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[27 Mar 2003|03:50pm]
Mione and I are on good terms now, and I'm glad. There was never a problem between our friendship.. it was me. ALL ME. Well, I got over that and now I'm a whole new PANSY. I swear..

Had 2 exams this morning, and I found out that I passed.. exactly 100 my Herbology exam. Snape gave us tons of homework again. I think I'll go work on that now and maybe Mione will give me some answers..
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[11 Mar 2003|04:14pm]
I am soo happy. Winter is almost over, I can't stand the cold weather anymore. Spring is coming and soon summer, and before you know it I'm back home. I used to despise Hogwarts, people there just were.. not my type. Not it isn't so bad, Hermione isn't that bad at all. Maybe I'll invite her over during the summer.

Things seem to be fine with Justin and Hermione. They make the cutest couple. They were soo cute at the Valentine's Ball. They had matching outfits and all it was just.. perfect. Hermione, you are one lucky girl. ;)
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[04 Mar 2003|10:44pm]
Potions class was seriously boring. No offense to Professor Snape, but today I was just out of it. Apparently, I've been very busy and haven't had the time at all to write in this journal. There aren't many tests coming up, so maybe I'll write soon.

Hermione and I still haven't been talking. I actually want to be friends with her again. I'm looking back on the things that happened in the past and I reckon it's all rubbish and stupid. So, I'm going to say it here, right in my journal.

Hermione, I'm sorry.

I MUST GO, there's a cute bloke standing in the common room at this very moment!
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OOC [16 Feb 2003|12:26pm]
I'm going on vacation .. snowboarding baby! So I won't be writing in LPansy's journal till after Sunday. So just wanted to tell ya'll so you wouldn't think I quit on you or something. I hope I don't die while snowboarding *prays*

- Tiff
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[06 Feb 2003|05:01pm]
I'm going to Hogsmeade over the weekend to get my valentine's dress! Would anyone care to go with me?
I'm thinking of getting.. a hot pink or maybe a red dress with little hearts on it. Ooh.. I can just imagine it now! I wish it was Friday NOW. Boohoo.
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[05 Feb 2003|04:41pm]

[ oOC: that's fred + pansy.. even if it doesn't look like it.. IT IS so deal XD ]
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[02 Feb 2003|12:29am]
Valentine Day is almost here! And you know what that means .. the Valentine's Dance! *giggles* Ooh I can't wait. I'm going with Fred Weasley. *fantasizes about him for 10 seconds, realizing she's been dreaming wakes herself up* Um.. where was I? Oh yeah! I'm going shopping for a Valentine dress! I've already got one in mind that I saw in Witch Weekly. It's red and a bit of pink and white. It's just about the most prettiest Valentine dress I ever saw!!!
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[28 Jan 2003|04:02pm]
Who wants to go with Pansy to the ball? I know you do ...
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Pansy is... [20 Jan 2003|07:11pm]

Which Hogwarts Student Are You?

WHAT?!? I am like RON WEASLEY? God.. this can't be right. No no no. *walks away shaking her head and muttering "ron weasley?!"*
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[17 Jan 2003|08:32pm]
[ happy birthday aimee! aka -- ron ]
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[10 Jan 2003|06:39pm]
Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYY to mwah. Happy birthday to me! Actually, my birthday is over but that's ok. It was on January 8. I got tons of presents from my friends. Plus this really cute outfit. That's all for now, dinner time!

<3, Pansy
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[08 Jan 2003|04:56pm]
Going to dinner soon! Thought I'll just write a few things before I go.

Today I went out to the quidditch field and I saw a few kids playing quidditch. So I grabbed a broom and asked them if I could play. They said yeah, so I played the Chaser. It was pretty fun. I think I'd make a fair Chaser if I was on the Slytherin Qudditch Team. Too bad they aren't looking for anyone at the moment. Anyway, I saw Hermione and Ron pass by so they joined too. Hermione's alright, she kept on aiming the buldger at me. Actually, always me and no one else. Ron is a good chaser although he didn't fly around to catch it or to get it much. Just was sitting there, but he's good.

We played quidditch for about an hour. Quite a long time. I think I burned a couple of calories. Good for me. I started eating again. I just realize that I wasn't FAT just average.
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[31 Dec 2002|03:15pm]

The nerve of that girl.. Hermione. Well I'm skipping dinner today. Just for a couple of days, until.. I feel that I should go eat dinner. Got another owl from mum. She says;

Dear Pansy,
Your father is ok now. No need to worry, we're back at home. He's resting right now, he told me to send some love. I hope you had a great Christmas. Oh and how was the Yule Ball, had fun? Well, take care of yourself, be good!

