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Friday, April 18, 2003


Wheeee! I might've been hella bored for the earlier part of the day, trying to make my webpage (which came out AWESOME for my first try. Go here: http://www.geocities.com/ocstarbuddy/stupideyesedit.htm ), but then it got really better, because only my best friend in the world came over! We watched Jackass, and then we ate dinnah, and here we are now, not doing much of NEthing except for listening to Linkin Park while I type! Fun stuff.

I'd have to say that my three best friends evah would be Dallas, Erica, and Emily (in no specific order). They're like, the nifitiest people, all of which are TOTALLY different. There aren't really many things that they have in common, but they're all really cool people, and I'd probably die if one of them l left.

You know... a lot of conversations come up when you're talking about random stuff. There are a few people out there (not naming anyone) who think that the fucking FUNNIEST THING IN THE WORLD would be me attempting to skateboard for the first time. Y'see, it wouldn't be that funny if someone would just teach me how to skateboard! Shoot, I'm hella good on blades, but when it comes to a board of any kind, I just fall right off. In fact, right now, I rank myself as a novice: "No show here! Unless you like to see a girl fall off of a skateboard in less than three seconds!" x_x I'm sure you all can imagine just how bad I feel.

Well... I'm pretty happy right now, so I think I'm gonna go draw. Perhaps I can use some piccies I draw as graphics on my NIFTY website! Also, if anyone knows of any guys with HELLA pretty eyes, TELL ME! I need more pretty-eyed guys for my web page. It's kind of a strange web site, but I got the idea while watching a J-rock music video. Some freaky chick took out her eye with a scalpel. It was kinda cool! Well, off I go to draw! Ja ne for the day!

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Current music: Somewhere I belong - Linkin Park "Meteora"
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8:08AM - I'm a Weird One, yes I am...

Oh yeah... I am DEFINATELY a weird girl! I'll be all listening to CKY n' AFI n' stuffk, and THEN I'll whip out the Linkin Park. I'm all over the place with music, I guess. Yeah, well, my dad's been trying to help me come up with names for the band I'm in with some friends. I can't really call it "my band" all the time, when I refer to it. He came up with the Muffin Makers, and the Muffin Machine. I liked the muffin machine after I changed it to the MUPHIN MACHINE! Bwahahaha! Aaaalll right... I'll stop being happy. But I am SOOOO HYPER! I'm ALWAYS hyper when I write in blogs or blurtys, or even paper diaries! Shoot, I'm even hyper on AIM, Yahoo, and MSNIM! Iono, I'm just weird like that, I guess!

I had an unusual family moment last night. We were all playing our last night of ONE game of Monopoly (it had been going on for four days), and I was trying my best to lose, as always. Well, my brother was outta there first. And then when my dad and I were playing, it was just like a passback with our money, because he would land on like Atlantic Ave., or whatever yellow property I owned that he'd land on. They all had four houses on them, so yatta... he would just count up his money and hand it over. Then I'd end up landing on one of his UBER MANY properties (I only had three... he had the rest x_x). I lost when I landed on the hotel buffed Parkplace. Yeah... shit on his slinky. Oh well. I'm all whatever now. I'm still trying to figure out HTML, and I'm thinking of just trashing it and depending halfway on someone else to do it! Lol! Gawd, I am SOOOO pathetic...

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Current music: Lying from you -- Linkin Park "Meteora"
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Thursday, April 17, 2003

5:07PM - I'm an HTML DUMBASS...

Yeah... there it is, OXI THE HTML DUMBASS! If you want to see my pitiful attempt at a page, go here:

Yeah, the saddest thing known to mankind. I wish I could get this stuff. It just DOESN'T WORK for moi. I have a big, huge, thick "HTML for Dummies" guide, and I think I'm such a dummy, I can't understand it! x_x I feel sooooooooooo stupid! I tried to put a picture in, and I FAILED MISERABLY... I think I need an html guide that isn't so big. Shit, this thing sounds more like a PSYCHOLOGY guide than an HTML guide... x_x Well, I hope ppl wish me luck as I go on, trying to make my psychotic webpage! *slaps herself on the forehead* I am such an idiot!

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8:25AM - Baaaah...

I've never been so BORED in my life! I just changed my desktop wallpaper, deleted HELLA crap, changed my color scheme, changed the screensaver, finished talking to a buddy on AIM, and I am BORED AS EVAH! Of course I could write a story/fanfic, but I don't have anything to write about! If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE comment with ideas! They could be ANYTHING! I'd really appreciate it right now! ^_^

I'm really nervous, because I still live w/my dad (heh), and he's all thinking about filing for bankrupcy and living off of HIS dad in Oregon. Of all people, my dad shouldn't be doing that. He isn't even CLOSE to having enough money to retire, so that's out of the question... *I* can't support him, cos of college... and if he DOES follow through with his plan, I'll move outta the house, but my lil bro will be all devastated n' stuff, because HE lives with my dad. And NO ONE wants to live with my mom v_v...

Well, onto money making ideas for moi. Soon, I shall make my website for this! It's a very strange job... but shoot, it'll make and save money for me. Since I'm Wiccan, I have the knowledge and power to banish bad spirits and stuff like that. Since there ARE people out there who need it, I could just go to them and banish the spirit. Well, okay, it works like this: They pay for my trip/flight/whatever over to their house. I begin to investigate for spirits/demons/whatever with a very sensitive filmed camera. I develop them, and search for orbs n' stuff. If I FIND any, I go deeper by conducting seances. And if I find any absolute evidence of bad spirits, or any kind of spirit that the homeowner doesn't WANT there, I can go to conduct my spirit banishing spell, free of charge, since I don't think it's right to charge for things like that.

Well, Ja ne for now... I'm all p00ped on journal/blurty/blogger writing. whee...

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