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Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

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    THE ROAD conclusion
    What were your thoughts on the book?

    Why did McCarthy choose to end the book the way he did? Was the book full of hope or is there no hope. What was the significance of some of the last sequences? Why did the father do what he did to the man who stole the cart? What was the boy's reaction to it? What do you suppose was going on in his mind?

    Is there any "hope" in this novel? Yes or no and WHY?

    P.S. Thought you'd like can see what the Oprah discussion is saying! We should link to them!
    You are to write a 3 page, 750-word EXTRA CREDIT composition on the book. Take quotes, proofread and make sure your essay is thoughtful with a complete thesis and well-organized.

    OPTION 1:

    Choose a passage from the novel and use it to START the essay. You will then connect your thesis to this passage. You must go through the novel and find a phrase, sentence or passage you wish to write on. This can be a few lines or a whole paragraph, but no longer. Place it in block form at the BEGINNING of your essay.

    This passage needs to reflect some crucial aspect of the novel you wish to discuss. It can represent a stylistic aspect of the novel or a thematic idea that McCarthy is working with. Whatever passage you choose, it must be rich enough for you to create a 750 word paper where you fully explicate its importance to understanding the text. Your passage should draw from the entire breadth of THE ROAD demonstrating a greater significance that plays out throughout the story. Give relevant examples of where, when and why.

    OPTION 2:

    Create a thesis where you connect an idea found in THE ROAD with either Art Speigleman's MAUS or D.M. Thomas's THE WHITE HOTEL. You will compare and contrast a theme, an idea or a style that you find rich enough and detailed enough to write a three page paper. Use passages from the works to support your thesis.

    DUE WED. MAY 2.

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