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Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

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    hmm, well yesterday was uberfun. more action lately? i think sawyer has herps so i successfully avoided him yesterday but chris and anders got a lil sum sum. haha. we're all skating at colchestor park today cause his mom (sawyers) is just so nice, she'll bring us there then downtown. speaking of downtown, i think i was supposed to meet danny down there yesterday.. but he never called, but then again i don't think i would have picked up because my phones a bit on the broken side. i'm still trying to decide if i like danny or if he likes me because i don't wanna um, screw up? yea, anders accidently left his cellfone in my bag and they called me at 230 in the morning and left me some spanish words... but anyway, i'm too tired to type anymore, byebye

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