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    Monday, August 25th, 2003
    2:30 am
    Ha ha ha
    Uh, yeah...had no idea what to write for the Subject...but any way...I digress...

    Some changes in my life lately:
    1. Got a real job ...well sort of... its Earthlink ISP Technical Support ... decent job...pays not great, but its better than nothing...pays the bills and now able to have my own apartment again, everybody say YEA!
    2. Oh yeah, the job at Earthlink ... I am working 5pm - 1am, I got lucky and I was able to get a 5:30am - 130pm schedule change starting in September which will allow me time to practice with my band again!
    3. Speaking of the band...we added another guitar player, Junior, used to be a guitar player in an old band I used to play for called Blood Engine X...we were a metal kinda hard rock band...Junior can jam, and if you think Im lying...come check us out some time...
    4. Again...speaking of the band...we changed our name from JUNE to Elyzium...reason...there was another band with the name JUNE in our, we decided to I think the new name sounds cool...and a new website at or
    5. Did I mention I got a new apartment?

    Well, thats it for now...outta here.

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    Saturday, June 14th, 2003
    12:55 am
    June in June it is...the night before our second show this year...a graduation party for one of our friends, Melissa Garza, congrats Mel! ...anywho...we found a drummer about 2 weeks ago who is willing to give it a shot at the songs we already know plus a few extras we added last week. Koen Stokes will be our man for this saturdays gig...hes been working on learning the songs in the last week or so...and seems to have a few of them down pretty good so far...he can only get better! Im actually a little excited for tomorrow only because its not gonna be an all out acoustic set...theres gonna be some rockin going on!!! yeah!

    Anyway...if anyone actually reads these let me know whats Lisa and Jamie and whoever else...aight..well, I gotta go pee, see ya tomorrow at Mels graduation party!

    P.S. ...michael loves boys!

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    Current Music: Toadies
    Thursday, May 8th, 2003
    4:22 pm
    JUNE in May
    Hey whats up! It has been almost a whole month since Ive posted anything here...crazy world it is. Anyway...nothing really exciting happening...just havent had a chance to come in here and say, like I said...not much happening. I finally got a somewhat permanent job..its monday-friday from 8am - whenever the boss says we can go home...which is usually about 5pm...but sometimes earlier...especially on fridays...last to go home at 12 which was cool. Yet...its not a fun, Im still loooking for something better!

    Anyway...about band...well, mine and Michaels band...still have those gigs (graduation parties) coming up. The first on May 31st and the next June 14! ...well, no luck in finding a drummer, SUCKS! ...but, we came up with a cool plan...were gonna do accoustic, it should turn out, we added another guitar player...Garrett to the band...sounds cool so far! Anyway...thats pretty much it for now...I'll be back later with some cool information. Later Days.

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    Current Music: Nirvana - Live On MTV Unplugged
    Sunday, April 13th, 2003
    4:32 pm
    Dammit! it is just 3 days from ZWAN playing in Dallas and I dont have tickets or a ride to go see them, sucks rocks! Me and Michael had been playing to go for quite some time now, but just cant seem to get it done. Well, I guess I can go watch them later on when they get bigger and they stop by San Antonio, but...still I would have loved to have seen them in Dallas.

    Anywho...its been forever since Ive put anything up, i have about 10 minute break right now so, i figured i would come in here and type something up really quick. Havent found any weird or cool websites in a while...well, at least not worthy or is it unworthy of posting up here. Uh, as for my job status, still LOOKING...I have two possible ones right now....but I dont want to jinx, im just gonna wait a while and see what happens. I need a job bad...but, I did run into my uncle and he said he might be able to get me into where he works...water system or something like that...he said its pretty much just driving around all day checking meters or something...sounds okay for now i guess.

    Well, I gotta jet...gotta get back outside and help my brother in law build the HUGE ASS deck my sisters wants for the back of her talking 15ft X 32ft!!! Well, later!

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    Current Music: ZWAN - Mary Star of the Sea
    Thursday, March 20th, 2003
    11:43 pm
    Just Checking Whos Here...
    Its been a while since my last entry. Been kinda busy with the move and all...but, its going good. Gabe and Maury plus my brother and his friend Xavier are supposed to help me finish moving over the weekend...saturday and sunday. Decided Im gonna move in with my sister for a while...why my sister...three words...Good Home Cooking! LOL ...anyway...Im hoping it will just be for about a month. Went and applied for the Earthlink Job on Monday...pretty cool...application and test all done on the computer...I think I did really well, the computer questions were fairly easy as well as the spelling and math questions...I did have a little problem with the grammer, English was always my worst subject...but, still I managed to get A's throughout high school and college. :0D, the lady said wait about two weeks to get called for an interview...but, Im really anxious to get to, I'll probably call next monday or tuesday just to give them a little nudge!

