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    Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
    8:46 am
    It was a long time coming...I'm clsoing down this journal.

    For all of you who still actually come here, business hasn't been slow, I've just been slow on keeping up with good business. I want to focus in on my radio show, but the time in between everything in my life is holding me down a bit and this journal has seriosuly become obsolete...time to move on.

    Believe me, this was alot of fun while it lasted and everyones input over the past year+ has been very interesting. I appreciate anyone who has given this journal the time of day to see whats going on in wrestling and hear my "2 CENTS" on whatever the subjet matter is. Thank you all for the input, laughs, arguments, and memorable moments.

    It was a true pleasure.

    You can still catch me out there on MySpace for all your wrestling needs, and wait for the launch of my radio show:

    George F. Selak V
    -Xtreme Wrestling Radio-
    Sunday, March 19th, 2006
    3:08 pm
    Heading into Saturday Night's Main Event, WWE had hoped to do a very large rating number, one that would expose their product to a larger audience than their two weekly programs do as they headed toward their biggest PPV of the year. Internally, they have forecasted a larger-than-normal rating for this week's Raw due the added exposure of being on NBC. It is also believed that their hope was that if they could do a strong number, it would guarantee a prime time, rather than late night, airing for their next broadcast.

    Instead, they did a number that very well may put another airing of the show during the 8 o'clock hour in jeopardy.

    We don't have a full report yet on what SNME did but we do know that NBC finished fourth for the evening (from 8 to 11 p.m.), doing a 3.0 fast national broadcast rating, with a 5 share. Both hours of SNME earned a fourth place finish for NBC as well. The first hour did a 2.9 fast national broadcast rating. The second hour did less than a 3.9. I had heard from numerous WWE sources that they were guardedly optimistic that the show would at least do a 5.
    Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
    10:28 am
    TNA Loses Primetime Slot on Thursdays / Shannon Moore resigns with WWE
    During a pre-taping meeting yesterday in Orlando, Jeff Jarrett informed the TNA crew that Spike TV had decided to slot them on Thursdays at 11 PM following The Ultimate Fighter reality series, as opposed to being the lead-in for UFC. Although it is a less prestigious timeslot, the decision actually works out better for TNA in the long run by providing them original UFC programming as their lead-in. It also takes them out of the line of fire by no longer being slotted against Thursday night's network programming, considered the toughest night of TV competition weekly. Spike TV will be issuing an official press release about the change shortly.

    TNA's "Prince of Punk" Shannon Moore agreed verbally to a new deal with World Wrestling Entertainment yesterday and is expected to be assigned to Deep South Wrestling shortly. Moore finished up with TNA at yesterday's TV taping. According to one source, he had been offered a 26 date TNA contract at $500 a shot but hadn't yet signed the deal. Through an intermediary, Moore was able to get a better deal with WWE and accepted it. TNA had been expecting Moore to remain with the company as they had recently trademarked the "Prince of Punk" moniker
    Monday, February 27th, 2006
    10:12 am

    As TNA moves closer to it's next PPV Destination X, their prime time Thursday debut, and the Lockdown PPV, TNA presented another solid episode of Impact. With ratings slipping since Sting's announced "retirement", it will be interesting to see what number this episode garners since it was built around the tease of Alex Shelley's footage of Sting at home in California.

    The build to Sting's return continues to be interesting to follow. Given the hype that it received on the TNA website, though, I expected the Sting footage to be much worse then what was aired. Although I was surprised to see his children shown on TV unblurred (and those were Sting's legitimate children), I expected more running commentary from Alex Shelley running them down or asking facetiously if they knew their father was such a coward, a quitter, or even asking if they went to bed asking Daddy why he was afraid of Jeff Jarrett. Instead, I was left with the impression of, "That's it?" I immediately thought the angle was plunged into the toilet but then the one heel with any true sense, Eric Young pointed the same thing out and saved the day. Of course, that set the stage for Jeff Jarrett sending Shelley back to California.

    With Shelley heading back for "Round Two", it makes sense that each week it would get progressively worse until Sting finally cracks and returns because he now has something to fight for. This storyline has a lot of potential to be something interesting and edgy - with. If they want to fire up a babyface, I can't think of anything that would be more disgusting then using his family as pawns...unless Shelley attacks Sting's faith, although religion has never meshed well in wrestling angles.


