12:46am 28/06/2003
04:25pm 11/05/2003
mood: bored
music: You Really Got Me//The Kinks
hey. went bowling. got bored. did sound. watched the graduate. went to sleep. dreamt of swimming on some planet with steveo jocz..the end. ya i have no life. but i did buy some new pants, so that made up for it.
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hey you over there with that bass guitar   
06:28pm 03/05/2003
mood: sore
music: Dave's Possessed Hair //The Sums of 41
hi. im completely burnt. my back hurts, its all red. poo. Learned to play Happy Birthday on my guitar, maybe eventually I will be good enough to play in my band The Antics. We have nothing out at the moment, a beautiful work in progress. I can't sing, but hey I'll try my darndest. Don't be surprised if when you hear us, its a bunch of girl vocal screaming and such. I wish I lived in Canada. Anywhere is better than here in Boon Docks, Missery..ack. So I didn't get to do anything this weekend, friday and saturday, but tomorrow I have a MOdeling and Acting Agent interview, at 4:30. minky boodle to me..Hey, I can make that a song, instead of happy birthday to me, minky boodle to me..any way, if any one can tell me who minky boodle is, I will give you a hug or something like that. Broke a drum stick today. Bummer, its not like I play or anything, i was just banging around on my dest and the damn thing broke. tuff cookies. Word to your mom.
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