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Wednesday, January 8th, 2003

Time:10:00 pm.
Ok. Go to this journal, I'm posting on it from now on. Thanks. :)

my new journal.
Words of wisdom.

Time:4:25 pm.
Rofl. Today was 'funny.'
Well, I started one of my new classes. It isn't History, the shmucks in the office screwed up my scedule. >\
I wanted to be in History, that's my favorite subject. ::tear:: Well. My other class is 'issues' or something, I forgot. It's a class in which we participate in debates over things in todays screwed up world and economy.
How about that $5 a gallon for gas news, eh?
I was like, " You have got to be kiddding me, gas is expensive enough." So now Bush has to remember that if he attacks Saddam, the price of oil is going to go up, and the white house will go up too. In fire, that is. I could picture some crazed-gunman bombing the white house because gas prices skyrocketed.
In this 'issues' class, we had to make little nametags with things we like on them. 'our rolemodel, what were good at, what's our favorite show,' etc.
So for my favorite show, I put down Inu-Yasha. Yes, I like Dragonballz, but the two are balanced now. x_x; BESIDES, Inuyasha is the cutest anime character ever. Anyhow, we had to exchange the paper with another student. The girl who had to read aloud about me, couldn't pronouce 'Inu-yasha.' Lol. I ended up having to say it myself.
She likes Harry Potter books, oh, how santanic. Rofl. That is such CRAP.
Then, later on in the day, during Gym, to be specific, we had a so called test. Except, it wasn't a test, more like a joke. Well, not to my teacher.
Before the test, he goes,"this is to see how smart all of you are. ::hands out paperface down::"
I flipped it over. Guess what it was. A crossword puzzle.
A damn crossword puzzle. I was like, you have got to be kidding me. And to make the situation more humerous, he timed us. That is the most inacurate way to determine how smart someone is.
And afterwards, I had taco bell, and here I am. :)
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Tuesday, January 7th, 2003

Time:8:45 pm.
YAY! I talked to Ryan today for the first time in a long time. I miss him so much.
(Aimey, don't worry, it's not your Ryan. ^_^)
::Big Sigh:: I miss love.
I know that sounds a bit weird, but it's how I feel. To me, it seems like I'll never feel love again. But in a way, that might be good, love hurts so bad sometimes, you end up asking yourself, "why do I withstand this?" But I guess it's because we love the other person, for better or for worse.
Eh, i'm getting a bit ranty...wouldn't you agree? But if you actaully want to read my rant, be my guest. Let's take a dive into Brittanys past, all the pain and heartache throughout her life.
When I was born, I wasn't even supposed to be born. My mother loves me, but sometimes I end up asking myself, "does anyone want me here..?" Sometimes it seems the other way around, like nobody wants me. But maybe it's just in my head, or maybe it's the truth, and I have faced it.
My father left when I was 7 years old, after contiuous fights over me, money, and stuff in general. To be honest with you, I've always thought my father hated me. He says he loves me, well, he did the last time I saw him, but something deep inside of me tells me it's just an lie. Just like my mother and fathers relationship was nothing but an lie.
So is that it, am I living a lie? Is my life just meaningless, as far as we're concerned? I would think so.
I lived alone with my mother for a few years, which wasn't easy. My mother has temper problems, and money didn't come easy. If it wasn't for my Grandmother, me nor my mother wouldn't be where we are today. Not just financially, but in many other ways. Now my mom has my stepdad, who is a good man to my mother, which is all that matters, as far as i'm concered. He's better than my father ever was, all my dad did was sit in the garage, drinking and smoking, and doing other stuff he should be asamed of.
But still, I love him, after all, he is my father...
::sigh:: Just sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I had diffrent parents, maybe even no parents. I'm not saying it's a joyride, i'm just saying, I wonder what it's like to live life like that.
So yeah, i'm going on about meaningless points in my life, the downcasts of my life and past. But I really shouldn't dwell on the past, I rather focus on where i'm headed. And let me say this now, to remind myself, I'm not headed down the same path my mother took. Her life was hard, and I could never understand just how hard. My life is hard in diffrent ways, but i'm not complaining. There are people out there who are suffering more than I ever will in my life. I just feel like letting my feelings out like this.
OK , what the point of the whole out-of-place rant is simpily:"How can I love someone when I've never recieved it in a normal fasion?"

Ok, i'm passing, my "oh, let's dwell on the negatives in life" phrase.
Now. We had a nice Japanese meal today, and I ate just before DBZ, lucky me. Vegito is a coffee-coated sucker. ;-;
But we all know what happens later on, thanks to the preview.
I'm going to take some quizzes and then go to sleep, i'm tired, and I've had a long day.