    For everyone who complains that not all the undercard performers are given a fair shake in TNA, it's only fair to point out that Shelley and Eric Young are being included in the top storyline in the company. Shelley is getting to come off like a real bastard - after all, who else would stalk a guy and his kids, then air it on television? You can also see the seeds already bring planted for Young to eventually become a major babyface on his own as a goofy Rick Steiner/Varsity Club like character or even someone under Sting's wing. While everyone else is belittling him, the dopey Young is the only heel with any common sense to realize Sting's coming back and they are all going to get it when it happens. As long as Shelley is squashed and pinned with a Sting Splash in two minutes, he's getting the rub and fans who say the X Division is just three guys should be happy with that.


    However, with all that focus on Sting (and Jeff Jarrett), one person who wasn't featured anywhere near enough in my opinion was NWA champion Christian Cage. If Cage is going to be making his first title defense against Monty Brown at Destination X and the championship is so important, that segment should have been something that closed the show, not opened it segment. At the very least, it should have been such ground breaking influence on the hour that it was recapped or referenced after security broke them up. The segment was OK, but was easily forgotten in the hype for UX and the Sting tape. Thus far, Cage as champion seems to be missing that intangible "it". I'm not sure what it is yet and it's too early to tear him or TNA down, but I think some of it has to do with all the focus being on the return of Sting.

    Sting is a big deal for the company and single handedly brought them a primetime slot, but there also needs to be a balance. What if Sting comes back and is injured his next match in? TNA needs to make sure Cage remains strong, because he's next in line. This week, I didn't feel that happened. Could you imagine a scenario where WWE had Kurt Angle or John Cena in an angle at the top of the show and then never mentioned again because Hulk Hogan was returning? Of course not.

    To be fair, TNA has far less TV time and cram something into every second they can, but if they truly want Cage to succeed as champion (and I have every reason to believe they do based on those I've spoken to), more TV time needs to be focused around him - he is the World champion now. Not Jarrett. Not Sting. If you don't focus on him, television viewers have no reason to care. If they don't care, what was the point of bringing him into the company? If The World champion gets into a brawl, that's major news. Half the roster should be out there breaking it up, not just security and referees. It should all out chaos.


    Impact as usual, also featured some very good wrestling and some excellent video packages heading into the Ultimate X match at Destination X. Samoa Joe looked like a monster in choking out Shark Boy and the Ultimate X history package was phenomenal. Roderick Strong vs. AJ Styles was the best match of the show. Strong did a great job selling the Styles Clash, arching himself backwards as he was set up, making it look like an even more devastating finisher. If that was Strong's last TV appearance for awhile, he did a good job. Christopher Daniels did an OK job on commentary, although it was interesting that Styles saving him the week before from Joe was never discussed, especially after Styles comment that he "didn't" make the save for Daniels. I'm curious as to whether they delve further into Daniels' "secret training" for the match or if that's a way to explain his time out of the ring while he heals up from his recent knee surgery.

    The tease of whether UX match could end up being the end of Joe's title reign was well done. On paper, because Joe is such a huge, hulking competitor and climbing the cables look to be a major detriment. The stipulation adds a new dimension as it places Joe in a predicament where he could lose the title by virtue of the environment he's in and at the same time, keeps his challengers fresh, even after he's defeated them both cleanly. I look for this to be another fun chapter in TNA's best feud to date. TNA would be well advised to keep this storyline going. Fans are quickly learning that when Joe, Styles, and Daniels are involved, they are guaranteed a stellar style that can't be found in WWE.


    Another great Ron Killings video. TNA should package these as extras on their DVD releases. They are already produced and would provide the DVD buyer with something extra. Maybe even use them as DVD Easter Eggs?

    Can someone please get Larry Zbyszko a new shirt and/or a new suit? He looks nothing like a reputable official.

    Jeremy Borash is doing a good job in his new role as backstage interviewer. While Shane Douglas often made animated faces that attracted the viewer to pay attention to him, Borash does a good job of quietly getting his points across without being more then a narrator for the segment

    James Storm is hysterical in his role as a drunken cowboy looking for a fight. Turning heel was the best thing to ever happen to him.

