11th September 2003

4:12pm: well well
i think things are working out for me and safe auto! today while i was trying to take a nap i couldnt stop thinking about how bad safe auto is fucking me i make afew calls to some people and an hour later some lady calls me and says shes my new agent! weee! things are looking better. weee!
so my fuckin trunk is all rusted. i went to the car wash with some sandpaper and i took out my tire and i scraped out the rust and vaccumed it out..its still shitty but it will due right now. im going to redo the inside of my trunk with some shit that i got from jo-anns.
anyways, i have to go nates bitchin that im not kissing him!
*** Baby three-toed sloths are born with claws.***
Current Mood: content
Current Music: nota
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