Love, Mum and Dad


Break is almost over! I've been dreading for this day to come, I don't want to go back to classes. Wake up early every morning, argh. *rolls eyes*
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[22 Dec 2002|03:37pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

What a day. It started out by me and Tracey bored .. sitting in the common room doing nothing. So we decided to go to Hogsmeade. Well, as we were leaving we saw Justin screaming at the Fat Lady to let him in. Pretty funny. He was shouting Hermione Hermione! And finally Hermione came out.

I guess everyone went to Hogsmeade today for some last-minute Christmas shopping. It was crowded! I went with Tracey, there was so many people there from Hogswarts. I saw Ginny, Justin, Hermione and Ron.

First Tracey and I went inside this clothing shop. We each bought each other Christmas presents. Then we went into a dress robe shop and saw Ginny. We talked to her for a while, even offered her to come with us to get some butterbeer. But she refused, oh well. After a while, we headed back to Hogswarts .. and that's where I am right now.

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[22 Dec 2002|01:16am]
[ did everyone quit .. or is everyone busy with other stuff (like Hogswarts_ww).. just wondering ]
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[21 Dec 2002|04:40pm]
Finally break! No more classes!! .. for a while. We didn't get much homework. I'm going to Hogsmeade again. There's nothing to do around here, mostly everyone left Hogwarts to go home to spend christmas with their families. I sort of want to go back. I really miss my mum and dad.
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[19 Dec 2002|06:38pm]
I just did the craziest thing. Well, I saw Justin and Hermione walking toward the Gryffindor's common room with Justin's arm around Hermione. So I followed them, and when a gryffindor walked in I creeped in with her. I was hiding behind this .. statue listening to Justin and Hermione talking. And Ron doing his homework. So well, I decided to make my entrance so I just walked in and sat next to Justin making Hermione all pissed off. Ron and Hermione looked really annoyed. On the other hand, Justin looked terrified. Oh you just had to be there to have seen his face! Well, Ron threathen that he would tell Professor McGonagall so I pecked Justin on the cheeks and ran out. Wait till I tell my friends! They have done more crazier things then these, but I think this is by far the funniest.

Professor Snape let me out of class early so I could erm.. get my mail. So I went up to the girls dormitory and my mum's owl was there. She wrote;

Dear, we've found your father. He's badly injured. It's going to take a few weeks to heal him with my own magic. I'm not taking any chance at the hospital. They'll be suspicious at what he was doing. I must go, just wanted to inform you. It might not be a few days till your dad gets well. Let's just hopes this goes well! Now I don't want you to worry, I'm sure I got everything under control. We're going to go into hiding for a while. Don't write back too much. I don't want people to find out where we are.


PS. Happy Christmas! I supplied some more money for you.


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[19 Dec 2002|05:16pm]
I've been spending a lot of time in the library now. I was reading this really interesting book about witches going through tough times, when i saw Hermione walked it. It really smelled for some reason so I held my nose and looked at Hermione. I think she thought it was her because she looked at me too and just walked far away. So I left to go finish reading in my room.

On the way, I bump into some of the Slytherin girls. They invited me to go with them to Hogsmeade this weekend. They said they were going to go do "something". Of course I wanted to go, so I said yes.

My parents are deatheaters. No one knows, well except for me. They said I had a choice of whether becoming one .. or not. I'm not sure. I'm really not the type that would go and just kill someone. [exclude the part that pansy killed ron and hermione lol] I rather become a fashion designer for clothes and robes. Or be famous or something like that. I guess .. I'll have to think about it. But if I say no, my parents said they won't care, because they wouldn't want me getting hurt.

I'm getting a lot of presents this year. Some of the slytherin girls who I just became friends with, said they were going to get me something big.. Oh I can't wait! Just a few more days!!!
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[18 Dec 2002|06:59pm]
[ ooc: this is boring .. no one writes anymore. i wanna roleplay with someone!! IM me >> XpParkinsonx ew molly said she was quitting]
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[17 Dec 2002|06:43pm]
Everyone is being nasty to me. I bumped into Ron while coming out of the Slytherin Room and he wouldn't let me through. And Hermione, well I saw her in the hall so I turned the other way and then I turned around and I saw she was tailing me behind so I ran for it. I turned around and she was running after me. So then when I was out of breath she came up to me and kicked me in the leg. There is something seriously wrong with her .. I don't care if she reads this.

[ ooc: lol.. nikki remember the roleplaying the happened during lunch? Well .. i used some of it. lol except not the part when she got killed .. haha that was funny ]
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