    Abyss vs. Rhino is turning into Tazz vs. Bam Bam Bigelow 2006 with the amount of sets they are crashing through, and I mean that as a compliment. I like their brawls as it adds a unique sense of "What could happen next?" to the shows.

    I liked that the LAX ran away from Bob Armstrong. On the surface, it seems silly, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. While I can see some hardcore fans saying that a tough guy like Homicide should be killing Armstrong, we can't forget that LAX are heels in a really old school Southern "You beat up my daddy" storyline, so when they are confronted, they need scatter like cowards to further the storyline. If they jumped Bob Armstrong and blindsided him in the past, they certainly aren't going to face him head on when he's angry. That's called building to the showdown and I like it.

    Overall, a good, but not perfect episode focusing on furthering storylines while giving you a taste of what's to come. Minus the lack of focus on Christian Cage, if you missed Impact on Saturday, I'd say it was worth trying to catch the replay Monday evening. If you don't usually watch TNA, this is a good "jumping on" point as by the end of the show, you'd know where all the current storylines stand.
    Saturday, February 25th, 2006
    12:49 am
    Ted Turner Exits TIME WARNER
    A number of media outlets including USA Today reported this afternoon that Ted Turner would be leaving the board of directors of AOL Time Warner after their next meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. With the end of Time Warner's no compete which retricted them from airing or getting involved with professional wrestling (part of their sale of WCW to WWE in March 2001) next month, Turner's departure puts an end to any interest on Turner's part to bring professional wrestling back into the AOL Time Warner/Turner family.

    Turner, who helped launch Superstation TBS on the strength of Saturday night wrestling, had been long rumored, literally, since the day WCW was sold, to have been interested in doing a new wrestling project down the line. His departure would seemingly shut that door.
    Friday, February 17th, 2006
    2:22 pm
    Can we really blame WWE for the sorry state of WM22? YES!
    I was reading alot of opinionated statements brought up by various respectable wrestling journalists and they say "WWE isn't really to blame for the pathetic state of the company or WM22". YTMND help me out on this one.....O RLY?

    Well let's break it down.

    1) WWE hits the ''panic button'' and takes the title from John Cena and then gives it back to him a short time later. I think that's their fault... not the fans'. The kids and girls still loved him and the guys jeered him. If they're gonna book on the fly, then they're gonna reap the whirlwind.

    2) Batista's injury. Well... wasn't Batista injured before being pushed to work with the walking car wreck that's Mark Henry? Given Henry's track record and the fact that we were just a few months away from WM22 not to mention the fact that Batista should have been taking it easy, you trying to seriously say that wasn't WWE's fault?

    3) Finally, but more importantly, the points on Eddie Guerrero. WWE is using Eddie's tragic passing as an angle. I've got nothing further to say.

    WWE has only itself to blame for the debacle that is WrestleMania 22... Showcase of the not-so-immortals.

    Ok so you dont believe its WWE's fault, ok your entitled to your just want to know whose fault it is for:

    1) Three-week Edge title reign
    2) Nine-month super face indestructible Cena title reign
    3) Boogeyman
    4) Christian leaving
    5) Jericho leaving
    6) No IC or U.S. title feuds worth WrestleMania
    7) Milking cheap heat from the death of Guerrero which hurt Mysterio's push
    8) J.R. being fired
    9) Stone Cold refusing to job to Coach and leaving, thus stopping Hogan-Austin
    10) Mark Henry being number one Smackdown heel
    11) Undertaker being number one Smackdown face
    12) Destruction of crusierwight/women's divisions
    13) Juniors division
    14) Destruction of hot heel Hassan....oh wait, hahaha!!! I liked that! RIP HASSAN! LOL. UPN! UPN! UPN!
    15) Worst Royal Rumble in history
    16) Killing a two years' worth of JBL credibility with the Boogeyman
    17) Inability to keep tag teams together
    18) Soon-to-be bisexual Orlando Jordan
    19) McMahon-Michaels
    20) Spirit Squad

    Eddie Guerrero was an extremely popular performer, and one of the best in the business, but the WWE has overcome deaths and resignations before, and they have put on better shows than this! They've lost Nash, Hall, Hogan, Michaels, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Flair, Savage, etc., and they've managed to overcome. The failure of WrestleMania cannot be placed on the loss of one performer, even one as good as Eddie.