    Anywho...with the band...well, not much happening ...well, actually we did add Garret to the band...second, now its Markie (Singer), Michael (Lead Guitar), Garret (Rythm Guitar) and me (Bass Guitar)...YES...we STILL need a DRUMMER!!! ...or did I already say that in a previous entry??? Well, if I did you got to hear it again. Drummers are so damn hard to find...well, good drummers that is...well, I hope we get one soon, cuz this really really really really really bites the big weenie!

    Anyway...Im out...gonna go do something, what, I dont know...just gonna go do something. Later.

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    Friday, March 14th, 2003
    12:10 am
    Moving...looking for a job...practice...and the haircut...
    Long time no entry...anyway...FIRST...if for some reason some of you have actually read my new and pathetic online journal...some kinda good news. Finally, got a clue as to when Im will be next week during Spring Break...actually, Im hoping to get it done this weekend so I wont have to do anything during Sprink Break except have some fun.

    Still...the unanswered question remains...where am I going to move? Well, as some of you may know i have been offered to stay at three different peoples sister, my best friend Gabe and my friend (guitarist) Michael. All of them have their pros and, I'll have to make my decision soon...and to be honest...all three are in a tie right now...Im sure they're all excited as to where Im gonna HOBO!!!

    Actually, I kinda had an mom is gonna give me $3000 in a few, i was thinking what if I use that money to put a down payment on a crappy little house or mobile a 1 or 2 bedroom 1 bath kinda thing...ive actually seen 2 possiblities and they are for sale at $16000and $18000...maybe I can put down about $1500 on one of them...who knows. Another thing is just to go to an apartment complex and just make early payments for 3 months about $1000 which should give me enough time to find a permenant job.

    ...speaking of call from the job interview I had on monday...if they dont call by tomorrow that means i didnt get the job...which sucks...because we all know I need it. Yet on the plus side...Michaels brother Markie got a job with Earthlink and ISP here in San Antonio just yesterday and said they were still, with my computer background (education and experience) I am going to go apply tomorrow...DAMN I NEED A JOB BAD!!! LOL was not a good practice...ran short...about 30 and michael practiced Soma from the pumpkins again...and Honestly from Zwan...a little...and then our song a little...and that was pretty much it...reason beaing...the HAIRCUT!!!

    ...Michael whos picture you might have seen before...decided to cut his hair we all went with him...left him there with Markie and and Mark went to Quiznos next door for some grub...meatball sub...made my stomach hurt...but it did taste good. Anyway...back to the haircut...well, he got it cut down pretty good...but, looks cool i guess...then afterwards we headed home...and that was that...confession...still havent finished packing!!! Well, gotta go...later.

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    Monday, March 10th, 2003
    8:25 pm
    Practiced a few songs and wrote an original song...
    Today was a cool day...I guess...had my job interview at 9:20am...I think it went well...turns out I know the employers son, we both attended Our Lady of the Lake University at the same time. :0) Im hoping thats a plus. After the interview just came home and took a 3 hour nap...YES!

    Anywho...went to Michael's house this afternoon...although the singer wasnt there...and we havent found a drummer yet...we still managed to get in about an hour practice, just me and michael. Practiced a few covers: Soma, Rhinoceros and Quiet from Smashing Pumpkins, Lyric and Honestly from Zwan...and then we worked on a new original song that Michael came up with Sunday night...sounds pretty cool...just gotta work on the bass part a little and the guitar solo...and of course the lyrics! LOL

    After that...we just played some Madden NFL 2003 on his cousin Ryans PS2...I beat Michael ...COWBOYS 28 ...JETS 14...I think that was the score...either way I beat him YEA! ...he still can find a way to beat me! :0D ...well, now Im just here bored...think Im gonna go draw something...keep myself busy for awhile...Pablo signing off...
    12:23 am
    Crazy last 4 days
    Well, to say the least the last 4 days have been weird, crazy and somewhat sucky. Here I was packing like crazy because I was told I would have to move out by monday...yet, here it is sunday and now, turns out that we might have 30 days to move out from monday! I wish people would get their shit straight...but, I guess thats how it goes when youre a first time seller of a house...actually, NO...thats how it goes in my family...having a mother and father who arent the smartest people next to a dumb person...but, gotta love them...their my parents.

    Anyway...most of my crap is packed and ready to go...with the exception of my computer, some clothes and bed of course...need to check my email...need to wear clothes and need a place to sleep. This would be so much easier if I would just win like $5 Million on the LOTTERY or something...then I would just buy a house for my mom, my dad and my brother a house too...and pay off my sisters house...and pay off my best friend Gabriels house...but, well, I guess I should actually play the Lottery if I want to WIN the LOTTERY...oh well.

    Damn...never thought I was gonna use this thing for just bitching and complaining all the time...I'll have to change that...cuz all in really a laid back, happy go lucky kinda guy...guess I just got this thing at the wrong time...when everything is just kinda shitty...but, I promise...more interesting, HAPPY stuff will be on here in the future. Well, Im out...time to take a quick shower...jump into bed...and dream of happy, I can wake up nice and fresh tomorrow for my 9:20am interview! :) ...Pablo...signing out!

