Bianca Sourire's Day

Thursday, February 21, 2008

11:35AM - Smuggling in Amsterdam

after much yelling and shrugging ive decided im not going to pay a 300 euro fine for bringing hash over the border.
weve done it before
weve made it happen
but theres always that one person u see in the newspaper that got caught with weed on the inside of their bumper.

"wanna just come over and watch The Office and smoke cigarettes all day?"
"yea.and voddy.lots and lots of voddy, babyluv."

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11:42AM - missing Maas ooOo




Current mood: flirty
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im just gonna stay the night at S's house.i miss being able to spend all night with him so ill just take a damn taxi to his house
still bummed about the amsterdam cancellation.
if only they didnt have border patrol
wed be going through belgium and N said he would take the blame if anythign happened but still...
theres always that one person out of the 4000 that pass a day
no amsterdam.
i wish people actually talked on this thing.i mean, i know its a journal but ive done the whole photography thing and nothing.....
hopefully going to Rocka's tonight.its corona night.

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