    Is it is accidental that WrestleMania is going to be without one premier match (except maybe Triple H vs. Cena)? Does anyone REALLY want to see Edge-Foley, Angle-Orton, Henry-Undertaker, or McMahon-Michaels? Will there be any other match that has a back story? If Edge-Cena had ended at WrestleMania, Smackdown didn't screw over Mysterio with the title shot, Undertaker fought someone decent, a decent tag team/midcard belt feud, and Triple H was out of the title scene for one year, it MIGHT (but probably wouldn't be) be a decent 'Mania. Right now, it looks like the worst in history.

    The only long-term solution to the unbelievable lack of top tier talent is a recombination of the brands. Until then, both shows will continue to deteriorate as mid-card acts like Masters, Carlito, Orton, Cena, JBL, Edge, and Mark Henry comprise our main events. Imagine one show with one title, one midcard belt, one tag champ, women's and cruiserweight championship. Imagine all the current title holders on each brand fighting one another. That's a show I want to watch again.

    How can WWE be anything but complete fault for the shell of a wrestling company it has become?

    John Cena did not get booed simply because some guy started to do it to be funny. He got booed for the same reason that a certain wrestler did when he was wrestling as Rocky Maivia. He is bland, a pathetic excuse for a champion, and is being crammed down everyone's throats as the greatest thing to ever happen to the WWE. I'm actually surprised that the WWE acknowledged the heat instead of dubbing it over, which is what they usually do to mask their fans' true opinions.

    Sure, WWE claims to let the fans cheer who they want to cheer for, but the fact that they pay stadium security to confiscate signs that are anti insert-babyface's-name-here proves otherwise. Not to mention that the only people who I ever hear cheering for Cena are tweens... most of these tweens being female. I guess they didn't realize Jeff Hardy still wrestles.

    That being said, what they really did wrong was the yo-yo title switch. Sure, Edge is not a guy who is championship material, but he was still considerably above John Cena's caliber. Face champions are poor champions, because people would rather pay to see the long-standing heel champion face off against the babyface who may just stop his reign then the long-standing babyface champion who will probably overcome impossible odds yet again, a la Hulk Hogan. Heel champions make better draws than face champions. Why do you think Ric Flair is considered the best wrestler of his day, and Hulk Hogan isn't? Sure, Hogan could draw in WWE, but almost anyone can... heck, if Cena can, even I can.

    What they should have done was to keep the belt on Edge, have a babyface whose name is NOT John Cena win the Rumble, namely Flair, and have a climatic face-off at WrestleMania with the hated underhanded champion Edge against the former 16-time champion who wants to hold that title one last time, on the "biggest night in wrestling." Regardless of who wins that, you have a passable main event (still better than any of the Hogan-era ones) and an easy draw.

    Who do we blame? The company that didn't book this in favor of something insanely nonsensical. The WWE.

    Batista being champion wasn't better, but to fair, who else could do it? JBL ran his course, and since they buried practically everyone on the roster to help in shoving Cena down everyone's throats, not many heels could either. Orton could've, but not only is Orton even worse than Cena, he was busy killing the Undertaker every third week. As far as the Dead Man, well, that's out of the question as he can't even work regularly anymore. Benoit could, but the WWE blame him for never getting a chance to shine as champion. Eddie Guerrero probably would have, but sadly, he died. So we're stuck... which is why Batista's injury was a blessing in disguise.

    Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio has proven to be a great match and was probably the only reason anyone with half a brain would even bother to want to watch WrestleMania.

    So of course that's probably not going to happen. If it does, who's fault will it be? Again, the WWE's. If it does, well, one match a wrestling PPV card does not make.

    In the end, when WM22 is all over I know I'm gonna be asking myself this horrible question...what was worse, Super Bowl XL or WM22? Sad isn't it.
    1:40 pm
    Christian Cage added to TNA's House Show
    NWA champion Christian Cage has been added to TNA’s 3/17 Detroit house show!!!
    Thursday, February 16th, 2006
    6:24 pm
    Michael Durham, better known to wrestling fans as Johnny Grunge of Public Enemy, passed away this morning at the age of 39. Durham, who was said to suffer from sleep apnea, was having trouble breathing and was taken to an Atlanta hospital where he was pronounced dead.