I read a litte story,
about Jesus and Confucius,
they used to be freinds.
Till they had an arugement one day,
and the two went their spererate ways.
Jesus said, "use a pencil, when going through life."
Confucius said, "no, that's not right.
A pen should be used, no going back and fixing mistakes."
Jesus said, 'not so, you should erease the mistakes and hate."
Confucius said, do you hate me, brother?
Jesus said, " I don't know, you'll have to ask my father."
Cofucius looked up at the sky,
a gleam in his desparing eye,
"dear God, the only one,
Do you hate me for I do not agree with your son?"
God looked down and said,
"you fool, do you not think with your head?
Erasing hate or mistakes is the only way to go through it all,
not with the pen, which never revives you from a fall.
You must learn to fix and edit,
not go on and forget it."

OK, THAT IS THE CRAPPY POEM I EVER WROTE. EVER. Lol. I typed it down because i'm bored. >_>;
I just was thinking about what it would be like for Confucius and Jesus if they knew each other. Dumb, huh? x_x;


What swear word are you?

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...That's not very nice. >\

:: how jedi are you? ::
ROFL. ;x

You are
Jen Yu
You are Jen Yu from Crouching
Tiger, Hidden Dragon. You are beautiful, skilled and rebellious, the
epitome of the young and restless. The life you're forced to lead bores you, so you find amusement in more
dangerous things. You are very cocky, but inside you're really just
troubled and confused.

Which movie heroine are you?

Lol, I love thar movie. :D

Which Lion King Character Are You?

Created by CrazyCoasterCo.

Timon rox your sox. ;x
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Time:4:12 pm.
Ewwwww. I had school today. >\
Lol, I got my new scedule. e_e;
1st Pd. PhySci/History
2nd pd. Algebra II
3rd pd. Engish (adv)
4th pd. Wellness.
Ew. Lol. ;x
Well, at least it seems like I have more 'free time', if you could call it that. ;\
Yay! Guess what I found out? Inuyasha is going to be on Cartoon Network starting January 13th! (mon.)
But, here's the downside. It's on at 12:30pm. and is on mon.-Thurs.
HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WATCH IT!? Lol. That's so lame, I can't stay up that late, I have to wake up at 5 am.
Darn it. I think I'll set the tape recorder to that time, but I hope it works.
Anyway, I have to go look at my LJ community, I don't want to seem like a slacker. x_x;
But I made a decision that I will no longer use my LJ to post, but I will use this one. Anyone who visits my LJ will recieve the link to this journal. That's fair, isn't it?
Words of wisdom.

Monday, January 6th, 2003

Time:8:28 pm.
Urgh. AIM sucks. I was trying to upload a DBZ icon, and it wouldn't show. Damn you AIM. I'm going to call AOL or something and make death treats. Lol. Wee, it snowed a bit before, but unfortunatley, it stopped. >\
It better snow tommarow, or else i'll burn the North Pole and destroy the next Christmas...nah. ;x
Well. I was reading about religons in history (Historys my favorite subject, therefore, I know much about it.)

I quote:
"Shinto is the religion of Japan. The word 'Shinto' came from the Chinese word shin tao (the way of the god/spirits), a translation of the Japanese phrase Kami-no-michi. Kami is the spiritual essence that exist in Gods, human beingd, animals, and even inanimate objects. The shinto believe that the world is created, inhabited, and ruled by kami."

Why did I post this..? Because someone asked me what Kami means from DBZ, and I thought about him being the guardian of earth in the series, so I figured to was related to the religion Shinto.
Gee, aren't I smart, lol.
Now, i'm bored again.
It was my grandpas birthday today, we snag, had cake, yadayada. The cake was kind of...gross though. It was covered with penut butter spread, with a chocolate interior. The penut butter part was gross, I didn't eat it. So all that was left on my plate was pastey looking stuff. Lol. I even took a picture of it because it looks so discusting.
Afterwards, DBZ was on. BUT. unfortunatley, it was one of my grandmas bad days. She was sitting down, watching something on HGTV, and I was like, "May I watch my show now..?" She's like, "ABSOLUTLEY NOT, I AM SICK OF YOU WATCHING THAT SHOW!"

