26th October 2007

1:39pm: Good as gold, stupid as mud, carry on regardless (from Good As Gold by Beautiful South)

I estimate I finally dozed off at about 1:30am and I didn't wake up until midday, thank goodness I'm on holiday from work or I would really be in the shit. I feel wonderful today. Full of life. Raring to go.

I was planning a lovely day spent with Jay (preferably him trailing behind me with my shopping bags and a nice lunch out) but his Uncle has roped him in to helping him move house. His Uncle has decided that he wants a divorce and has basically abandoned his 3 year old daughter, 11 year old son from a previous relationship and wife to go live with another woman across town. I feel really sorry for Jay. He's really family oriented so obviously, he feels he has to help his Uncle but he loves his Aunt and his cousins so much. Especially the daughter. When she's in the room I fade into the background, she stole his heart from day one (bad news for me, considering she was born a month after we got together!). I hope it all goes smoothly for everyones sake, despite the length of our relationship I'm still a bit of an outside with some of the family relationships.

I had a really fun afternoon yesterday, waiting for Jay to arrive. I went to my parents to pick up some post that had arrived and ended up staying all afternoon and evening. I spent the afternoon looking through a case of old photo's. Because it's my Nan's birthday party at the weekend we thought we'd have some pictures of her put up here and there and some of the photo's are so much fun. Photography held much more meaning in the 40's/50's, even in the 60's. My grandfather was a keen photographer, he built his own dark room and everything which is still there in my Nan's loft and some of his photo's are so much fun. Two of my favourites is of my Nan and her brother. He was a policeman and it's a photo of them pretending that Nan needed directions to somewhere and he's pointing out where to go and in the next photo they're looking at eachother and laughing about what they just did in the previous photo. Doesn't sound like much in a description like they but hey, they say a picture speaks a thousand words and obviously, they're better words than I can manage. On the other hand, I found this picture of me:
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What an idiot.

Anyway, after I went through all the photos (and about a million cups of tea - Mum's always tastes better than mine) I helped my Dad do some DIY, putting new door knobs on to all the doors in the house. Now, I have to point out here that I can't draw a straight line with a ruler so me doing anything remotely DIY is dangerous which, thankfully, Dad knew, so he just had me holding the door while he drilled through it. It's a bit of a running joke in our house that we've never had a house with knobs on. Seriously, all the years I lived in that house there were doors with one knob on, or a handle, or no knobs or handles at all where you'd have to yell to get let out of the room you'd shut yourself in and the doors that did have knobs and handles on were all different, not one of them matched. Ironically, I still managed to shut myself in the living room yesterday, despite the knobs, because my dad had painted over the catch and it had got stuck.

I attempted to show some interest in DIY yesterday, rather than just resign myself to holding the door. I asked my Dad how old his drill was because I've never seen him with another one. He told me he'd been bought it by his mates for his 21st birthday so it was 30 years old. He wasn't impressed when I asked him whether his mates actually liked him or not. Seriously, who buys someone a drill for their birthday?

He was even less impressed when I asked him where the coal goes, assuming that a drill that old HAD to run on steam.

I seriously love this blog thing, despite this only being my 2nd update. I had itchy fingers yesterday not being able to type. I was tempted to make notes about what I'd like to say. I can see this becoming a bit of an obsession but it will useful because I have to most appalling memory. Jay will say something to me like, "Remember last Autumn where we went for a walk at the country park and we saw that baby deer?" and I really won't remember it all but I can't bring myself to tell him that no, as far as I'm aware I wasn't even there, so I'll make up some daft repy along the lines of "Yes, and we thought it was so cute but as we approached it it morphed into a disgusting monster with blood dripping from it's fangs but it was ok because you had Excaliber with you and beheaded with one fell swoop." And then he'll sigh and tell me my memory is shit. The wacky replies don't fool him, no siree...

Ok, I'm going to go get some brunch and get ready for an afternoon of wondering what on earth to do with myself. I hope to get time to update later today but if not, I'll try for Saturday.

That will be a fun one, on Saturday I have an Opticians appointment and then a shift at my local pub. Hopefully some funny customer stories will occurr.

My brother's new girlfriend is arriving today to stay at my parents for the weekend. Poor thing. I think they've only been seeing eachother for a month or so and Shaun's got her staying over with him at our parents house for a whole weekend AND attending my Nan's 80th birthday where the rest of or whole entire family will be. Having not met her yet I can't decide whether to be nice or civil. I'll work it out I'm sure.

And yes, Shaun really is my brothers name, and yes, he has heard all the Shaun of The Dead/Shaun the Sheep jokes in existence.

Mostly from me.
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4:23pm: Birds can fly so high or they can shit on your head (from Birds by Kate Nash)
So, I'm still sat here waiting for Jay to get back.

I've been bumming around the Internet trying to resist coming on here and typing utter balls just to pass the time and then I found this:

Davydenko fined for "lack of effort"
Eurosport - Fri, 26 Oct 16:03:00 2007

World number four Nikolay Davydenko has been fined $2,000 for not trying hard enough during his shock defeat by Croatian qualifier Marin Cilic at the St Petersburg Open.

Click here for whole story: http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/26102007/58/atp-tour-davydenko-fined-lack-effort.html

It really amused me. Especially when he made the valid point "How does he know what I was trying to do?". I can't count the times where I've tried hard to do something and people have assumed it was easy and asked me to do better. Never during a major tennis tournament though. And I've most definately never been fined $2,000 for it.

I'm off to search for more amusing headlines from the day.
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4:43pm: C'est la vie say the old folk, It goes to show you never can tell (Never Can Tell by Chuck Berry)
Well, that didn't take long.

A miner not having sex at home "can get mighty grumpy at work".

Click here to read the whole story: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/afp/071026/oddities/australia_miners_sex_offbeat

I think this is actually a really good idea and should be extended to men in all professions.

Just in case you understand, not because all men are like this at all...
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