    Along with the late Ted "Rocco Rock" Petty, the Public Enemy were a major attraction during the pre-PPV era of ECW, with them holding the tag team championship on four occasions. They later worked for WCW (where they held the tag belts once) and WWE. Following their last WCW run, they continued to work on the independent scene, although Grunge became less and less active in the ring. Petty passed away on September 21, 2002 at the age of 49 when he suffered a heart attack while traveling between independent shows.

    In recent years, Grunge made occasional independent appearances, and took part in several of the "Hardcore Homecoming" events last year.
    MY 2 CENTS:
    Thank you for all the great memories. Johnny Grunge is one of the pioneers of the extreme era in wrestling. The Public Enemy used to be one of my charasmatic favorites when I first started to watch ECW back in 1996, and I'm saddened to know that both team members are gone now. But I know that Grunge is up in Heaven right now reuniting with his long time tag team partner and friend Ted "Rocco Rock" Petty. I'm sure there having a tag match up their with some of the best of our loved ones who passed. We're all waving and swaying our hands to the left and the right high in the air for you both down here on earth!

    E-C-W! E-C-W! E-C-W! E-C-W! E-C-W! E-C-W!

    This is for you both.........

    Song: Here Comes The Hotstepper
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    Monday, February 13th, 2006
    10:25 pm
    Bret Hart to be Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on 4/1!
    World Wrestling Entertainment announced tonight in Canada that Bret Hart will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday 4/1 in Chicago, Illinois.
    Friday, February 10th, 2006
    3:34 pm
    WWE RELEASES THE HEARTTHROBS posted the following message today:

    WWE has come to terms on the release of both John Roselli (Romeo) and Thomas Matera (Antonio) today, February 10, 2006. We wish them both the best in all future endeavors.
    MY 2 CENTS:
    Thanks WWE, I mean it, thank you. Now TNA...don't be dumb and sign them.
    Thursday, February 9th, 2006
    4:33 pm
    Between The Ropes
    Wednesday, February 8, 2006
    Central Florida's Sports Radio 740 The Team
    Simulcast online at

    On Wednesday night, February 8, TNA President Dixie Carter joined hosts Brian Fritz and Dickerman live on Between The Ropes on Central Florida's Sports Radio 740 The Team to discuss TNA Impact's move to Thursday night on Spike TV beginning in April and everything related to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

    The interview commenced with discussion on the move of Impact to Thursday nights in prime time. Dixie said Spike TV has been a great partner since day one, having given TNA two prime time specials and a New Year's Eve special in the first few months of the relationship. Around three months into Impact's run, the two sides began quietly discussing a move to prime time. The entire deal got put together rather quickly. Compared to Fox Sports Net, Spike TV offers TNA much more of an upside. Fox Sports couldn't offer prime time due to the numerous pre-emptions for local sports among the twenty-two regional FSN affiliates. Dixie noted that the synergy between TNA and UFC on Thursday nights will help both properties grow.

    "I'm thrilled being on Thursday nights. That's historically the biggest night of television during the week. It has drawn wrestling in the past. I wouldn't mind if we were up against Smackdown in that old Thursday timeslot. That would have been great. I think it's more about us getting a great timeslot on a network that is committed to promoting us and seeing where it grows."

    Asked about potentially obtaining more television time on Spike TV in the near future, Dixie commented, "I think that we continue to prove ourselves. Spike has shown that they're open to having the success of TNA on their network. Whether it be maybe another show or an expanded show, I definitely think those are all possibilities if we continue to deliver."

    Regarding touring, Dixie said the company is looking at house shows both domestically and internationally. She indicated the pay-per-views would be more apt to go on the road as opposed to the Impact show. She put over the relationship with Universal Studios and the Orlando crowds and indicated that TNA plans to continue filming Impact in Orlando long-term.

    "Our goal right now is to always continue to tape the Impact show there [Universal Orlando]. If we ever tape weekly, we'd be there weekly. We're there every other week as it stands now. We're very committed to the Orlando area."