She lost her temper, I wasn't even going to argue. But man..I missed Vegito. He is so yummy. I love when he says "I am super Vegito." Mm.
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Subject:Wee. Survey. ;o
Time:5:27 pm.
[name] Brittany Jean S.
[age] Fourteen
[sex] Female
[location] Tennessee, just for now. ;\
[siblings]2 baby half sisters.
[flirty] Not really. ;\
[shoe size] 6 or 6 1/2. I'm a bit short. >_>;
[hair color] ..It's with blonde. It's a 'rare' color. lol. and it's natural. :D:D
[first crush] LOL. Danny Vega.
[color of your room] white.
[righty or lefty] Left. WOO, leftys are only 20%...we are so unique.
[hobbies]...reading, writing, drawing (usually) watching my anime junk. ;o
[sign] Pfft. I don't go for horoscope stuff, I'm not going to let some stars control my fate. But yea, i'm an aquarius.
[boxers/briefs] Boxers....I think.
[long/short hair] It's not about looks, I don't care.
[tall or short] As long as he's not like, a foot shorter than me. e_e i'm 5'2, so. ;\
[pack/muscular arms] ...Yeah.
[good/bad guy] Kind of a mix of both..o_o
[tan or fair] fair. I don't like surfer looking guys, they are ditzy. >_>;
[stubble or neatly shaved] I DONT CARE. Gwad. x_x;
[accent or american] Accent. NY accent. Yum.
[punk or prep] Punk. Preps are too shallow..
[cuddle or make out] ...I don't know. lol. I haven't done the 2nd one. ._.;
[tea/coffee/cappuccino] Tea. :D
[mcdonalds or burger king] Ew, I don't like grease for lunch. ;\
[coke or pepsi] coke.
[would you wanna marry your best friend, or the perfect lover?] ...Uhm..perfect lover..?
[root beer, or dr pepper] Dr. Pepper.
[chocolate milk, or hot chocolate] Chocolate milk..scroll down for hate on hot chocolate. e_e
[cats or dogs] Cats!!! Me <3 my kitties. :D
[mud or jello wrestling] ..they have jello wresting..? ew.
[milk, dark, or white chocolate] Milk Chocolate.
[sunny or rainy] Rain. I have a water fetish. Lol.
[winter, summer, fall, or spring] Fall. It's perfect for my photograhy. :D
[vanilla or chocolate] Chocolate.
[skiing or snowboarding] Snowboarding, I do snowboard. ;D
[biking or blading] Biking. ;\
[cereal or toast] Cereal.
[do ya like rock, punk, rap, r&b, alternative, oldies, techno, pop, or country] Hmm. i'm not very picky, but mosty Alternative and Rock.
[bunk or water bed] ....Water beds aren't comfy. Bunks...well...try falling off of one. ;-;
[lights on or off] Off. Woo..ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK!? ;o
[My friends] ..very few, I don't trust a lot of people. Har. ;o
[Friends that you look like] ...I don't look like anyone, you ass. Lol.
[You go to for advice] My cat. Lol.
[Who do you tell all your secrets to] ..God? Wait. he already knows them. Again, my cat. ;o

[color] Blue! ^_^
[number] 7. Lucky 7. :D
[movie] eek, that's hard. Sleepers, Meet the Parents..I don't know. x_x;
[subject] History
[sport to play] Volleyball, tumbling
[sport to watch] Sumo wrestling. Rofl, not really, I watched it once though on ESPN. x_X;
[favorite drink] Water. ;\
[truth or dare] truth. The truth will set you free. lol.
[ocean or pool] Pool, I hate the freaking saltwater.
[love or lust] Love, DUH, you horrible person.
[silver or gold] Silver!
[diamonds or pearls] Pearls. They are so pretty. :D
[sunset or sunrise] Sunset. The sunrise is something I despise. >_>
[showers or bubble baths] I don't have time for bubble baths. ;-;

[do you like school] No.
[do you like to talk on the phone] once in a while. ;\
[do ya have your own phone line] no.
[can we have your number] no.
[do you like to dance] Hmm..yeah. Breakdance or slowdance. Romantic junk. ;o
[do you think cheering is a sport] Yes. I used to be a cheerleader. All Star teams aren't easy.. u_u
[Done drugs] No
[Eaten an entire box of Oreos] Rofl. Yea.
[Been on stage] YES. That was was a karoke place in FL.
[Dumped someone else] Yes.
[Gotten in a car accident] a minor one.
[Watched "Punky Brewster"]
[Been in love] Wouldn't you love to know. Well..once. u_u
[The smallest room in your house is] the 3rd bathroom. ;\

