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Oscar's Journal

30th November, 2003. 2:33 pm. the night after

well it's the morning after, after getting wasted and smoking pot so let me tell you what happened. It was saturday night we got there at about 10:30 at night it was a guy danny's birthday so he bought a shit load of coronas and bacardi the pot came after let me tell you something you shouldn't mix beer, liquior and pot all at one time it really messes you up soo bad. Oh and last night there was this girl who was hot so i talked to her and she kept saying she had to pick up her girlfriend so i thought she meant like all the girls say like thats my gf but turns out she really had like an actuall gf like they were fucking and shit i thought that was the shit, i mean really i've never really met a reall lesbian untill last night. Dont get me wrong i do not hate lesbians in fact i love lesbians i incourage lesbians but yeah that was great and later on in the night her girlfriend came to the party and she was like the man of the relationship cause her hair was so short and she had baggy pants on and just how she dressed gave it away reall quik that she was her gf i talked to her and she was really cool before that i thought lesbians hated straight guys but she was really cool, i should have asked her if i could join them later on you know as a joke unless she said yes then i would be like yeahh. Man i was soo fucking hungry last night but then since i had drank too it hurt my stomach when i ate but i had to eat cause of the pot so i was very confuesed, later on i have this thing where i love to call girls when im drunk cause i dont know what the fuck i say to them but then i find out later and i say " damn i said that " sometimes its cool cause i guess sometimes i ask them out when im drunk and they say yes when i find out if the girls hott i'llsay yeah i remember i asked you but if she's not i say what the hell are you talking about, i know what a jerk huh? but im not a jerk im just very honest a thing that not many people are now a days im the type of guy who isnt afraid to say anything anytime i love beign honest im not afraid to tell a girl she's dumn or not hot cause if your not honest what are you afraid? most people cant say whats on there mind cause they dont want to hurt anybody's feelings but f*** all that all that your doing is lying to them and yourself so try and be honest for one day im sure you'll like it im sure you'll be more liked because every we'll apreciate you more cause they'll say hey lets ask him he's an honest person and im tired of writting so pease out.

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29th November, 2003. 3:11 pm. saturday morning

I's saturday morning and their aint a damn thing going on yet, right now im just chillen with my friend chris. I hate days when you have lots of time to do something but theres nothing to do and then those other days when there is so much to do but you dont have time to do most of the things. Man me and chris are going to go and see what there is to do not much going on yet but maybe later there will be cause if nothings going on im going to go crzy we were checking out a club named club energy it looks cool as hell theres so many hott girls there i want to go there so bad today cause that club is the shit. But other than that there's nothing to do on this saturday morning.

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29th November, 2003. 4:30 am. "what the fuck"

It's fucking 4 in the morning i'ts so boring i dont think i've ever been this bored ever so i decided to write an entry, well my first entry so here it goes.. right now i'm chillen w/ my friend chris, its been a slow night with shit to do , i dont even know why im awake i think i have that insomia thing cause i acnt fall asleep thanksgiving was cool i guess didnt really have anything i wanted to be thankfull for i dont know if thats normal especially on that day. I guess i must be a greedy or sellfish person but i didnt find anything to be thankfull for other than my health. It sux when every one you know is asleep when your not and you dont have anyone to talk to cause if you call one of them they get all pissed cause their sleeping and you woke them up, but i got chris here who is awake just like me, you see theres a friend if he or she will stay up with you till you get tired i guess hes one of the few friends left in the world. if you look back when you get in troble and who gets you out of trouble is a friend but the person who you got in trouble with and was there with you is a best friend. So there you have my first entry on the journal, if you read this send me a message and tell me "what the fuck are you talking about, cause i dont know maybe you can tell me" peace.!

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