    When asked about the prospects of running house shows at a time when WWE has difficulty drawing on the road, Dixie responded, "Touring in general is a risky and expensive proposition. There's no doubt. But there is something very, very special about allowing your fans to connect face to face with the talent and feel the energy that they bring to the ring. That's not an issue for the Orlando market, thank goodness, but at some point we are going to need to do that. We've proven that we can be successful by being smart businessmen and we have a very specific strategy put in place. So when we do it, it'll be a market where we feel like there is demand. We don't have the egos to go in there and say 'we're going to try to fill this arena.' We'll start small and hopefully have success and build upon that."

    The topics of current wrestling free agents came up, particularly Bill Goldberg, Chris Jericho, and The Rock, to which Dixie replied, "Well, those are three wonderful names. All are huge within the business. We're in a great situation right now that we've got, I think, the most talented locker room in the business, period. But our biggest challenge is we have forty-two minutes of television each week and we've got a lot of guys who deserve time on television for us introduce them to the country and let them become household names with those who are already household names and have had a storied career in the business. We've got a mixture of, I think, the hottest new talent that's been exposed in years and some great superstars. Forty-two minutes is not a lot of time and when you start adding extra people into the mix, it just takes away from those, quite honestly, who have been with us from day one or who have made decisions, before things got so great, to be with us. I have a real commitment to those guys and they deserve this opportunity. Everything is on a case by case basis, but right now, we're set and good to go."

    Dixie discussed the growth of TNA Wrestling over three and a half years. She brought up the video game deal with Midway, the toy licensing deal with Marvel, the national distribution deal for the DVD's - all of which came before TNA on Spike TV started. Getting on Spike TV and now in prime time is icing on the cake.

    The topic of drug testing in wrestling was raised and Dixie was asked whether TNA plans to implement any such measures for its locker room. "That has always been a priority for us. We're in a slightly different position. Our guys work for us a couple of days a month and then work for different promoters across the world in an ongoing basis so they're not specifically TNA employees. We're in a slightly different position, but yes, we've always done that. We've always watched very, very carefully. We've had situations where we have had to become involved in certain things just to make sure everything works out. We're even looking at trying to change and upgrade our own internal policies. It's something we take very, very seriously just for the protection of everyone quite honestly."

    Dixie said the move to Thursday nights will open an entire new audience and Spike TV will be a big part of exposing the TNA brand. She added that releasing a top flight video game, touring, having DVD's on the shelves, and other consumer advertising are pieces of the puzzle that are starting to come together to increase the company's visibility.

    The interview concluded with discussion of how WWE perceives TNA, specifically WWE's recent attempt to sign Chicago White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski as a celebrity for WrestleMania 22 after his appearance on TNA programming, on which Dixie commented, "I find that very interesting too. They're a wonderful company and brilliant marketers and you don't get into that position without being aware of your surroundings and your competition and things such as that. Their talent watches the show [Impact]. I'm sure they watch the show. They're very aware of every move that we make. We know that. But we also feel that competition is great. We wish them nothing but success. When I see they have a great TV rating, I just think that's great for the business. It's great for TNA and it's great for WWE and even better for the fans. We wish them nothing but continued success because history has proven there's room for two very, very successful, healthy companies competing out there is in this genre and I just think it's time that happens again."
    11:46 am
    Some more WRESTLING SOCIETY X info
    Local flyers seeking fans to attend the MTV wrestling pilot being filmed today in Los Angeles, California are using the name Wrestling Society X, so the name broke a few weeks back was finally officially confirmed.

    The taping will feature a live punk band performing, with heavyweight workers doing hardcore bouts and lighter wrestlers doing aerial styled matches. Vampiro vs. Sean Waltman (possibly in a ladder match) and Matt Sydal vs. Jack Evans are scheduled for the taping, as are Teddy Hart, New Jack, PJ Polaco (formerly Justin Credible, and Lizzy Valentine (formerly Valentina).

    The booking team for the pilot appears to be former XPW producer Kevin Klinerock, David Marquez (who works with the Inoki family), Vampiro, and Cody Michaels. There will be a lot of pyro at the taping. The show will be taped at a Chinatown warehouse that has been converted into a soundstage for the shoot. Former XPW announcer Kris Kloss will be handling some of the announcing duties.

    Everyone appearing on the 30 minute pilot itself has also signed agreements binding them to the series if it is picked up for a full season by MTV, which is in no way a done deal. Delirious declined to sign an agreement binding him to the series, so he will likely not be used on the taping.

