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Friday, April 25th, 2003
11:56 pm - "This is where you fall down..."
The most inane, unneeded, trivial disagreements get started right here at this hell called

Good things rarely come of online journals. Why are we still relying on these random boxes of text to determine what other people's feelings (even our own) are about so many things? Well, I quit. Yes, I'm a quitter! I can't handle all the negativity and mass-confusion any longer, and I don't expect anyone to care that I'm leaving, or deleting, rather. I've never been more satisfied with my life, and I don't need this place bringing me down. I came back before because I had a fraction of hope that things could be repaired here, but and I’m gone for good now. Goodbye, sweet blurty. Thank you for all the troubled times which you've provided me and the people I love with.



current mood: drained

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