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Wednesday, February 25th, 2004

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    Rehearsal on Monday wasn't too bad. It was actually kind of nice having so few people there. It ended up being Lindsay, Step, Tyler, Kirstin, Max and I. We figured out our music and the order for Friday, so that's good. I think we're going to all do something for dinner and then go to the Eagle's game.

    Yesterday was pretty boring. Band with that idiot sub again. In Lit we read "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" first block and then second block we all read out our heroic couplets and Sophie didn't come back after lunch because she didn't do hers. Some of them were really funny. Guido did hers on the Roman Catholic Church and it was hillarious and Autumn did hers on religion and was all disappointed because Chelsea was away. Kate did hers on Stalin and it was ridiculous. It was about a page and a half long.

    At lunch Max and I were sitting in the hall and Fire Crotch came and she left for a little while so we booted it. We started going to Mac's, but there was still a lineup of people so we went over to Heidi's deli and bought fries instead. We made it back right before the second bell. It was fun. We'll probably go back there for lunch some time.

    In Psych we finished the "fear list" thing where we rank our fears and we spent the rest of the block talking about phobias. It was pretty interesting. There were some pretty amusing stories. I mentioned my neck thing and Mrs. Rodgers said that next week I should tell the class how many people came up to me trying to touch my neck. I told Sophie to try to touch my neck as sort of a demonstration. After class Tyson came up to me and tried to touch my neck and so did Sophie. Of course, Autumn and Sophie already do that, so I don't know if that counts, but whatever.

    I was going to go to the library after school, but then I decided not to for some reason. I'm still not sure why, but I should go next week.

    Today I had band first block. Nicole actually showed up and I went to get the flute folder from Max's locker because he was late. In Lit we wrote heroic couplets about people in the class and had to guess who they were about. Kate wrote one about Sophie and I last night and it was really funny. It talks about me running around with Alex on my back and Mrs. Petersen was like "I don't want to know." lol. And it ends with her basically saying "damnit, stop touching me." Highly Amusing.

    We went to a presentation by the guy that came and spoke about 9/11 last year. It was really good.

    At lunch we pretty much did nothing...apart from avoiding Fire Crotch for a while.

    After lunch we had a talking circle. It got onto the subject of gay marriages and I actually talked quite a lot. It was pretty interesting though.

    Physics was a work block, so that was nice.

    We stole Carlene's shoe again after school. It was really funny. Chris put one in her bag and had the other one out and Carlene was totally convinced that Sydney had it, but Chris gave it back as we were getting off the bus because apparently she got in trouble from her parents last time with the whole trading off of the shoe thing.

    Anyways, I've got to go have dinner.

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