    Dark matches scheduled are Puma vs. Tommy Williams, Human Tornado vs. Delirious (may not be working even the dark) vs. Altar Boy Luke, and a six man tag bout featuring Disco Machine & Joey Ryan & Topgun Talwar vs. Scorpio Sky & Zokre & Phoenix Star. The dark matches are being presented to spotlight potential talent that could be signed if MTV decides to pursue the concept for a complete season of episodes.

    The 30 minute pilot is being put together in conjunction with Big Vision Entertainment, which Klinerock is involved in. The production company of record is Remote Productions Inc. MTV is bankrolling the taping and has sent out notices attempting to bring in young men and women in "Warped Tour attire" to the taping to give it a hip, alternative look from an audience standpoint.
    Monday, February 6th, 2006
    10:28 am

    Moves To Thursdays at 9 PM Starting April 13

    New York, NY, February 6, 2006 – Spike TV has announced that Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling will move to a weeknight primetime slot starting this April. Premieres of TNA: iMPACT! Wrestling will move to Thursdays at 9:00 PM, ET/PT, starting April 13, and will encore in its current Saturday night timeslot.

    “TNA Wrestling has been delivering strong ratings for Spike and is continually growing its audience,” says Kevin Kay, General Manager/Executive Vice-President, Spike TV. “Wrestling fans have been looking for an alternative and have found it in TNA’s brand of high-flying and action-packed entertainment.”

    Since launching in October 2005, TNA: iMPACT! Saturday telecasts have averaged a .8/724,000 HH rating, with .8/397,000 in Men 18-49 and a .8/202,000 in M 18-34 with an average audience of 957,000. Compared to YAGO, TNA Wrestling is +56% in HH, +103% in M 18-49 and +72% in average audience. On Saturday, January 28 TNA scored some of its highest ratings with a 1.1/970,000 HH rating with a 1.0/518,000 in M 18-49 and 1.0/252,000 in M 18-34 and an average audience of 1.3 million viewers.

    “The move to prime time on Spike is the most significant event in TNA Wrestling’s short history,” said Dixie Carter, president of TNA Wrestling. “I am very proud of our entire team and all their hard work in achieving this milestone. Spike has been a fantastic partner, and we have accomplished so much together in just four months. We look forward to continuing to work with them to grow the TNA brand during this exciting time.”

    The new wrestling alternative, “TNA: iMPACT!” delivers a distinct brand of high-risk, athletic entertainment. TNA’s roster includes new, fresh talent like AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Monty Brown and recognizable stars such as Sting, Christian Cage, Jeff Jarrett, Team 3D, and others. TNA features the innovative six-sided ring and the high-flying “X Division,” as well as concept matches such as “Ultimate X,” “King of the Mountain,” and “Six Sides of Steel.”

    TNA Entertainment, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Nashville,TN. The names of all Total Nonstop Action Wrestling televised programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans and all TNA Wrestling logos and trademarks are exclusive property of TNA Entertainment, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. For more information, visit

    Spike TV is available in more than 89 million homes and is a division of MTV Networks. A unit of Viacom (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), MTV Networks is one of the world’s leading creators of programming and content across all media platforms. MTV Networks, with more than 100 channels worldwide, owns and operates the following television programming services – MTV: MUSIC TELEVISION, MTV2, VH1, mtvU, NICKELODEON, NICK at NITE, COMEDY CENTRAL, TV LAND, SPIKE TV, CMT, NOGGIN, VH1 CLASSIC, LOGO, MTVN INTERNATIONAL and THE DIGITAL SUITE FROM MTV NETWORKS, a package of 13 digital services, with all of these networks trademarks of MTV Networks. MTV Networks connects with its audiences through its robust consumer products businesses and its more than 95 interactive properties worldwide, including online, broadband, wireless and interactive television services and also has licensing agreements, joint ventures, and syndication deals whereby all of its programming services can be seen worldwide.
    8:43 am

    After losing World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.’s WWE Monday Night Raw series last fall, Spike TV will once again feature pro wrestling in primetime when the network moves its Total Nonstop Action Wrestling series, TNA Impact!, to Thursday nights beginning in April.