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    Friday, March 7th, 2003
    4:28 pm
    Moving...Part 2...
    Well, Im almost done packing...just need my entertainment center, tv, surround sound, speakers to pack...not to mention my computer, printer, scanner and stuff...but that should be done by saturday or sunday...I hope. Never realized how much crap I have...weird, I dont want to get rid of any of it either.

    Well, just felt like putting that down...gonna head out to my dads house now...he invited me, my brother and my nephew over for dinner...think hes making some fish, shrimp and fries! Later Days...

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    1:44 am
    Well...I have till Monday to move out...I knew it was coming...just didnt think it was gonna be this fast. So, guess what I've been doing for the last two days...yep, packing. yeah. I hate moving, Ive moved a total of 2 times and both times it sucked...I just hate packing everything you own, then loading it in a truck or van and haul it to your new place of residence...unloading it and unpacking everything all over again...girls (like my ex-girlfriend) for some reason like moving, at least this was my observation...why, i have no idea...for me...I hate it.

    Well, here's the sucky part...I have no idea where I am going to live. Currently I am working as a substitute teacher and that only pays $60 a day...and I dont work every day! So, my monthly income can range from $60-$1200 of course the average in the last 9 months has been around $400 a month. And...its not like Im not trying to find another permenant job...its just that there isnt anything good out there right now...only thing available is McDonalds at $6/hour or some big business but you need a Master Degree with 10+ year, well, i have 7 years experience...and im 9 classes from my Bachelor in Computer Science at OLLU. AND I STILL CANT FIND A DAMN THING!!! ...and get this...I applied at Home Depot, Lowe's, HEB, Circuit City...and none have called me!!!

    But, I am somewhat hopeful...I did get a call for an interview on Monday, March 10, 2003 for a teachers aide position at the school I currently sub for... I guess $79 a day is better than $60 a day...and plus its a for sure thing...monday-friday until summer comes around of course.

    Anyway...back to the moving thing...well, I have had some of my best friends Gabe (and his wife Linda) from high school has offered me their extra bedroom until I can get back on my of charge...i just have to pay for my own food. Another friend of mine and guitar player of the band Im in...JUNE...said I can move in with him...his parents are cool with it, and that he doesnt mind sleeping on the couch...but, I dont think I could do that to him...and sister...she said I could move in with them (my brother in law and nephew) for a while as long as I paid for my own food as well. This may be the option i go for considering she is blood...but, I dont know...I guess I'll have to make up my mind by saturday or sunday...any me! Im out...gonna get some sleep...Pablo...signing off.

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    Wednesday, March 5th, 2003
    5:26 pm
    This weather sucks rocks...
    Well, another day another week with nothing but cloudy rainy ass days. Im all for rain when we need it but damn...three weeks straight with nothing but cloudy rainy days with maybe one or two days in there with some sunlight just makes me feel blah.

    Today was one of those days where I did nothing but sit and watch tv which really sucks cuz I cant afford cable tv right, I got to watch all those crappy shows like Jenny Jones, the Lake girl, and some stupid infomercial on a powerful new total body sculpting system. Hell, I almost called and ordered it...I could use to lose a few pounds.

    Naturally I ended up on the of Americas Great Past Times...I did find this website that was somewhat amusing for a while...check it out...WEBSITE. I like the video of the computer being thrown out of a window.

    Anyway...I digress...and Im off to do something...either play basketball with some friends which I havent done in like a year or so...hope I dont kill over...or I might go to Michaels house and either jam a few songs or play some PS2 or maybe both. Later.

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    Current Music: Depeche Mode - Violator
    Tuesday, March 4th, 2003
    12:08 am
    The Beginning?
    Uh...where to begin...actually, I just created this journal because a friend of mine uses one as well, and I thought it was pretty cool. Im not sure if anyone is interested in anything going on with me...I mean, why would they be...most people now a days are only interested in things that affect them directly.

    Anyway...I guess another reason I created this was just to put down random thoughts, ideas, rants, raves, whatever is going on with me in general and also with the new band Im in called JUNE. Its a band started by my brothers friend, but now my friend as well, Michael (guitar), his brother Markie (singer) and myself (bass player).

    I think one of the main reasons we started the band was our common love for the band...Smashing of the greatest bands ever! We started talking and found out that we like alot of the same music besides the Weezer, Nirvana, Tool, Deftones, QOTSA, System of a Down, The Beatles, Zwan, etc...

    Anyway...I'll probably put out more stuff as time goes by...oh yeah...if you want to know something or have a question or comment, feel free to post, email me or whatever...just try not to be an ASS about it. Im going to bed...its 12:20am and I have to work tomorrow morning...later.

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