[Shampoo] ..Aussie or Herbal Essenses.
[Toothpaste] Crest. :D
[soap] Wee, Dove!
[Type of soup] Me <3 soup. Homestyle chicken noodle. :D
[Pizza toppings] Just cheese..;\
[Room in your house] My room
[Instrument] Percussion or Violin. I used to play Violin in band. ^_^

[Coffee or hot chocolate] Coffee. Hot Cholate has it's way of burning my tounge for 1 week. ;-;
[Big or little] Uhm...that sounds like a nasty question. ;\
[Lace or satin] Lace.
[New or old] NEW OR OLD WHAT? Specifics, people.
[Britney Spears of Christina Aguilara] Ew. Niether.
[Vogue or Material Girl] Neither..they are vain magazines. AMERICA IS BECOMING TO VAIN. Anyway. >_>
[Jeans or cords] Jeans
[Sweater or sweatshirt] Sweatshirt.
[T shirt or tank top] T Shirt
[Skirt or dress] ...Dress.
[Wool or cotton] Cotton! Hanes her way. <3 Lol.
[Rose or Lily] Rose
[The way it is or the way it was]...neither, I don't dwell on the past, and I don't like anything now. x_x; But..was.
[Oldies or pop] Pop


[If you got a tattoo, where would you get it, and what would be] needles scare me. ;-;
[What color is your floor/carpet in your room] White. woo.
[What was the last CD you bought] Hmmm....George Mitcheals greatest hits. :D
[How did you spend last summer] moving to various places over a divorce that never happened. ;\
[Are you tired] No.
[Are you lonely?] ..Duh.
[Are you happy] Not very. ;\
[Are you wearing pajamas] No
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Time:3:46 pm.
Brittany wants chibi Vash from Trigun. Lol. I have a Chibi Vash pic. :D
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Time:3:30 pm.
Ok. As I was going through a book based on World Religions, I read the Baptist section, since I'm Baptist. But man, the last Paragraph was funny..I quote.

"Baptists see the Old and New Testaments as their final authority; the Bible is, they say, to be interpreted responsibly. Of the edicts they embrace, pluralism of race, ethnicity and gender, and the acknowlagement that there are individual diffrences of conviction and theology are featured strongly.
However, they are opposed to homosexuality and are firmly anti-abortion. They are also on record as believing that the 'Harry Potter' books are truly santanic."

ROFL. I read Harry Potter. I read every book, and i'm not sitting here chanting and doing weird black magic .
I just thought that last section was funny. It was the last sentence in the Baptist section. Ha.
Well, I know it was a stupid rant, but you'll get over it. ;o

Which Salute Your Shorts Character are You?

Take The Test!
Rofl..I used to watch that show.
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Time:2:41 pm.
Ok, it's my last day off, so of course i'm bored. and my freind were talking about GI Joe the other night, bacause he was watching it. (why he was, I don't know.)
So he's like, "this show is so gay. They performed a strip search."
I'm like, "yea, it IS gay. Look up "GI Joe Yaoi."
It was a joke, but he did it anyway.
Lol...there were serch results..i'm not even going to look. That's just...wrong. >\
Lol. I'm so bored, I was doing backhandsprings and roundoffs in the family room. (it's a big enough room..)
I even did a backtuck, lol, I haven't done one in months.
Ok, quiz time. :D

ROFL. That would be sick. >_>;
what's YOUR deepest secret?

brought to you by Quizilla

I'm exceptionally artistic!

Find your soul type


what adjective are you?

quiz by maikamariel

What type of Bishounen are you? Find out at by Rin.

OK, Just two more, please? ;x

What Inuyasha Character are you?
That's a LOT like me. x_x;
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Time:12:36 pm.
Music:Tori Amos-'Caught a Lite Sneeze'.
Wee. I like this better than LJ, because it's free. Free things are great. My LJ is free, but I can't make backrounds or crap like that.
Well, I have school tommarow. Blah. I don't want to go mommy, don't make me.
I seriously hate school though, there is nothing there. I don't want to have any freinds, I'm going back to Florida after this school year anyway. Lol, i'm a loner. People there just..annoy me. Expecially the whole accent bit. See, I have a New York accent. Kids in Tennessee have southern accents. (Duh.) Most of the kids here lived in Tenneessee thier whole lives. God, that has to suck.
But then again, they don't know any better.
BUT I DO, DAMN IT. I miss the city. I'm in thr second oldest town in Tenneesee, enough said.
Ok, I'll stop bitching...
Now. :D
Words of wisdom.

Time:2:50 am.
Weee. I made a new journal.
So, uhm, yeah.
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