    TNA Impact!, which currently airs Saturdays at 11 p.m., will move to 9 p.m. Thursdays beginning April 13, according to executive vice president of programming and production Kevin Kay, who said he believes the move will help the show to increase its 0.8 rating to at least a 1.0.

    TNA will join Spike reality series Ultimate Fighter, which will move from Mondays to the Thursday 11 p.m. time slot.
    Sunday, February 5th, 2006
    5:59 pm
    Michael Cole cusses out a caller on his new Radio show!
    Wow...he finally did it. Cole has balls
    Friday, February 3rd, 2006
    10:52 pm
    Tazz and Cole took a call from "Bubba" on night two of their Sirius trial and no, it was not Bubba The Love Sponge but ... Bubba Ray Dudley. Bubba said anybody could be a ten time World champion if they married the boss' daughter.

    He said his last name was "Dudley" and did not care if WWE legal heard him. Tazz commented that they were listening for sure to the show.

    They talked for about ten minutes and kidded about Cole being on the "gas." Bubba asked if WWE started testing yet.

    Bubba said there is something really good on TV on Saturday Nights on Spike and to check it out. Tazz then invited Bubba to call back "anytime" and to call again for their Sunday pre-Super Bowl Show.

    Bubba said he has both XM and Sirius, but put over Sirius as the better of the two satellite radio providers. He congratulated Tazz and Cole on the show and hoped they get the gig full-time.
    10:04 am
    ROH & Low Ki Part Ways
    There has been a disgreement in business arrangements between Low Ki and ROH management. Low Ki has canceled all his ROH bookings as stated in a headline at

    We will announce new matches for the ones that Ki has already been advertised in next week.

    This will mark the end of Low Ki in ROH. We are sorry things turned out this way and apologize to the ROH fans for the lineup changes.
    MY 2 CENTS:
    Oh wow, no surprised....again....for the 3rd or 4th time. Low Ki and ROH have never been good to eachother and they always end up parting ways and coming back, just like Corino. I'm not in shock at all by this, but I'm gonna take this info as a grain of salt, Low Ki will be back down the road or he will indeed go back to TNA. Low Ki is very established on the indy's and very welcome to promotions over seas. Low Ki will be fine.
    Thursday, February 2nd, 2006
    12:00 am
    XFC announces first training seminar to take place at the ECW Arena on Sunday, March 19 from 2pm to 5pm hosted by none other than Teddy Hart. Teddy has grown up in the pro wrestling business and is a third generation wrestler. Anyone serious about improving their skills both on the mat as well as “ring psychology” should attend this seminar. Teddy will do at least one hour of lecture format followed by at least one hour of ring work. Cost is $25; space is limited email now to sign up. All are welcome to attend; this seminar is about improving and learning.
    Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
    3:27 pm
    Today's Palm Beach Post is reporting that Vince McMahon has been accused by an attendant at a Boca Raton, FL tanning salon of groping her. The report cites two Boca Raton police sources and says that a police report is expected to be released later this week about the alleged incident. The attendant claims that McMahon came in for a tanning session late Sunday night (which would have had to have been after the Royal Rumble PPV if it really happened). She said that Vince "first showed pictures of himself naked on his cellphone", then supposedly made unwelcome advances and groped her. The paper tried to reach Vince, but couldn't. They did get Linda McMahon, who called the allegations "totally bizarre." They also talked to Stephanie, who said that Vince was at the salon "the other night," and added that she wasn't aware of anything happening.

    No charges have been filed yet and police are still investigating the claim.
    12:58 pm
    TNA officials are in New York City today for meeting with Spike TV in regard to Impact being moved to a prime time weeknight timeslot.

    There are some reports circulating online that the move would be to Thursdays, but sources indicate to me that while that might end up being the case, a final decision has not been made by Spike TV.

    The decision to move the show to weeknights has already been made, and the meetings today will help determine that movement. For those of you who asked, there's no word on whether the series would be expanded to two hours.

    It's possible an official announcement will come next Tuesday, as Spike TV has scheduled a media conference call with TNA X-Division champion Samoa Joe.

    TNA Impact scored its best ratings, to date, this past Saturday evening with 1.3 million viewers tuning in to see the first appearance of Sting on national TV since the demise of WCW in 2001.
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