [03 Feb 2010|01:13pm]
I've been kind of lurking for the past month... sorry.
I've been very very busy, and might continue to stay busy for a while, resulting in neglected plans!

I've been working on my domain. Which you should click, by the way. (Hint, hint.) It has nothing to do with IMVU (or maybe 5%), but it's my pet project...

So... until I can come out with new products, I would like to call your attention to a few other things.

Like this developer, I love her derivables... my current outfit is by her.

And this group:
d3viant public dir3ctory

It's a directory of public rooms maintained and moderated by the amazing developers of d3viant d3signs.

An example (this room is really worth visiting, though probably not as fun by yourself, so bring some friends along):

Also, take a look at these super awesome "narco" search results:
A few new devs have joined in!
Click it.


lighting strikes! [17 Jan 2010|11:01pm]
Sorry I missed the holidays on IMVU.
Lightning literally struck... a brach fell right over the cables from the street to my house, leaving me without an internet connection for the entire length of my Christmas break.

I was looking forward to using my free time to develop, but alas, I could not, and will be busy again.

Thank you for the support though, I see some of you have been buying from me while I was away! That makes me very happy.


update! [09 Nov 2009|08:39pm]
Thank you, everybody who remembered my birthday!
I'm 25 now. Uh oh! Hehe.

Yesterday my friend Velvet came over for some cake and beer! Good times.

Last month was lots of fun... I had the opportunity of spending some time with PremierArchange, who was on vacation with her boyfriend and, lucky for myself and Zeph, they chose Puerto Rico as their holiday spot, all the way from Canada.

Zeph acted more or less a tour guide, though we were both impressed by J's (Premmy's boyfriend) skills in driving and orientation in a place as chaotic as Puerto Rico.

They picked me up at my house twice and I had the most fun I've had in a long time.

Some photos:

Now having met her, I gave a stronger basis to say that PremierArchange is an extremely special person. Down to earth, sweet, funny, very interesting, generous and all around pleasant. I do hope we get to spend some time again someday.

I also met mister m0r3feen, who is now working and living in Puerto Rico!

We weren't close friends on IMVU, but I was very happy to meet and hang out with him as well, and hope we do so more often because he is awesome.

I'm so happy to call people like them (and Zeph, whom I take for granted a bit, because he lives here, hehe) friends.

As for IMVU news, I did some developing while I still could, but I'm back to taking care of real life for a while.

I've made a small stamp collection that you can find here. I even made a stamp card, you can get the code at any of the stamp's product pages, like so:

It will soon be available at the d3viant-designs homepage, where you can find other awesome free stamp cards for your collection, if you collect.

The lollipop on the stamp card was made awesomely by Morfelisia, who also made my new thumbnails, as part of her graphics services.

That's the end of it for now.

look! [14 Oct 2009|11:31pm]


it's dev appreciation weekend! [25 Sep 2009|09:25pm]

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