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Long weekend. Fun weekend. [16 Feb 2004|02:10am]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Mamas and Papas - Dream A Little Dream of Me ]

I had a weird dream.

But that's not very important to me right now and I can't remember it all that well anyway, so.
I'm sitting here getting my much-needed rest from all the moshing and screaming and walking from the past two days.

This is how it went.

Friday :
Tim calls me up, asking if I still wanted to go to the Slaughterhouse with them. I agreed, and we met inside the BART station. The crew consisted of Bobby, Donnie, Tim, Ricky, and me. We sure were a weird gang. Bobby kept talking to strangers, Timmy mumbled about how he is the reincarnation of Satan, Donnie sat there mugging any other teenagers walking by, Ricky acted rather homo, and I complained about how my pants had too much crotch space.
So after some interesting events, we arrived at Lake Meritt. We had to run to the Slaughterhouse because it was pouring outside. Good thing it wasn't all that far from the BART station.
It was my first time at the Slaughterhouse, and I imagined it to be bigger. The place was about the size of a classroom; nothing spectacular. It seemed as if we had gotten there a little too early though, so we had to wait. I accidentally ended up going backstage and eating the bands' food; but my friends found out early enough so they dragged me back out before anyone noticed.
After more waiting and fidgeting, the show started. I was standing right in front of the amps; it was a great feeling. The vibes bounced off the walls, all around, back and forth.
The first two bands weren't the greatest, so I just stood there slightly nodding my head.
Then the third band kicked off. They had a chick vocalist and they rocked. It was awesome.
So eventually I got in the pit, did my thang, and came back out after a while because I was tired.
Then some of the friends had to go to work the next morning so we started heading back after the fourth band.
Timmy was pretty wasted; he couldn't even walk straight. Poor guy. I pushed him down a couple of times just for the hell of it.
We came back to Hayward, dropped some people off, and Tim and I wandered the streets for a while so he could sober up. Then we went to my house and fell asleep.
It was a great day, if it wasn't for all the smoke; secondhand kills.

Saturday :
So Tim and I wake up around noon; found out that it's Valentine's Day, and proceeded to find something to do. Then he remembered that he had to work for his friend's mom or something, so we went to his friend's house. No one was home though, so we roamed the streets once again. After chilling at Bobby's place for a while, we decided to go to Gilman.
Now I've never been to Gilman before, so I was rather excited. But Bobby couldn't make it as his parents were mad at him for something, so we called up Donnie and went with him.
At Gilman, I met some friends of mine and I guess they were surprised to see me as well. One even went ahead and said "Aren't you a little bit out of place here?" Thus a kick in the thigh followed by a punch to the face.
But anyway.
Bought some patches to cover up my horribly deformed T-shirts, and moshed for a while. Most of the bands sucked except for Deadfall. I guess the Japanese bands were okay. Moshed for a little bit more, and then left.

It was a really fun weekend, and I hope to do it again more often.

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